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rptui::OReportModel Class Referencefinal

#include <RptModel.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 OReportModel (::reportdesign::OReportDefinition *_pReportDefinition)
virtual ~OReportModel () override
virtual void SetChanged (bool bFlg=true) override
virtual rtl::Reference< SdrPageAllocPage (bool bMasterPage) override
virtual rtl::Reference< SdrPageRemovePage (sal_uInt16 nPgNum) override
virtual SvxNumType GetPageNumType () const override
OXUndoEnvironmentGetUndoEnv ()
void SetModified (bool _bModified)
dbaui::DBSubComponentControllergetController () const
void attachController (dbaui::DBSubComponentController &_rController)
void detachController ()
OReportPagecreateNewPage (const css::uno::Reference< css::report::XSection > &_xSection)
OReportPagegetPage (const css::uno::Reference< css::report::XSection > &_xSection)
 returns the page which belongs to a section More...
css::uno::Reference< css::report::XReportDefinition > getReportDefinition () const
 returns the XReportDefinition which the OReportModel belongs to More...
css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > createShape (const OUString &aServiceSpecifier, css::uno::Reference< css::drawing::XShape > &_rShape, sal_Int32 nOrientation=-1)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SdrModel
std::vector< SdrOutliner * > GetActiveOutliners () const
sal_uInt16 getHandoutPageCount () const
void setHandoutPageCount (sal_uInt16 nHandoutPageCount)
virtual void adaptSizeAndBorderForAllPages (const Size &rNewSize, tools::Long nLeft=0, tools::Long nRight=0, tools::Long nUpper=0, tools::Long nLower=0)
virtual SVX_DLLPRIVATE bool IsCreatingDataObj () const
bool IsTransportContainer () const
bool AreControlsThemed ()
bool IsPasteResize () const
void SetPasteResize (bool bOn)
 SdrModel (SfxItemPool *pPool=nullptr, ::comphelper::IEmbeddedHelper *pPers=nullptr, bool bDisablePropertyFiles=false)
virtual ~SdrModel () override
void ClearModel (bool bCalledFromDestructor)
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::embed::XStorage > GetDocumentStorage () const
css::uno::Reference< css::io::XInputStream > GetDocumentStream (OUString const &rURL, ::comphelper::LifecycleProxy const &rProxy) const
void BurnInStyleSheetAttributes ()
virtual rtl::Reference< SdrPageAllocPage (bool bMasterPage)
virtual SdrModelAllocModel () const
const SdrLayerAdminGetLayerAdmin () const
SdrLayerAdminGetLayerAdmin ()
const SfxItemPoolGetItemPool () const
SfxItemPoolGetItemPool ()
SdrOutlinerGetDrawOutliner (const SdrTextObj *pObj=nullptr) const
SdrOutlinerGetHitTestOutliner () const
const SdrTextObjGetFormattingTextObj () const
void SetTextDefaults () const
SdrOutlinerGetChainingOutliner (const SdrTextObj *pObj) const
TextChainGetTextChain () const
void SetRefDevice (OutputDevice *pDev)
OutputDeviceGetRefDevice () const
void RefDeviceChanged ()
void SetDefaultFontHeight (sal_Int32 nVal)
void SetDefaultTabulator (sal_uInt16 nVal)
sal_uInt16 GetDefaultTabulator () const
SfxStyleSheetGetDefaultStyleSheet () const
void SetDefaultStyleSheet (SfxStyleSheet *pDefSS)
SfxStyleSheetGetDefaultStyleSheetForSdrGrafObjAndSdrOle2Obj () const
void SetDefaultStyleSheetForSdrGrafObjAndSdrOle2Obj (SfxStyleSheet *pDefSS)
sfx2::LinkManagerGetLinkManager ()
void SetLinkManager (sfx2::LinkManager *pLinkMgr)
::comphelper::IEmbeddedHelperGetPersist () const
void SetPersist (::comphelper::IEmbeddedHelper *p)
MapUnit GetScaleUnit () const
void SetScaleUnit (MapUnit eMap)
const SizeGetMaxObjSize () const
void SetMaxObjSize (const Size &rSiz)
void SetUIUnit (FieldUnit eUnit)
FieldUnit GetUIUnit () const
void SetUIScale (const Fraction &rScale)
const FractionGetUIScale () const
void SetUIUnit (FieldUnit eUnit, const Fraction &rScale)
OUString GetMetricString (tools::Long nVal, bool bNoUnitChars=false, sal_Int32 nNumDigits=-1) const
bool IsPagNumsDirty () const
bool IsMPgNumsDirty () const
void RecalcPageNums (bool bMaster)
virtual void InsertPage (SdrPage *pPage, sal_uInt16 nPos=0xFFFF)
virtual void DeletePage (sal_uInt16 nPgNum)
virtual rtl::Reference< SdrPageRemovePage (sal_uInt16 nPgNum)
virtual void MovePage (sal_uInt16 nPgNum, sal_uInt16 nNewPos)
const SdrPageGetPage (sal_uInt16 nPgNum) const
SdrPageGetPage (sal_uInt16 nPgNum)
