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ScChangeActionReject Class Referencefinal

#include <chgtrack.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 ScChangeActionReject (const sal_uLong nActionNumber, const ScChangeActionState eState, const sal_uLong nRejectingNumber, const ScBigRange &aBigRange, const OUString &aUser, const DateTime &aDateTime, const OUString &sComment)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ScChangeAction
virtual ~ScChangeAction ()
bool IsInsertType () const
bool IsDeleteType () const
bool IsVirgin () const
SC_DLLPUBLIC bool IsAccepted () const
bool IsRejected () const
bool IsRejecting () const
bool IsVisible () const
bool IsTouchable () const
bool IsDialogRoot () const
bool IsDialogParent () const
bool IsMasterDelete () const
bool IsClickable () const
bool IsRejectable () const
const ScBigRangeGetBigRange () const
SC_DLLPUBLIC DateTime GetDateTime () const
const DateTimeGetDateTimeUTC () const
ScChangeActionType GetType () const
ScChangeActionState GetState () const
sal_uLong GetActionNumber () const
sal_uLong GetRejectAction () const
ScChangeActionGetNext () const
ScChangeActionGetPrev () const
bool IsDeletedIn () const
bool IsDeletedIn (const ScChangeAction *) const
bool IsDeletedInDelType (ScChangeActionType) const
void RemoveAllDeletedIn ()
const ScChangeActionLinkEntryGetFirstDeletedEntry () const
const ScChangeActionLinkEntryGetFirstDependentEntry () const
bool HasDependent () const
bool HasDeleted () const
virtual OUString GetDescription (ScDocument &rDoc, bool bSplitRange=false, bool bWarning=true) const
virtual OUString GetRefString (ScDocument &rDoc, bool bFlag3D=false) const
void SetDateTimeUTC (const DateTime &rDT)
const OUString & GetUser () const
const OUString & GetComment () const
void SetComment (const OUString &rStr)
void SetDeletedInThis (sal_uLong nActionNumber, const ScChangeTrack *pTrack)
void AddDependent (sal_uLong nActionNumber, const ScChangeTrack *pTrack)

Private Member Functions

virtual void AddContent (ScChangeActionContent *) override
virtual void DeleteCellEntries () override
virtual bool Reject (ScDocument &rDoc) override
virtual const ScChangeTrackGetChangeTrack () const override


class ScChangeTrack
class ScChangeActionContent

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ScChangeAction
 ScChangeAction (ScChangeActionType, const ScRange &)
 ScChangeAction (ScChangeActionType, ScBigRange, const sal_uLong nAction, const sal_uLong nRejectAction, const ScChangeActionState eState, const DateTime &aDateTime, OUString aUser, OUString aComment)
 ScChangeAction (ScChangeActionType, ScBigRange, const sal_uLong nAction)
OUString GetRefString (const ScBigRange &rRange, const ScDocument &rDoc, bool bFlag3D=false) const
void SetActionNumber (sal_uLong n)
void SetRejectAction (sal_uLong n)
void SetUser (const OUString &r)
void SetType (ScChangeActionType e)
void SetState (ScChangeActionState e)
void SetRejected ()
ScBigRangeGetBigRange ()
void AddLink (ScChangeAction *p, ScChangeActionLinkEntry *pL)
virtual ScChangeActionLinkEntryGetDeletedIn () const
virtual ScChangeActionLinkEntry ** GetDeletedInAddress ()
bool RemoveDeletedIn (const ScChangeAction *)
void SetDeletedIn (ScChangeAction *)
ScChangeActionLinkEntryAddDeleted (ScChangeAction *p)
ScChangeActionLinkEntryAddDependent (ScChangeAction *p)
void RemoveAllDependent ()
void RemoveAllLinks ()
virtual void AddContent (ScChangeActionContent *)=0
virtual void DeleteCellEntries ()=0
virtual void UpdateReference (const ScChangeTrack *, UpdateRefMode, const ScBigRange &, sal_Int32 nDx, sal_Int32 nDy, sal_Int32 nDz)
void Accept ()
virtual bool Reject (ScDocument &rDoc)=0
void RejectRestoreContents (ScChangeTrack *, SCCOL nDx, SCROW nDy)
bool IsInternalRejectable () const
virtual const ScChangeTrackGetChangeTrack () const =0
- Protected Attributes inherited from ScChangeAction
ScBigRange aBigRange
DateTime aDateTime
OUString aUser
 UTC. More...
OUString aComment
sal_uLong nAction
sal_uLong nRejectAction
ScChangeActionType eType
ScChangeActionState eState

Detailed Description

Definition at line 756 of file chgtrack.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ScChangeActionReject()

ScChangeActionReject::ScChangeActionReject ( const sal_uLong  nActionNumber,
const ScChangeActionState  eState,
const sal_uLong  nRejectingNumber,
const ScBigRange aBigRange,
const OUString &  aUser,
const DateTime aDateTime,
const OUString &  sComment 

Definition at line 1975 of file chgtrack.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddContent()

virtual void ScChangeActionReject::AddContent ( ScChangeActionContent )

Implements ScChangeAction.

Definition at line 761 of file chgtrack.hxx.

◆ DeleteCellEntries()

virtual void ScChangeActionReject::DeleteCellEntries ( )

Implements ScChangeAction.

Definition at line 762 of file chgtrack.hxx.

◆ GetChangeTrack()

virtual const ScChangeTrack * ScChangeActionReject::GetChangeTrack ( ) const

Implements ScChangeAction.

Definition at line 766 of file chgtrack.hxx.

◆ Reject()

bool ScChangeActionReject::Reject ( ScDocument rDoc)

Implements ScChangeAction.

Definition at line 1984 of file chgtrack.cxx.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ ScChangeActionContent

friend class ScChangeActionContent

Definition at line 759 of file chgtrack.hxx.

◆ ScChangeTrack

friend class ScChangeTrack

Definition at line 758 of file chgtrack.hxx.

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