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asciiopt.cxx File Reference
#include <global.hxx>
#include <asciiopt.hxx>
#include <comphelper/string.hxx>
#include <osl/thread.h>
#include <o3tl/string_view.hxx>
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static OUString lcl_decodeSepString (std::u16string_view rSepNums, bool &o_bMergeFieldSeps)


constexpr std::u16string_view pStrFix = u"FIX"
constexpr std::u16string_view pStrMrg = u"MRG"

Function Documentation

static OUString lcl_decodeSepString ( std::u16string_view  rSepNums,
bool &  o_bMergeFieldSeps 

Variable Documentation

constexpr std::u16string_view pStrFix = u"FIX"

Definition at line 26 of file asciiopt.cxx.

Referenced by ScAsciiOptions::ReadFromString(), and ScAsciiOptions::WriteToString().

constexpr std::u16string_view pStrMrg = u"MRG"

Definition at line 27 of file asciiopt.cxx.

Referenced by lcl_decodeSepString(), and ScAsciiOptions::WriteToString().