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ImportExcel8 Class Reference

#include <excimp8.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 ImportExcel8 (XclImpRootData &rImpData, SvStream &rStrm)
virtual ~ImportExcel8 () override
virtual ErrCode Read () override
void Calccount ()
void Precision ()
void Delta ()
void Iteration ()
void Boundsheet ()
void FilterMode ()
void AutoFilterInfo ()
void AutoFilter ()
void Scenman ()
void Scenario ()
void ReadBasic ()
void Labelsst ()
void FeatHdr ()
void Feat ()
virtual void EndSheet () override
virtual void PostDocLoad () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from ImportExcel
 ImportExcel (XclImpRootData &rImpData, SvStream &rStrm)
virtual ~ImportExcel () override
virtual ErrCode Read ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ImportTyp
 ImportTyp (ScDocument &, rtl_TextEncoding eSrc)
virtual ~ImportTyp ()

Private Attributes

ExcScenarioList maScenList

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Types inherited from ImportExcel
typedef std::unordered_map< SCCOL, LastFormulaLastFormulaMapType
typedef std::vector< std::unique_ptr< XclImpOutlineDataBuffer > > XclImpOutlineListBuffer
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ImportExcel
void SetLastFormula (SCCOL nCol, SCROW nRow, double fVal, sal_uInt16 nXF, ScFormulaCell *pCell)
 True if fuzzing filter. More...
void ReadFileSharing ()
sal_uInt16 ReadXFIndex (const ScAddress &rScPos, bool bBiff2)
void ReadDimensions ()
void ReadBlank ()
void ReadInteger ()
void ReadNumber ()
void ReadLabel ()
void ReadBoolErr ()
void ReadRk ()
void Window1 ()
void Formula25 ()
void Row25 ()
void Bof2 ()
void Eof ()
void DocProtect ()
void SheetProtect ()
void DocPassword ()
void SheetPassword ()
void Externsheet ()
void WinProtection ()
void Columndefault ()
void Array25 ()
void Rec1904 ()
void Externname25 ()
void Colwidth ()
void Defrowheight2 ()
void Codepage ()
void Ixfe ()
void DefColWidth ()
void Colinfo ()
void Wsbool ()
void Boundsheet ()
void Country ()
void Hideobj ()
void Standardwidth ()
void Shrfmla ()
void Mulrk ()
void Mulblank ()
void Rstring ()
void Cellmerging ()
void Olesize ()
void ReadUsesElfs ()
void Formula3 ()
void Row34 ()
void Bof3 ()
void Array34 ()
void Defrowheight345 ()
void TableOp ()
void Formula4 ()
void Bof4 ()
void Bof5 ()
void Formula (const XclAddress &rXclPos, sal_uInt16 nXF, sal_uInt16 nFormLen, double fCurVal, bool bShrFmla)
virtual void EndSheet ()
void NewTable ()
std::unique_ptr< ScTokenArrayErrorToFormula (bool bErrOrVal, sal_uInt8 nError, double &rVal)
void AdjustRowHeight ()
virtual void PostDocLoad ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from XclImpRoot
 XclImpRoot (XclImpRootData &rImpRootData)
const XclImpRootGetRoot () const
 Returns this root instance - for code readability in derived classes. More...
XclImpRootGetRoot ()
void SetCodePage (sal_uInt16 nCodePage)
 Sets a code page read from a CODEPAGE record for byte string import. More...
void InitializeTable (SCTAB nScTab)
 Is called when import filter starts importing a single sheet (all BIFF versions). More...
void FinalizeTable ()
 Is called when import filter stops importing a single sheet (all BIFF versions). More...
XclImpAddressConverterGetAddressConverter () const
 Returns the address converter. More...
XclImpFormulaCompilerGetFormulaCompiler () const
 Returns the formula converter. More...
ExcelToScGetOldFmlaConverter () const
 Returns the old formula converter. More...
XclImpSstGetSst () const
 Returns the shared string table. More...
XclImpPaletteGetPalette () const
 Returns the color buffer. More...
XclImpFontBufferGetFontBuffer () const
 Returns the font buffer. More...
XclImpNumFmtBufferGetNumFmtBuffer () const
 Returns the number format buffer. More...
XclImpXFBufferGetXFBuffer () const
 Returns the cell formatting attributes buffer. More...
XclImpXFRangeBufferGetXFRangeBuffer () const
 Returns the buffer of XF index ranges for a sheet. More...
ScRangeListTabsGetPrintAreaBuffer () const
 Returns the buffer that contains all print areas in the document. More...
ScRangeListTabsGetTitleAreaBuffer () const
 Returns the buffer that contains all print titles in the document. More...
XclImpTabInfoGetTabInfo () const
 Returns the buffer that contains the sheet creation order. More...
XclImpNameManagerGetNameManager () const
