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arraysumfunctor.hxx File Reference
#include <cmath>
#include "kahan.hxx"
#include "arraysumfunctor.hxx"
#include <formula/errorcodes.hxx>
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#define SC_USE_SSE2   1


KahanSum sc::op::executeSSE2 (size_t &i, size_t nSize, const double *pCurrent)
static KahanSum sc::op::executeUnrolled (size_t &i, size_t nSize, const double *pCurrent)
 If no boosts available, Unrolled KahanSum. More...
static KahanSum sc::op::executeFast (size_t &i, size_t nSize, const double *pCurrent)
 This function task is to choose the fastest method available to perform the sum. More...
KahanSum sc::op::sumArray (const double *pArray, size_t nSize)
 Performs the sum of an array. More...

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#define SC_USE_SSE2   1

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