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desktop Namespace Reference


namespace  langselect
namespace  userinstall


class  Acceptor
class  AccInstanceProvider
class  CallbackFlushHandler
 One instance of this per view, handles flushing callbacks. More...
class  CommandLineArgs
class  Desktop
class  DesktopContext
class  DispatchWatcher
struct  install_info
class  IpcThread
struct  LibLibreOffice_Impl
struct  LibLODocument_Impl
class  Lockfile
class  Migration
struct  migration_step
class  MigrationImpl
struct  MigrationItem
 define the item, e.g. More...
struct  MigrationModuleInfo
 information for the UI elements to be migrated for one module More...
class  NewVersionUIInfo
 get the information before copying the ui configuration files of old version to new version More...
class  PipeIpcThread
struct  ProcessDocumentsRequest
struct  RectangleAndPart
 Represents an invalidated rectangle inside a given document part. More...
class  RequestHandler
class  RequestHandlerController
struct  supported_migration
class  UnxSplashScreen


typedef std::map< OUString, css::uno::Reference< css::lang::XInitialization > > AcceptorMap
typedef std::vector< OUString > strings_v
typedef std::unique_ptr< strings_vstrings_vr
typedef std::vector< migration_stepmigrations_v
typedef std::unique_ptr< migrations_vmigrations_vr
typedef std::vector< supported_migrationmigrations_available
typedef std::unordered_map< OUString, std::vector< MigrationItem > > MigrationHashMap


OUString ReplaceStringHookProc (const OUString &rStr)
 IMPL_STATIC_LINK (Desktop, ImplInitFilterHdl, ::ConvertData &, rData, bool)
 IMPL_LINK_NOARG (Desktop, OpenClients_Impl, void *, void)
OUString GetURL_Impl (const OUString &rName, std::optional< OUString > const &cwdUrl)
 IMPL_STATIC_LINK_NOARG (Desktop, AsyncInitFirstRun, Timer *, void)
static void configureUcb ()
 IMPL_STATIC_LINK_NOARG (Desktop, EnableAcceptors_Impl, void *, void)
void displayCmdlineHelp (OUString const &unknown)
void displayVersion ()
bool Lockfile_execWarning (Lockfile const *that)
static OUString CreateMD5FromString (const OUString &aMsg)
 IMPL_STATIC_LINK (ProcessEventsClass_Impl, CallEvent, void *, pEvent, void)
 IMPL_STATIC_LINK (ProcessEventsClass_Impl, ProcessDocumentsEvent, void *, pEvent, void)
static void ImplPostForeignAppEvent (ApplicationEvent *pEvent)
static void ImplPostProcessDocumentsEvent (std::unique_ptr< ProcessDocumentsRequest > pEvent)
oslSignalAction SalMainPipeExchangeSignal_impl (SAL_UNUSED_PARAMETER void *, oslSignalInfo *pInfo)
static void AddToDispatchList (std::vector< DispatchWatcher::DispatchRequest > &rDispatchList, std::optional< OUString > const &cwdUrl, std::vector< OUString > const &aRequestList, DispatchWatcher::RequestType nType, const OUString &aParam, const OUString &aFactory)
static void AddConversionsToDispatchList (std::vector< DispatchWatcher::DispatchRequest > &rDispatchList, std::optional< OUString > const &cwdUrl, std::vector< OUString > const &rRequestList, const OUString &rParam, const OUString &rPrinterName, const OUString &rFactory, const OUString &rParamOut, std::u16string_view rImgOut, const bool isTextCat, const bool isScriptCat)
oslSignalAction SalMainPipeExchangeSignal_impl (void *, oslSignalInfo *pInfo)
static OUString mapModuleShortNameToIdentifier (std::u16string_view sShortName)
static void insertSorted (migrations_available &rAvailableMigrations, supported_migration const &aSupportedMigration)
static FileBase::RC _checkAndCreateDirectory (INetURLObject const &dirURL)
bool areBothOpenFrom (std::u16string_view cmd1, std::u16string_view cmd2)
static void offacc_workerfunc (void *acc)
DESKTOP_DLLPUBLIC OUString extractParameter (OUString &aOptions, std::u16string_view rName)
 Helper function to extract the value from parameters delimited by comma, like: Name1=Value1,Name2=Value2,Name3=Value3. More...
DESKTOP_DLLPUBLIC std::vector< com::sun::star::beans::PropertyValue > jsonToPropertyValuesVector (const char *pJSON)
 Helper function to convert JSON to a vector of PropertyValues. More...


static oslSignalHandler pSignalHandler = nullptr
static ExecuteGlobals * pExecGlobals = nullptr
static bool bAccept = false
constexpr OUStringLiteral aCmdLineHelp_version
constexpr OUStringLiteral aCmdLineHelp
constexpr OUStringLiteral ITEM_DESCRIPTOR_COMMANDURL = u"CommandURL"
constexpr OUStringLiteral ITEM_DESCRIPTOR_CONTAINER = u"ItemDescriptorContainer"
constexpr OUStringLiteral ITEM_DESCRIPTOR_LABEL = u"Label"
const char XDG_CONFIG_PART [] = "/.config/"

Typedef Documentation

◆ AcceptorMap

typedef std::map< OUString, css::uno::Reference<css::lang::XInitialization> > desktop::AcceptorMap

Definition at line 117 of file appinit.cxx.