sal_uInt16 GetPageCount () const
virtual void PageListChanged ()
virtual void InsertMasterPage (SdrPage *pPage, sal_uInt16 nPos=0xFFFF)
void DeleteMasterPage (sal_uInt16 nPgNum)
virtual rtl::Reference< SdrPageRemoveMasterPage (sal_uInt16 nPgNum)
void MoveMasterPage (sal_uInt16 nPgNum, sal_uInt16 nNewPos)
const SdrPageGetMasterPage (sal_uInt16 nPgNum) const
SdrPageGetMasterPage (sal_uInt16 nPgNum)
sal_uInt16 GetMasterPageCount () const
virtual void MasterPageListChanged ()
bool IsChanged () const
virtual void SetChanged (bool bFlg=true)
bool IsSwapGraphics () const
void SetSwapGraphics ()
bool IsPickThroughTransparentTextFrames () const
void SetPickThroughTransparentTextFrames (bool bOn)
virtual bool IsReadOnly () const
void SetReadOnly (bool bYes)
virtual void Merge (SdrModel &rSourceModel, sal_uInt16 nFirstPageNum, sal_uInt16 nLastPageNum, sal_uInt16 nDestPos, bool bMergeMasterPages, bool bAllMasterPages, bool bUndo=true, bool bTreadSourceAsConst=false)
void CopyPages (sal_uInt16 nFirstPageNum, sal_uInt16 nLastPageNum, sal_uInt16 nDestPos, bool bUndo, bool bMoveNoCopy)
void BegUndo ()
void BegUndo (const OUString &rComment)
void BegUndo (const OUString &rComment, const OUString &rObjDescr, SdrRepeatFunc eFunc)
void EndUndo ()
void AddUndo (std::unique_ptr< SdrUndoAction > pUndo)
sal_uInt16 GetUndoBracketLevel () const
void SetUndoComment (const OUString &rComment)
void SetUndoComment (const OUString &rComment, const OUString &rObjDescr)
void SetMaxUndoActionCount (sal_uInt32 nCount)
void ClearUndoBuffer ()
bool HasUndoActions () const
bool HasRedoActions () const
void Undo ()
void Redo ()
void Repeat (SfxRepeatTarget &)
void SetNotifyUndoActionHdl (const std::function< void(std::unique_ptr< SdrUndoAction >)> &rLink)
void SetSdrUndoManager (SfxUndoManager *pUndoManager)
SfxUndoManagerGetSdrUndoManager () const
void SetSdrUndoFactory (SdrUndoFactory *pUndoFactory)
SdrUndoFactoryGetSdrUndoFactory () const
const XPropertyListRefGetPropertyList (XPropertyListType t) const
void SetPropertyList (XPropertyListRef const &p)
XDashListRef GetDashList () const
XHatchListRef GetHatchList () const
XColorListRef GetColorList () const
XBitmapListRef GetBitmapList () const
XPatternListRef GetPatternList () const
XLineEndListRef GetLineEndList () const
XGradientListRef GetGradientList () const
SfxStyleSheetBasePoolGetStyleSheetPool () const
void SetStyleSheetPool (SfxStyleSheetBasePool *pPool)
void setTheme (std::shared_ptr< model::Theme > const &pTheme)
std::shared_ptr< model::Theme > const & getTheme () const
void SetStarDrawPreviewMode (bool bPreview)
bool IsStarDrawPreviewMode () const
bool GetDisableTextEditUsesCommonUndoManager () const
void SetDisableTextEditUsesCommonUndoManager (bool bNew)
css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > const & getUnoModel ()
void setUnoModel (const css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > &xModel)
bool isLocked () const
void setLock (bool bLock)
void SetForbiddenCharsTable (const std::shared_ptr< SvxForbiddenCharactersTable > &xForbiddenChars)
const std::shared_ptr< SvxForbiddenCharactersTable > & GetForbiddenCharsTable () const
void SetCharCompressType (CharCompressType nType)
CharCompressType GetCharCompressType () const
void SetKernAsianPunctuation (bool bEnabled)
bool IsKernAsianPunctuation () const
void SetAddExtLeading (bool bEnabled)
bool IsAddExtLeading () const
void SetCompatibilityFlag (SdrCompatibilityFlag eFlag, bool bEnabled)
bool GetCompatibilityFlag (SdrCompatibilityFlag eFlag) const
void ReformatAllTextObjects ()
std::unique_ptr< SdrOutlinercreateOutliner (OutlinerMode nOutlinerMode)
void disposeOutliner (std::unique_ptr< SdrOutliner > pOutliner)
bool IsWriter () const
void ReadUserDataSequenceValue (const css::beans::PropertyValue *pValue)
void WriteUserDataSequence (css::uno::Sequence< css::beans::PropertyValue > &rValues)
virtual SvxNumType GetPageNumType () const
bool IsInDestruction () const
void EnableUndo (bool bEnable)
bool IsUndoEnabled () const
bool DoesMakePageObjectsNamesUnique () const
void DoMakePageObjectsNamesUnique (bool bDo)
virtual sal_Int32 getImagePreferredDPI () const
virtual void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter) const
bool IsVOCInvalidationIsReliable () const
void SetVOCInvalidationIsReliable (bool b)

