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rptui::OXUndoEnvironmentImpl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 OXUndoEnvironmentImpl (OReportModel &_rModel)
 OXUndoEnvironmentImpl (const OXUndoEnvironmentImpl &)=delete
OXUndoEnvironmentImploperator= (const OXUndoEnvironmentImpl &)=delete

Public Attributes

PropertySetInfoCache m_aPropertySetCache
FormatNormalizer m_aFormatNormalizer
ConditionUpdater m_aConditionUpdater
::osl::Mutex m_aMutex
::std::vector< uno::Reference< container::XChild > > m_aSections
Reference< XIntrospection > m_xIntrospection
oslInterlockedCount m_nLocks
bool m_bReadOnly
bool m_bIsUndo

Detailed Description

Definition at line 88 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OXUndoEnvironmentImpl() [1/2]

rptui::OXUndoEnvironmentImpl::OXUndoEnvironmentImpl ( OReportModel _rModel)

Definition at line 107 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

References m_bReadOnly, and m_rModel.

◆ OXUndoEnvironmentImpl() [2/2]

rptui::OXUndoEnvironmentImpl::OXUndoEnvironmentImpl ( const OXUndoEnvironmentImpl )

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

OXUndoEnvironmentImpl & rptui::OXUndoEnvironmentImpl::operator= ( const OXUndoEnvironmentImpl )

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_aConditionUpdater

ConditionUpdater rptui::OXUndoEnvironmentImpl::m_aConditionUpdater

Definition at line 94 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

◆ m_aFormatNormalizer

FormatNormalizer rptui::OXUndoEnvironmentImpl::m_aFormatNormalizer

Definition at line 93 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

◆ m_aMutex

::osl::Mutex rptui::OXUndoEnvironmentImpl::m_aMutex

Definition at line 95 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

◆ m_aPropertySetCache

PropertySetInfoCache rptui::OXUndoEnvironmentImpl::m_aPropertySetCache

Definition at line 92 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

◆ m_aSections

::std::vector< uno::Reference< container::XChild> > rptui::OXUndoEnvironmentImpl::m_aSections

Definition at line 96 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

◆ m_bIsUndo

bool rptui::OXUndoEnvironmentImpl::m_bIsUndo

Definition at line 100 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

◆ m_bReadOnly

bool rptui::OXUndoEnvironmentImpl::m_bReadOnly

Definition at line 99 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

◆ m_nLocks

oslInterlockedCount rptui::OXUndoEnvironmentImpl::m_nLocks

Definition at line 98 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

◆ m_rModel

OReportModel& rptui::OXUndoEnvironmentImpl::m_rModel

Definition at line 91 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

◆ m_xIntrospection

Reference< XIntrospection > rptui::OXUndoEnvironmentImpl::m_xIntrospection

Definition at line 97 of file UndoEnv.cxx.

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