◆ MigrationHashMap

typedef std::unordered_map< OUString, std::vector< MigrationItem > > desktop::MigrationHashMap

Definition at line 111 of file migration_impl.hxx.

◆ migrations_available

Definition at line 68 of file migration_impl.hxx.

◆ migrations_v

typedef std::vector< migration_step > desktop::migrations_v

Definition at line 66 of file migration_impl.hxx.

◆ migrations_vr

typedef std::unique_ptr< migrations_v > desktop::migrations_vr

Definition at line 67 of file migration_impl.hxx.

◆ strings_v

typedef std::vector< OUString > desktop::strings_v

Definition at line 46 of file migration_impl.hxx.

◆ strings_vr

typedef std::unique_ptr< strings_v > desktop::strings_vr

Definition at line 47 of file migration_impl.hxx.

Function Documentation

◆ _checkAndCreateDirectory()

static FileBase::RC desktop::_checkAndCreateDirectory ( INetURLObject const &  dirURL)

◆ AddConversionsToDispatchList()

static void desktop::AddConversionsToDispatchList ( std::vector< DispatchWatcher::DispatchRequest > &  rDispatchList,
std::optional< OUString > const &  cwdUrl,
std::vector< OUString > const &  rRequestList,
const OUString &  rParam,
const OUString &  rPrinterName,
const OUString &  rFactory,
const OUString &  rParamOut,
std::u16string_view  rImgOut,
const bool  isTextCat,
const bool  isScriptCat 

◆ AddToDispatchList()

static void desktop::AddToDispatchList ( std::vector< DispatchWatcher::DispatchRequest > &  rDispatchList,
std::optional< OUString > const &  cwdUrl,
std::vector< OUString > const &  aRequestList,
DispatchWatcher::RequestType  nType,
const OUString &  aParam,
const OUString &  aFactory 

Definition at line 1209 of file officeipcthread.cxx.

References nType.

Referenced by desktop::RequestHandler::ExecuteCmdLineRequests().

◆ areBothOpenFrom()

bool desktop::areBothOpenFrom ( std::u16string_view  cmd1,
std::u16string_view  cmd2 

Definition at line 70 of file migration_impl.hxx.

References o3tl::starts_with(), and u.

Referenced by desktop::MigrationItem::operator==().

◆ configureUcb()

static void desktop::configureUcb ( )

◆ CreateMD5FromString()

static OUString desktop::CreateMD5FromString ( const OUString &  aMsg)

Definition at line 240 of file officeipcthread.cxx.

References aBuffer, i, pData, and SAL_INFO.

Referenced by desktop::PipeIpcThread::enable().

◆ displayCmdlineHelp()

void desktop::displayCmdlineHelp ( OUString const &  unknown)

◆ displayVersion()

void desktop::displayVersion ( )

Definition at line 255 of file cmdlinehelp.cxx.

References aCmdLineHelp_version, OUStringToOString(), and ReplaceStringHookProc().

Referenced by soffice_main().

◆ extractParameter()

OUString desktop::extractParameter ( OUString &  aOptions,
std::u16string_view  rName 

Helper function to extract the value from parameters delimited by comma, like: Name1=Value1,Name2=Value2,Name3=Value3.

rOptionsWhen extracted, the Param=Value is removed from it.

Definition at line 1046 of file init.cxx.

References nIndex.

Referenced by doc_createViewWithOptions(), and lo_documentLoadWithOptions().

◆ GetURL_Impl()

OUString desktop::GetURL_Impl ( const OUString &  rName,
std::optional< OUString > const &  cwdUrl 


desktop::IMPL_LINK_NOARG ( Desktop  ,
OpenClients_Impl  ,
void *  ,


desktop::IMPL_STATIC_LINK ( Desktop  ,
ImplInitFilterHdl  ,
::ConvertData ,
rData  ,


desktop::IMPL_STATIC_LINK ( ProcessEventsClass_Impl  ,
CallEvent  ,
void *  ,
pEvent  ,

Definition at line 279 of file officeipcthread.cxx.

