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ScCellIterator Class Reference

Walk through all cells in an area. More...

#include <dociter.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 ScCellIterator (ScDocument &rDoc, const ScRange &rRange, SubtotalFlags nSubTotalFlags=SubtotalFlags::NONE)
const ScAddressGetPos () const
CellType getType () const
OUString getString () const
const EditTextObjectgetEditText () const
ScFormulaCellgetFormulaCell ()
const ScFormulaCellgetFormulaCell () const
ScCellValue getCellValue () const
const ScRefCellValuegetRefCellValue () const
bool hasString () const
bool isEmpty () const
bool equalsWithoutFormat (const ScAddress &rPos) const
bool first ()
bool next ()

Private Types

typedef std::pair< sc::CellStoreType::const_iterator, size_t > PositionType

Private Member Functions

void incBlock ()
void incPos ()
void setPos (size_t nPos)
const ScColumngetColumn () const
void init ()
bool getCurrent ()

Private Attributes

ScAddress maStartPos
ScAddress maEndPos
ScAddress maCurPos
PositionType maCurColPos
SubtotalFlags mnSubTotalFlags
ScRefCellValue maCurCell

Detailed Description

Walk through all cells in an area.

For SubTotal and Aggregate depending on mnSubTotalFlags.

Definition at line 205 of file dociter.hxx.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ PositionType

typedef std::pair<sc::CellStoreType::const_iterator, size_t> ScCellIterator::PositionType

Definition at line 207 of file dociter.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ScCellIterator()

ScCellIterator::ScCellIterator ( ScDocument rDoc,
const ScRange rRange,
SubtotalFlags  nSubTotalFlags = SubtotalFlags::NONE 

Definition at line 819 of file dociter.cxx.

References init().

Member Function Documentation

◆ equalsWithoutFormat()

bool ScCellIterator::equalsWithoutFormat ( const ScAddress rPos) const

Definition at line 1004 of file dociter.cxx.

References ScRefCellValue::equalsWithoutFormat(), maCurCell, and mrDoc.

◆ first()

bool ScCellIterator::first ( )

◆ getCellValue()

ScCellValue ScCellIterator::getCellValue ( ) const

◆ getColumn()

const ScColumn * ScCellIterator::getColumn ( ) const

Definition at line 855 of file dociter.cxx.

References ScAddress::Col(), maCurPos, ScDocument::maTabs, mrDoc, and ScAddress::Tab().

Referenced by first(), getCurrent(), and setPos().

◆ getCurrent()

bool ScCellIterator::getCurrent ( )

◆ getEditText()

const EditTextObject * ScCellIterator::getEditText ( ) const

Definition at line 235 of file dociter.hxx.

References ScRefCellValue::getEditText(), and maCurCell.

Referenced by ScAutoNameCache::GetNameOccurrences().

◆ getFormulaCell() [1/2]

ScFormulaCell * ScCellIterator::getFormulaCell ( )

◆ getFormulaCell() [2/2]

const ScFormulaCell * ScCellIterator::getFormulaCell ( ) const

Definition at line 237 of file dociter.hxx.

References ScRefCellValue::getFormula(), and maCurCell.

◆ GetPos()

const ScAddress & ScCellIterator::GetPos ( ) const

◆ getRefCellValue()

const ScRefCellValue & ScCellIterator::getRefCellValue ( ) const

◆ getString()

OUString ScCellIterator::getString ( ) const

◆ getType()

CellType ScCellIterator::getType ( ) const

◆ hasString()

bool ScCellIterator::hasString ( ) const

◆ incBlock()

void ScCellIterator::incBlock ( )

Definition at line 828 of file dociter.cxx.

References maCurColPos, maCurPos, and ScAddress::SetRow().

Referenced by getCurrent(), and incPos().

◆ incPos()

void ScCellIterator::incPos ( )

Definition at line 836 of file dociter.cxx.

References incBlock(), ScAddress::IncRow(), maCurColPos, and maCurPos.

Referenced by getCurrent(), and next().

◆ init()

void ScCellIterator::init ( )

◆ isEmpty()

bool ScCellIterator::isEmpty ( ) const

◆ next()

bool ScCellIterator::next ( )

◆ setPos()

void ScCellIterator::setPos ( size_t  nPos)

Definition at line 849 of file dociter.cxx.

References getColumn(), ScColumn::maCells, maCurColPos, maCurPos, nPos, and ScAddress::SetRow().

Referenced by getCurrent().

Member Data Documentation

◆ maCurCell

ScRefCellValue ScCellIterator::maCurCell

◆ maCurColPos

PositionType ScCellIterator::maCurColPos

Definition at line 214 of file dociter.hxx.

Referenced by first(), getCurrent(), incBlock(), incPos(), and setPos().

◆ maCurPos

ScAddress ScCellIterator::maCurPos

Definition at line 212 of file dociter.hxx.

Referenced by first(), getColumn(), getCurrent(), GetPos(), incBlock(), incPos(), init(), and setPos().

◆ maEndPos

ScAddress ScCellIterator::maEndPos

Definition at line 211 of file dociter.hxx.

Referenced by getCurrent(), and init().

◆ maStartPos

ScAddress ScCellIterator::maStartPos

Definition at line 210 of file dociter.hxx.

Referenced by first(), getCurrent(), and init().

◆ mnSubTotalFlags

SubtotalFlags ScCellIterator::mnSubTotalFlags

Definition at line 215 of file dociter.hxx.

Referenced by getCurrent().

◆ mrDoc

ScDocument& ScCellIterator::mrDoc

Definition at line 209 of file dociter.hxx.

Referenced by equalsWithoutFormat(), getColumn(), getCurrent(), getString(), and init().

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