 Returns the buffer that contains internal defined names. More...
XclImpLinkManagerGetLinkManager () const
 Returns the link manager. More...
XclImpObjectManagerGetObjectManager () const
 Returns the drawing object manager. More...
XclImpSheetDrawingGetCurrSheetDrawing () const
 Returns the drawing container of the current sheet. More...
XclImpCondFormatManagerGetCondFormatManager () const
 Returns the conditional formatting manager. More...
XclImpValidationManagerGetValidationManager () const
XclImpAutoFilterBufferGetFilterManager () const
 Returns the filter manager. More...
XclImpWebQueryBufferGetWebQueryBuffer () const
 Returns the web query buffer. More...
XclImpPivotTableManagerGetPivotTableManager () const
 Returns the pivot table manager. More...
XclImpSheetProtectBufferGetSheetProtectBuffer () const
 Returns the sheet protection options of the current sheet. More...
XclImpDocProtectBufferGetDocProtectBuffer () const
 Returns the document protection options. More...
XclImpPageSettingsGetPageSettings () const
 Returns the page settings of the current sheet. More...
XclImpDocViewSettingsGetDocViewSettings () const
 Returns the view settings of the entire document. More...
XclImpTabViewSettingsGetTabViewSettings () const
 Returns the view settings of the current sheet. More...
bool HasBasic () const
 Returns true, if the document contains a VB project. More...
void SetHasBasic ()
 Called to indicate that the document contains a VB project. More...
void ReadCodeName (XclImpStream &rStrm, bool bGlobals)
 Reads the CODENAME record and inserts the codename into the document. More...
ScDocumentImportGetDocImport ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from XclRoot
 XclRoot (XclRootData &rRootData)
 XclRoot (const XclRoot &rRoot)
virtual ~XclRoot ()
XclRootoperator= (const XclRoot &rRoot)
RootDataGetOldRoot () const
 Returns old RootData struct. More...
XclBiff GetBiff () const
 Returns the current BIFF version of the importer/exporter. More...
XclOutput GetOutput () const
 Returns the current output format of the importer/exporter. More...
bool IsImport () const
 Returns true, if currently a document is imported. More...
rtl_TextEncoding GetTextEncoding () const
 Returns the text encoding to import/export byte strings. More...
LanguageType GetSysLanguage () const
 Returns the system language, i.e. More...
LanguageType GetDocLanguage () const
 Returns the document language. More...
LanguageType GetUILanguage () const
 Returns the UI language. More...
sal_Int16 GetDefApiScript () const
 Returns the default script type, e.g. More...
tools::Long GetCharWidth () const
 Returns the width of the '0' character (default font) for the current printer (twips). More...
tools::Long GetSpaceWidth () const
bool IsInGlobals () const
 Returns the current Calc sheet index. More...
SCTAB GetCurrScTab () const
 Returns the current Calc sheet index. More...
sal_Int32 GetHmmFromPixelX (double fPixelX) const
 Calculates the width of the passed number of pixels in 1/100 mm. More...
sal_Int32 GetHmmFromPixelY (double fPixelY) const
 Calculates the height of the passed number of pixels in 1/100 mm. More...
SfxMediumGetMedium () const
 Returns the medium to import from. More...
const OUString & GetDocUrl () const
 Returns the document URL of the imported/exported file. More...
const OUString & GetBasePath () const
 Returns the base path of the imported/exported file. More...
const OUString & GetUserName () const
 Returns the current user name. More...
css::uno::Sequence< css::beans::NamedValue > RequestEncryptionData (::comphelper::IDocPasswordVerifier &rVerifier) const
 Requests and verifies a password from the medium or the user. More...
const tools::SvRef< SotStorage > & GetRootStorage () const
 Returns the OLE2 root storage of the imported/exported file. More...
bool HasVbaStorage () const
 Returns true, if the document contains a VBA storage. More...
tools::SvRef< SotStorageOpenStorage (tools::SvRef< SotStorage > const &xStrg, const OUString &rStrgName) const
 Tries to open a storage as child of the specified storage for reading or writing. More...
tools::SvRef< SotStorageOpenStorage (const OUString &rStrgName) const
 Tries to open a storage as child of the root storage for reading or writing. More...
tools::SvRef< SotStorageStreamOpenStream (tools::SvRef< SotStorage > const &xStrg, const OUString &rStrmName) const