References desktop::Desktop::HandleAppEvent().


desktop::IMPL_STATIC_LINK ( ProcessEventsClass_Impl  ,
ProcessDocumentsEvent  ,
void *  ,
pEvent  ,


desktop::IMPL_STATIC_LINK_NOARG ( Desktop  ,
AsyncInitFirstRun  ,
Timer ,

Definition at line 2472 of file app.cxx.



desktop::IMPL_STATIC_LINK_NOARG ( Desktop  ,
EnableAcceptors_Impl  ,
void *  ,

Definition at line 187 of file appinit.cxx.

References bAccept.

◆ ImplPostForeignAppEvent()

static void desktop::ImplPostForeignAppEvent ( ApplicationEvent pEvent)

◆ ImplPostProcessDocumentsEvent()

static void desktop::ImplPostProcessDocumentsEvent ( std::unique_ptr< ProcessDocumentsRequest pEvent)

Definition at line 299 of file officeipcthread.cxx.

References LINK, and Application::PostUserEvent().

Referenced by desktop::IpcThread::process().

◆ insertSorted()

static void desktop::insertSorted ( migrations_available rAvailableMigrations,
supported_migration const &  aSupportedMigration 

Definition at line 294 of file migration.cxx.

Referenced by desktop::MigrationImpl::readAvailableMigrations().

◆ jsonToPropertyValuesVector()

std::vector< beans::PropertyValue > desktop::jsonToPropertyValuesVector ( const char *  pJSON)

Helper function to convert JSON to a vector of PropertyValues.

Public to be unit-test-able.

Definition at line 403 of file init.cxx.

References aArguments, and comphelper::JsonToPropertyValues().

Referenced by doc_initializeForRendering(), doc_postUnoCommand(), and doc_postWindow().

◆ Lockfile_execWarning()

bool desktop::Lockfile_execWarning ( Lockfile const *  that)

Definition at line 29 of file lockfile2.cxx.

Referenced by desktop::Desktop::Main().

◆ mapModuleShortNameToIdentifier()

static OUString desktop::mapModuleShortNameToIdentifier ( std::u16string_view  sShortName)

Definition at line 77 of file migration.cxx.

References u.

Referenced by desktop::MigrationImpl::doMigration(), and desktop::NewVersionUIInfo::init().

◆ offacc_workerfunc()

static void desktop::offacc_workerfunc ( void *  acc)

Definition at line 41 of file acceptor.cxx.

References run().

Referenced by desktop::Acceptor::initialize().

◆ ReplaceStringHookProc()

OUString desktop::ReplaceStringHookProc ( const OUString &  rStr)

◆ SalMainPipeExchangeSignal_impl() [1/2]

oslSignalAction desktop::SalMainPipeExchangeSignal_impl ( SAL_UNUSED_PARAMETER void *  ,
oslSignalInfo *  pInfo 

Definition at line 304 of file officeipcthread.cxx.

References desktop::RequestHandler::Disable().

Referenced by desktop::Desktop::Init().

◆ SalMainPipeExchangeSignal_impl() [2/2]

oslSignalAction desktop::SalMainPipeExchangeSignal_impl ( void *  ,
oslSignalInfo *  pInfo 

Variable Documentation

◆ aCmdLineHelp

constexpr OUStringLiteral desktop::aCmdLineHelp

Definition at line 41 of file cmdlinehelp.cxx.

Referenced by displayCmdlineHelp().

◆ aCmdLineHelp_version

constexpr OUStringLiteral desktop::aCmdLineHelp_version
Initial value:
float u

Definition at line 38 of file cmdlinehelp.cxx.

Referenced by displayCmdlineHelp(), and displayVersion().

◆ bAccept

bool desktop::bAccept = false

Definition at line 133 of file appinit.cxx.

Referenced by desktop::Desktop::createAcceptor(), and IMPL_STATIC_LINK_NOARG().


constexpr OUStringLiteral desktop::ITEM_DESCRIPTOR_COMMANDURL = u"CommandURL"


constexpr OUStringLiteral desktop::ITEM_DESCRIPTOR_CONTAINER = u"ItemDescriptorContainer"


constexpr OUStringLiteral desktop::ITEM_DESCRIPTOR_LABEL = u"Label"

Definition at line 75 of file migration.cxx.

Referenced by desktop::MigrationImpl::mergeOldToNewVersion().

◆ pExecGlobals

ExecuteGlobals* desktop::pExecGlobals = nullptr

Definition at line 1241 of file app.cxx.

Referenced by desktop::Desktop::doShutdown(), and desktop::Desktop::Main().

◆ pSignalHandler

oslSignalHandler desktop::pSignalHandler = nullptr


const char desktop::XDG_CONFIG_PART[] = "/.config/"

Definition at line 400 of file migration.cxx.

Referenced by desktop::MigrationImpl::preXDGConfigDir().