Private Member Functions

virtual css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > createUnoModel () override
 OReportModel (const OReportModel &)=delete
void operator= (const OReportModel &rSrcModel)=delete

Private Attributes

rtl::Reference< OXUndoEnvironmentm_xUndoEnv


class OReportPage

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SdrModel
static void SetTextDefaults (SfxItemPool *pItemPool, sal_Int32 nDefTextHgt)
static OUString GetUnitString (FieldUnit eUnit)
static OUString GetAngleString (Degree100 nAngle)
static OUString GetPercentString (const Fraction &rVal)
static void MigrateItemSet (const SfxItemSet *pSourceSet, SfxItemSet *pDestSet, SdrModel *pNewModel)
static const css::uno::Sequence< sal_Int8 > & getUnoTunnelId ()
- Public Attributes inherited from SdrModel
std::shared_ptr< SvxForbiddenCharactersTablempForbiddenCharactersTable
std::unique_ptr< SdrOutlinerCachempOutlinerCache
std::unique_ptr< SdrModelImplmpImpl
CharCompressType mnCharCompressType
sal_uInt16 mnHandoutPageCount
bool mbModelLocked
bool mbKernAsianPunctuation
bool mbAddExtLeading
bool mbInDestruction
o3tl::enumarray< XPropertyListType, XPropertyListRefmaProperties
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::uno::XInterface > createUnoModel ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from SdrModel
std::vector< rtl::Reference< SdrPage > > maMasterPages
std::vector< rtl::Reference< SdrPage > > maPages
std::function< void(std::unique_ptr< SdrUndoAction >)> m_aUndoLink
Size m_aMaxObjSize
MapUnit m_eObjUnit
FieldUnit m_eUIUnit
Fraction m_aUIScale
OUString m_aUIUnitStr
Fraction m_aUIUnitFact
int m_nUIUnitDecimalMark
std::unique_ptr< SdrLayerAdminm_pLayerAdmin
rtl::Reference< SfxItemPoolm_pItemPool
std::unique_ptr< SdrOutlinerm_pDrawOutliner
std::unique_ptr< SdrOutlinerm_pHitTestOutliner
std::unique_ptr< SdrOutlinerm_pChainingOutliner
sal_Int32 mnDefTextHgt
VclPtr< OutputDevicem_pRefOutDev
rtl::Reference< SfxStyleSheetBasePoolmxStyleSheetPool
std::deque< std::unique_ptr< SfxUndoAction > > m_aUndoStack
std::deque< std::unique_ptr< SfxUndoAction > > m_aRedoStack
std::unique_ptr< SdrUndoGroupm_pCurrentUndoGroup
sal_uInt16 m_nUndoLevel
bool m_bIsWriter
bool m_bThemedControls
bool mbUndoEnabled
bool mbChanged
bool m_bPagNumsDirty
bool m_bMPgNumsDirty
bool m_bTransportContainer
bool m_bReadOnly
bool m_bTransparentTextFrames
bool m_bSwapGraphics
bool m_bPasteResize
bool m_bStarDrawPreviewMode
bool mbDisableTextEditUsesCommonUndoManager
bool mbVOCInvalidationIsReliable
sal_uInt16 m_nDefaultTabulator
sal_uInt32 m_nMaxUndoCount
std::unique_ptr< TextChainm_pTextChain

Detailed Description

Definition at line 40 of file RptModel.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OReportModel() [1/2]

rptui::OReportModel::OReportModel ( const OReportModel )

◆ OReportModel() [2/2]

rptui::OReportModel::OReportModel ( ::reportdesign::OReportDefinition _pReportDefinition)

Definition at line 43 of file RptModel.cxx.

References m_xUndoEnv, and SdrModel::SetSdrUndoFactory().