 Tries to open a new stream in the specified storage for reading or writing. More...
tools::SvRef< SotStorageStreamOpenStream (const OUString &rStrmName) const
 Tries to open a new stream in the root storage for reading or writing. More...
ScDocumentGetDoc () const
 Returns reference to the destination document (import) or source document (export). More...
SfxObjectShellGetDocShell () const
 Returns the object shell of the Calc document. More...
ScModelObjGetDocModelObj () const
 Returns the object model of the Calc document. More...
OutputDeviceGetPrinter () const
 Returns pointer to the printer of the Calc document. More...
ScStyleSheetPoolGetStyleSheetPool () const
 Returns the style sheet pool of the Calc document. More...
ScRangeNameGetNamedRanges () const
 Returns the defined names container of the Calc document. More...
SdrPageGetSdrPage (SCTAB nScTab) const
 Returns the drawing layer page of the passed sheet, if present. More...
SvNumberFormatterGetFormatter () const
 Returns the number formatter of the Calc document. More...
DateTime GetNullDate () const
 Returns the null date of the current number formatter. More...
sal_uInt16 GetBaseYear () const
 Returns the base year depending on the current null date (1900 or 1904). More...
double GetDoubleFromDateTime (const DateTime &rDateTime) const
 Converts a date/time value to a floating-point value. More...
DateTime GetDateTimeFromDouble (double fValue) const
 Converts a floating-point value to a date/time value. More...
ScEditEngineDefaulterGetEditEngine () const
 Returns the edit engine for import/export of rich strings etc. More...
ScHeaderEditEngineGetHFEditEngine () const
 Returns the edit engine for import/export of headers/footers. More...
EditEngineGetDrawEditEngine () const
 Returns the edit engine for import/export of drawing text boxes. More...
XclFontPropSetHelperGetFontPropSetHelper () const
 Returns the property set helper for fonts. More...
XclChPropSetHelperGetChartPropSetHelper () const
 Returns the property set helper for the chart filters. More...
ScExtDocOptionsGetExtDocOptions () const
 Returns the extended document options. More...
XclTracerGetTracer () const
 Returns the filter tracer. More...
const ScAddressGetScMaxPos () const
 Returns the highest possible cell address in a Calc document. More...
const ScAddressGetXclMaxPos () const
 Returns the highest possible cell address in an Excel document (using current BIFF version). More...
const ScAddressGetMaxPos () const
 Returns the highest possible cell address valid in Calc and Excel (using current BIFF version). More...
void SetDocLanguage (LanguageType eLang)
 Sets the document language. More...
void SetUILanguage (LanguageType eLang)
 Sets the UI language, i.e. More...
void SetTextEncoding (rtl_TextEncoding eTextEnc)
 Sets the text encoding to import/export byte strings. More...
void SetCharWidth (const XclFontData &rFontData)
 Sets the width of the '0' - '9' digit character as well as the ' ' space char (using the default font) for the current printer (twips). More...
void SetCurrScTab (SCTAB nScTab)
 Sets the current Calc sheet index. More...
void IncCurrScTab ()
 Increases the current Calc sheet index by 1. More...
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from XclImpRoot
static OUString GetScAddInName (const OUString &rXclName)
 Returns the Calc add-in function name for an Excel function name. More...
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from XclRoot
static OUString GetDefaultPassword ()
 Returns the default password used for stream encryption. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from ImportExcel
XclImpStream maStrm
ScfUInt32Vec maSheetOffsets
ScRange maScOleSize
std::unique_ptr< ExcelToScpFormConv
 Visible range if embedded. More...
std::unique_ptr< XclImpOutlineListBufferpOutlineListBuffer
LastFormulaMapType maLastFormulaCells
sal_Int16 mnLastRefIdx
sal_uInt16 mnIxfeIndex
sal_uInt16 mnLastRecId
 Current XF identifier from IXFE record. More...
SCTAB nBdshtTab
bool bTabTruncated
bool mbBiff2HasXfs:1
bool mbBiff2HasXfsValid:1
 Select XF formatting or direct formatting in BIFF2. More...
bool mbFuzzing:1
 False = mbBiff2HasXfs is undetermined yet. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from ImportTyp
rtl_TextEncoding eQuellChar

