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rptui::OXUndoEnvironment Class Referencefinal

#include <UndoEnv.hxx>

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struct  Accessor
class  OUndoEnvLock
 Create an object ob OUndoEnvLock locks the undo possibility As long as in the OUndoEnvLock scope, no undo is possible for manipulated object. More...
class  OUndoMode
 This is near the same as OUndoEnvLock but it is also possible to ask for the current mode. More...

Public Member Functions

 OXUndoEnvironment (OReportModel &_rModel)
void Lock ()
void UnLock ()
bool IsLocked () const
bool IsUndoMode () const
void Clear (const Accessor &_r)
void AddElement (const css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > &Element)
void RemoveElement (const css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > &Element)
void AddSection (const css::uno::Reference< css::report::XSection > &_xSection)
void RemoveSection (const css::uno::Reference< css::report::XSection > &_xSection)
void RemoveSection (OReportPage const *_pPage)
 removes the section from the page out of the undo env More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from SfxListener
 SfxListener ()
 SfxListener (const SfxListener &rCopy)
virtual ~SfxListener () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE
void StartListening (SfxBroadcaster &rBroadcaster, DuplicateHandling eDuplicateHanding=DuplicateHandling::Unexpected)
void EndListening (SfxBroadcaster &rBroadcaster, bool bRemoveAllDuplicates=false)
void EndListeningAll ()
bool IsListening (SfxBroadcaster &rBroadcaster) const
sal_uInt16 GetBroadcasterCount () const
SfxBroadcasterGetBroadcasterJOE (sal_uInt16 nNo) const
virtual void Notify (SfxBroadcaster &rBC, const SfxHint &rHint)
void RemoveBroadcaster_Impl (SfxBroadcaster &rBC)
virtual bool IsSdrView () const

Private Member Functions

 OXUndoEnvironment (const OXUndoEnvironment &)=delete
OXUndoEnvironmentoperator= (const OXUndoEnvironment &)=delete
virtual ~OXUndoEnvironment () override
void SetUndoMode (bool _bUndo)
virtual void SAL_CALL disposing (const css::lang::EventObject &Source) override
virtual void SAL_CALL propertyChange (const css::beans::PropertyChangeEvent &evt) override
virtual void SAL_CALL elementInserted (const css::container::ContainerEvent &rEvent) override
virtual void SAL_CALL elementReplaced (const css::container::ContainerEvent &rEvent) override
virtual void SAL_CALL elementRemoved (const css::container::ContainerEvent &rEvent) override
virtual void SAL_CALL modified (const css::lang::EventObject &aEvent) override
void ModeChanged ()
virtual void Notify (SfxBroadcaster &rBC, const SfxHint &rHint) override
void implSetModified ()
void switchListening (const css::uno::Reference< css::container::XIndexAccess > &_rxContainer, bool _bStartListening)
void switchListening (const css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > &_rxObject, bool _bStartListening)
::std::vector< css::uno::Reference< css::container::XChild > >::const_iterator getSection (const css::uno::Reference< css::container::XChild > &_xContainer) const

Private Attributes

const ::std::unique_ptr< OXUndoEnvironmentImplm_pImpl

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file UndoEnv.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OXUndoEnvironment() [1/2]

rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::OXUndoEnvironment ( const OXUndoEnvironment )

◆ ~OXUndoEnvironment()

rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::~OXUndoEnvironment ( )

Definition at line 123 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

◆ OXUndoEnvironment() [2/2]

rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::OXUndoEnvironment ( OReportModel _rModel)

Definition at line 116 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

References m_pImpl, m_pImpl, and SfxListener::StartListening().

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddElement()

void rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::AddElement ( const css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > &  Element)

◆ AddSection()

void rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::AddSection ( const css::uno::Reference< css::report::XSection > &  _xSection)

Definition at line 478 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

References AddElement(), DBG_UNHANDLED_EXCEPTION, and m_pImpl.

◆ Clear()

void rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::Clear ( const Accessor _r)

◆ disposing()

void SAL_CALL rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::disposing ( const css::lang::EventObject &  Source)

Definition at line 197 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

References RemoveElement(), and RemoveSection().

◆ elementInserted()

void SAL_CALL rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::elementInserted ( const css::container::ContainerEvent &  rEvent)

◆ elementRemoved()

void SAL_CALL rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::elementRemoved ( const css::container::ContainerEvent &  rEvent)

◆ elementReplaced()

void SAL_CALL rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::elementReplaced ( const css::container::ContainerEvent &  rEvent)

Definition at line 411 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

References AddElement(), implSetModified(), m_pImpl, and RemoveElement().

◆ getSection()

std::vector< uno::Reference< container::XChild > >::const_iterator rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::getSection ( const css::uno::Reference< css::container::XChild > &  _xContainer) const

Definition at line 337 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

References getSection(), and m_pImpl.

Referenced by elementInserted(), elementRemoved(), and getSection().

◆ implSetModified()

void rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::implSetModified ( )

Definition at line 405 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

References m_pImpl.

Referenced by elementInserted(), elementRemoved(), elementReplaced(), modified(), and propertyChange().

◆ IsLocked()

bool rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::IsLocked ( ) const

Definition at line 138 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

References m_pImpl.

Referenced by AddElement(), elementInserted(), elementRemoved(), and propertyChange().

◆ IsUndoMode()

bool rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::IsUndoMode ( ) const

Definition at line 611 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

References m_pImpl.

Referenced by rptui::OOle2Obj::NbcMove(), and rptui::OUnoObject::NbcMove().

◆ Lock()

void rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::Lock ( )

◆ ModeChanged()

void rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::ModeChanged ( )

Definition at line 178 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

References SfxListener::EndListening(), m_pImpl, and SfxListener::StartListening().

Referenced by Notify().

◆ modified()

void SAL_CALL rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::modified ( const css::lang::EventObject &  aEvent)

Definition at line 472 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

References implSetModified().

◆ Notify()

void rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::Notify ( SfxBroadcaster rBC,
const SfxHint rHint 

Reimplemented from SfxListener.

Definition at line 189 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

References SfxHint::GetId(), and ModeChanged().

◆ operator=()

OXUndoEnvironment & rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::operator= ( const OXUndoEnvironment )

◆ propertyChange()

void SAL_CALL rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::propertyChange ( const css::beans::PropertyChangeEvent &  evt)

◆ RemoveElement()

void rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::RemoveElement ( const css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > &  Element)

◆ RemoveSection() [1/2]

void rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::RemoveSection ( const css::uno::Reference< css::report::XSection > &  _xSection)

◆ RemoveSection() [2/2]

void rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::RemoveSection ( OReportPage const *  _pPage)

removes the section from the page out of the undo env


Definition at line 140 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

References rptui::OReportPage::getSection(), and RemoveElement().

◆ SetUndoMode()

void rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::SetUndoMode ( bool  _bUndo)

◆ switchListening() [1/2]

void rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::switchListening ( const css::uno::Reference< css::container::XIndexAccess > &  _rxContainer,
bool  _bStartListening 

Referenced by AddElement(), and RemoveElement().

◆ switchListening() [2/2]

void rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::switchListening ( const css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > &  _rxObject,
bool  _bStartListening 

◆ UnLock()

void rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::UnLock ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_pImpl

const ::std::unique_ptr<OXUndoEnvironmentImpl> rptui::OXUndoEnvironment::m_pImpl

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