◆ ~OReportModel()

rptui::OReportModel::~OReportModel ( )

Definition at line 55 of file RptModel.cxx.

References detachController(), SdrModel::GetPageCount(), and RemovePage().

Member Function Documentation

◆ AllocPage()

rtl::Reference< SdrPage > rptui::OReportModel::AllocPage ( bool  bMasterPage)

Reimplemented from SdrModel.

Definition at line 78 of file RptModel.cxx.

◆ attachController()

void rptui::OReportModel::attachController ( dbaui::DBSubComponentController _rController)

Definition at line 69 of file RptModel.hxx.

◆ createNewPage()

OReportPage * rptui::OReportModel::createNewPage ( const css::uno::Reference< css::report::XSection > &  _xSection)

Definition at line 104 of file RptModel.cxx.

References SdrModel::InsertPage(), m_xUndoEnv, and OReportPage.

◆ createShape()

uno::Reference< uno::XInterface > rptui::OReportModel::createShape ( const OUString &  aServiceSpecifier,
css::uno::Reference< css::drawing::XShape > &  _rShape,
sal_Int32  nOrientation = -1 

◆ createUnoModel()

uno::Reference< uno::XInterface > rptui::OReportModel::createUnoModel ( )

Reimplemented from SdrModel.

Definition at line 142 of file RptModel.cxx.

References getReportDefinition().

◆ detachController()

void rptui::OReportModel::detachController ( )

Definition at line 67 of file RptModel.cxx.

References SdrModel::ClearUndoBuffer(), m_pController, m_pReportDefinition, and m_xUndoEnv.

Referenced by ~OReportModel().

◆ getController()

dbaui::DBSubComponentController * rptui::OReportModel::getController ( ) const

◆ getPage()

OReportPage * rptui::OReportModel::getPage ( const css::uno::Reference< css::report::XSection > &  _xSection)

returns the page which belongs to a section

The page or <NULL> when no page could be found.

Definition at line 113 of file RptModel.cxx.

References SdrModel::GetPage(), SdrModel::GetPageCount(), rptui::OReportPage::getSection(), i, and nCount.

◆ GetPageNumType()

SvxNumType rptui::OReportModel::GetPageNumType ( ) const
the numbering type that is used to format page fields in drawing shapes

Reimplemented from SdrModel.

Definition at line 126 of file RptModel.cxx.

References getReportDefinition(), PROPERTY_NUMBERINGTYPE, and SVX_NUM_ARABIC.

◆ getReportDefinition()

uno::Reference< report::XReportDefinition > rptui::OReportModel::getReportDefinition ( ) const

returns the XReportDefinition which the OReportModel belongs to

Definition at line 135 of file RptModel.cxx.

References m_pReportDefinition.

Referenced by createUnoModel(), GetPageNumType(), rptui::FormatNormalizer::impl_lateInit(), and rptui::OOle2Obj::OOle2Obj().

◆ GetUndoEnv()

OXUndoEnvironment & rptui::OReportModel::GetUndoEnv ( )

◆ operator=()

void rptui::OReportModel::operator= ( const OReportModel rSrcModel)

◆ RemovePage()

rtl::Reference< SdrPage > rptui::OReportModel::RemovePage ( sal_uInt16  nPgNum)

Reimplemented from SdrModel.

Definition at line 98 of file RptModel.cxx.

References SdrModel::RemovePage().

Referenced by ~OReportModel().

◆ SetChanged()

void rptui::OReportModel::SetChanged ( bool  bFlg = true)

Reimplemented from SdrModel.

Definition at line 85 of file RptModel.cxx.

References SdrModel::SetChanged(), and SetModified().

◆ SetModified()

void rptui::OReportModel::SetModified ( bool  _bModified)

Definition at line 92 of file RptModel.cxx.

References m_pController, and dbaui::DBSubComponentController::setModified().

Referenced by SetChanged().

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ OReportPage

friend class OReportPage

Definition at line 42 of file RptModel.hxx.

Referenced by createNewPage().

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_pController

::dbaui::DBSubComponentController* rptui::OReportModel::m_pController

Definition at line 46 of file RptModel.hxx.

Referenced by detachController(), and SetModified().

◆ m_pReportDefinition

::reportdesign::OReportDefinition* rptui::OReportModel::m_pReportDefinition

Definition at line 47 of file RptModel.hxx.

Referenced by createShape(), detachController(), and getReportDefinition().

◆ m_xUndoEnv

rtl::Reference<OXUndoEnvironment> rptui::OReportModel::m_xUndoEnv

Definition at line 45 of file RptModel.hxx.

Referenced by createNewPage(), detachController(), and OReportModel().

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