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file excimp8.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ImportExcel8()

ImportExcel8::ImportExcel8 ( XclImpRootData rImpData,
SvStream rStrm 

◆ ~ImportExcel8()

ImportExcel8::~ImportExcel8 ( )

Definition at line 156 of file excimp8.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AutoFilter()

void ImportExcel8::AutoFilter ( )

◆ AutoFilterInfo()

void ImportExcel8::AutoFilterInfo ( )

Definition at line 445 of file excimp8.cxx.

References XclRoot::GetCurrScTab(), RootData::pAutoFilterBuffer, pData, and ImportExcel::pExcRoot.

Referenced by Read().

◆ Boundsheet()

void ImportExcel8::Boundsheet ( )

◆ Calccount()

void ImportExcel8::Calccount ( )

◆ Delta()

void ImportExcel8::Delta ( )

◆ EndSheet()

void ImportExcel8::EndSheet ( )

◆ Feat()

void ImportExcel8::Feat ( )

◆ FeatHdr()

void ImportExcel8::FeatHdr ( )

◆ FilterMode()

void ImportExcel8::FilterMode ( )

Definition at line 432 of file excimp8.cxx.

References XclRoot::GetCurrScTab(), RootData::pAutoFilterBuffer, pData, and ImportExcel::pExcRoot.

Referenced by Read().

◆ Iteration()

void ImportExcel8::Iteration ( )

◆ Labelsst()

void ImportExcel8::Labelsst ( )

◆ PostDocLoad()

void ImportExcel8::PostDocLoad ( )

◆ Precision()

void ImportExcel8::Precision ( )

◆ Read()

ErrCode ImportExcel8::Read ( )

Before workbook globals (wait for initial BOF).

Prefetch for workbook globals.

Workbook globals.

Before worksheet (wait for new worksheet BOF).

Prefetch for worksheet.


Stop reading.

Reimplemented from ImportExcel.

Definition at line 796 of file read.cxx.

