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 CCallbackFlushHandlerOne instance of this per view, handles flushing callbacks
 CMigrationItemDefine the item, e.g
 CMigrationModuleInfoInformation for the UI elements to be migrated for one module
 CNewVersionUIInfoGet the information before copying the ui configuration files of old version to new version
 CRectangleAndPartRepresents an invalidated rectangle inside a given document part
 CExtensionCmdQueueManages installing of extensions in the GUI mode
 CUpdateDialogThe modal “Check for Updates” dialog
 CUpdateInstallDialogThe modal “Download and Installation” dialog
 CBaseCommandEnvThis command environment is to be used when an extension is temporarily stored in the "tmp" repository
 CLicenseCommandEnvThis class is for use in XPackageManager::synchronize
 CNoLicenseCommandEnvThis class is for use in XPackageManager::checkPrerequisites
 CDescriptionInfosetAccess to the content of an XML description element
 CCrashReporterProvides access to the crash reporter service
 CLOKClipboardA clipboard implementation for LibreOfficeKit
 CLOKClipboardFactoryTheoretically to hook into the (horrible) vcl dtranscomp.cxx code
 CLOKInteractionHandlerInteractionHandler is an interface that provides the user with various dialogs / error messages
 CLOKTransferableRepresents the contents of LOKClipboard