References ImportExcel::AdjustRowHeight(), ImportExcel::aIn, XclImpChangeTrack::Apply(), ImportExcel::Array34(), AutoFilter(), AutoFilterInfo(), Biff8, Biff8C, Biff8M4, Biff8V, Biff8W, ImportExcel::Bof5(), Boundsheet(), ImportExcel::bTabTruncated, ScDocument::CalcAfterLoad(), Calccount(), ImportExcel::Cellmerging(), XclAddressConverterBase::CheckScTab(), ImportExcel::Codepage(), ImportExcel::Colinfo(), XclImpNameManager::ConvertAllTokens(), XclImpPivotTableManager::ConvertPivotTables(), ImportExcel::Country(), XclImpNumFmtBuffer::CreateScFormats(), XclImpXFBuffer::CreateUserStyles(), ImportExcel::DefColWidth(), ImportExcel::Defrowheight345(), Delta(), ImportExcel::DocPassword(), ImportExcel::DocProtect(), RootData::eDateiTyp, ImportExcel::Eof(), ERRCODE_ABORT, ERRCODE_NONE, EXC_BIFF8, EXC_ID2_ARRAY, EXC_ID2_BLANK, EXC_ID2_BOF, EXC_ID2_BOOLERR, EXC_ID2_DIMENSIONS, EXC_ID2_FONT, EXC_ID2_FORMULA, EXC_ID2_INTEGER, EXC_ID2_LABEL, EXC_ID2_NUMBER, EXC_ID3_ARRAY, EXC_ID3_BLANK, EXC_ID3_BOF, EXC_ID3_BOOLERR, EXC_ID3_DIMENSIONS, EXC_ID3_FORMULA, EXC_ID3_LABEL, EXC_ID3_NUMBER, EXC_ID4_BOF, EXC_ID4_FORMAT, EXC_ID4_FORMULA, EXC_ID5_BOF, EXC_ID5_XF, EXC_ID8_IMGDATA, EXC_ID_AUTOFILTER, EXC_ID_AUTOFILTERINFO, EXC_ID_BOTTOMMARGIN, EXC_ID_CF, EXC_ID_CODENAME, EXC_ID_CONDFMT, EXC_ID_CRN, EXC_ID_DCONNAME, EXC_ID_DCONREF, EXC_ID_DV, EXC_ID_DVAL, EXC_ID_EOF, EXC_ID_EXTERNNAME, EXC_ID_EXTERNSHEET, EXC_ID_EXTSST, EXC_ID_FILESHARING, EXC_ID_FOOTER, EXC_ID_HCENTER, EXC_ID_HEADER, EXC_ID_HLINK, EXC_ID_HORPAGEBREAKS, EXC_ID_LABELRANGES, EXC_ID_LEFTMARGIN, EXC_ID_MSODRAWING, EXC_ID_MSODRAWINGGROUP, EXC_ID_NAME, EXC_ID_NOTE, EXC_ID_OBJ, EXC_ID_PALETTE, EXC_ID_PANE, EXC_ID_PQRY, EXC_ID_PRINTGRIDLINES, EXC_ID_PRINTHEADERS, EXC_ID_QSI, EXC_ID_RIGHTMARGIN, EXC_ID_RK, EXC_ID_SCL, EXC_ID_SELECTION, EXC_ID_SETUP, EXC_ID_SHEETEXT, EXC_ID_SHRFMLA, EXC_ID_SST, EXC_ID_STYLE, EXC_ID_SUPBOOK, EXC_ID_SXADDL, EXC_ID_SXDI, EXC_ID_SXEX, EXC_ID_SXIDSTM, EXC_ID_SXIVD, EXC_ID_SXPI, EXC_ID_SXVD, EXC_ID_SXVDEX, EXC_ID_SXVI, EXC_ID_SXVIEW, EXC_ID_SXVIEWEX9, EXC_ID_SXVS, EXC_ID_TABID, EXC_ID_TOPMARGIN, EXC_ID_USERSVIEWBEGIN, EXC_ID_USERSVIEWEND, EXC_ID_USESELFS, EXC_ID_VCENTER, EXC_ID_VERPAGEBREAKS, EXC_ID_WINDOW2, EXC_ID_WQSETT, EXC_ID_WQSTRING, EXC_ID_WQTABLES, EXC_ID_XCT, Feat(), FeatHdr(), FilterMode(), ScDocumentImport::finalize(), ImportExcel::Formula25(), XclImpRoot::GetAddressConverter(), XclRoot::GetBiff(), ScDocument::GetCodeName(), XclImpRoot::GetCondFormatManager(), XclRoot::GetCurrScTab(), XclImpRoot::GetCurrSheetDrawing(), XclRoot::GetDoc(), XclImpRoot::GetDocImport(), XclRoot::GetDocShell(), XclImpRoot::GetFontBuffer(), XclImpRoot::GetLinkManager(), ScDocument::GetName(), XclImpRoot::GetNameManager(), XclImpStream::GetNextRecId(), XclImpRoot::GetNumFmtBuffer(), XclImpRoot::GetObjectManager(), XclImpRoot::GetPageSettings(), XclImpRoot::GetPalette(), XclImpRoot::GetPivotTableManager(), XclImpStream::GetRecId(), XclImpRoot::GetRoot(), XclRoot::GetScMaxPos(), XclImpRoot::GetSst(), XclImpStream::GetSvStreamPos(), XclImpStream::GetSvStreamSize(), XclImpRoot::GetTabInfo(), XclImpRoot::GetTabViewSettings(), XclRoot::GetTracer(), XclImpRoot::GetValidationManager(), XclImpRoot::GetWebQueryBuffer(), XclImpRoot::GetXFBuffer(), ImportExcel::Hideobj(), XclRoot::IncCurrScTab(), ScDocument::IsAdjustHeightLocked(), XclAddressConverterBase::IsColTruncated(), XclAddressConverterBase::IsRowTruncated(), XclAddressConverterBase::IsTabTruncated(), XclImpStream::IsValid(), Iteration(), Labelsst(), ImportExcel::maSheetOffsets, ImportExcel::maStrm, XclImpPivotTableManager::MaybeRefreshPivotTables(), ImportExcel::mnLastRecId, ImportExcel::Mulblank(), ImportExcel::Mulrk(), ImportExcel::nBdshtTab, ImportExcel::NewTable(), ImportExcel::Olesize(), ImportExcel::pExcRoot, ImportExcel::pFormConv, PostDocLoad(), Precision(), ImportTyp::rD, ImportExcel::ReadBlank(), ImportExcel::ReadBoolErr(), XclImpPageSettings::ReadCenter(), XclImpCondFormatManager::ReadCF(), XclImpRoot::ReadCodeName(), XclImpCondFormatManager::ReadCondfmt(), XclImpLinkManager::ReadCrn(), XclImpPivotTableManager::ReadDConName(), XclImpPivotTableManager::ReadDconref(), ImportExcel::ReadDimensions(), XclImpValidationManager::ReadDV(), XclImpValidationManager::ReadDval(), XclImpLinkManager::ReadExternname(), XclImpLinkManager::ReadExternsheet(), XclImpDecryptHelper::ReadFilepass(), ImportExcel::ReadFileSharing(), XclImpFontBuffer::ReadFont(), XclImpNumFmtBuffer::ReadFormat(), XclImpPageSettings::ReadHeaderFooter(), XclImpHyperlink::ReadHlink(), XclImpPageSettings::ReadImgData(), ImportExcel::ReadInteger(), ImportExcel::ReadLabel(), XclImpLabelranges::ReadLabelranges(), XclImpPageSettings::ReadMargin(), XclImpDrawing::ReadMsoDrawing(), XclImpObjectManager::ReadMsoDrawingGroup(), XclImpNameManager::ReadName(), XclImpSheetDrawing::ReadNote(), ImportExcel::ReadNumber(), XclImpDrawing::ReadObj(), XclImpPageSettings::ReadPageBreaks(), XclImpPalette::ReadPalette(), XclImpTabViewSettings::ReadPane(), XclImpWebQueryBuffer::ReadParamqry(), XclImpPivotTableManager::ReadPivotCaches(), XclImpPageSettings::ReadPrintGridLines(), XclImpPageSettings::ReadPrintHeaders(), XclImpWebQueryBuffer::ReadQsi(), ImportExcel::ReadRk(), XclImpTabViewSettings::ReadScl(), XclImpTabViewSettings::ReadSelection(), XclImpPageSettings::ReadSetup(), XclImpSst::ReadSst(), XclImpXFBuffer::ReadStyle(), XclImpLinkManager::ReadSupbook(), XclImpPivotTableManager::ReadSxAddl(), XclImpPivotTableManager::ReadSxdi(), XclImpPivotTableManager::ReadSxex(), XclImpPivotTableManager::ReadSxidstm(), XclImpPivotTableManager::ReadSxivd(), XclImpPivotTableManager::ReadSxpi(), XclImpPivotTableManager::ReadSxvd(), XclImpPivotTableManager::ReadSxvdex(), XclImpPivotTableManager::ReadSxvi(), XclImpPivotTableManager::ReadSxview(), XclImpPivotTableManager::ReadSxViewEx9(), XclImpPivotTableManager::ReadSxvs(), XclImpTabViewSettings::ReadTabBgColor(), XclImpSheetDrawing::ReadTabChart(), XclImpTabInfo::ReadTabid(), ImportExcel::ReadUsesElfs(), XclImpTabViewSettings::ReadWindow2(), XclImpWebQueryBuffer::ReadWqsettings(), XclImpWebQueryBuffer::ReadWqstring(), XclImpWebQueryBuffer::ReadWqtables(), XclImpLinkManager::ReadXct(), XclImpXFBuffer::ReadXF(), ImportExcel::Rec1904(), ImportExcel::Row34(), ImportExcel::Rstring(), sal_True, Scenario(), Scenman(), SCWARN_IMPORT_COLUMN_OVERFLOW, SCWARN_IMPORT_ROW_OVERFLOW, SCWARN_IMPORT_SHEET_OVERFLOW, XclImpStream::SeekGlobalPosition(), ScDocument::SetCodeName(), XclImpRoot::SetHasBasic(), ScDocument::SetVisible(), ImportExcel::SheetPassword(), ImportExcel::SheetProtect(), ImportExcel::Shrfmla(), XclTools::SkipSubStream(), sName, ImportExcel::Standardwidth(), XclImpStream::StartNextRecord(), XclImpStream::StoreGlobalPosition(), ImportExcel::TableOp(), XclTracer::TraceChartOnlySheet(), ImportExcel::Window1(), ImportExcel::WinProtection(), and ImportExcel::Wsbool().

◆ ReadBasic()

void ImportExcel8::ReadBasic ( )

◆ Scenario()

void ImportExcel8::Scenario ( )

Definition at line 231 of file excimp8.cxx.

References ExcScenarioList::aEntries, ImportExcel::aIn, maScenList, and ImportExcel::pExcRoot.

Referenced by Read().

◆ Scenman()

void ImportExcel8::Scenman ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ maScenList

ExcScenarioList ImportExcel8::maScenList

Definition at line 58 of file excimp8.hxx.

Referenced by PostDocLoad(), Scenario(), and Scenman().

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