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ImplSVWinData Struct Reference

#include <svdata.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 ~ImplSVWinData ()

Public Attributes

VclPtr< vcl::WindowmpFocusWin
VclPtr< vcl::WindowmpCaptureWin
VclPtr< vcl::WindowmpLastDeacWin
VclPtr< FloatingWindowmpFirstFloat
std::vector< VclPtr< Dialog > > mpExecuteDialogs
 Stack of dialogs that are Execute()'d - the last one is the top most one. More...
VclPtr< vcl::WindowmpExtTextInputWin
VclPtr< vcl::WindowmpTrackWin
std::unique_ptr< AutoTimermpTrackTimer
std::vector< ImagemaMsgBoxImgList
VclPtr< vcl::WindowmpAutoScrollWin
VclPtr< vcl::WindowmpLastWheelWindow
SalWheelMouseEvent maLastWheelEvent
StartTrackingFlags mnTrackFlags = StartTrackingFlags::NONE
StartAutoScrollFlags mnAutoScrollFlags = StartAutoScrollFlags::NONE
bool mbNoDeactivate = false
bool mbNoSaveFocus = false
bool mbIsLiveResize = false

Detailed Description

Definition at line 248 of file svdata.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~ImplSVWinData()

ImplSVWinData::~ImplSVWinData ( )

Definition at line 531 of file svdata.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ maLastWheelEvent

SalWheelMouseEvent ImplSVWinData::maLastWheelEvent

Definition at line 262 of file svdata.hxx.

◆ maMsgBoxImgList

std::vector<Image> ImplSVWinData::maMsgBoxImgList

◆ mbIsLiveResize

bool ImplSVWinData::mbIsLiveResize = false

Definition at line 268 of file svdata.hxx.

◆ mbNoDeactivate

bool ImplSVWinData::mbNoDeactivate = false

◆ mbNoSaveFocus

bool ImplSVWinData::mbNoSaveFocus = false

Definition at line 267 of file svdata.hxx.

Referenced by MenuBarWindow::ChangeHighlightItem(), and TaskPaneList::HandleKeyEvent().

◆ mnAutoScrollFlags

StartAutoScrollFlags ImplSVWinData::mnAutoScrollFlags = StartAutoScrollFlags::NONE

◆ mnTrackFlags

StartTrackingFlags ImplSVWinData::mnTrackFlags = StartTrackingFlags::NONE

◆ mpAutoScrollWin

VclPtr<vcl::Window> ImplSVWinData::mpAutoScrollWin

◆ mpCaptureWin

VclPtr<vcl::Window> ImplSVWinData::mpCaptureWin

◆ mpExecuteDialogs

std::vector<VclPtr<Dialog> > ImplSVWinData::mpExecuteDialogs

◆ mpExtTextInputWin

VclPtr<vcl::Window> ImplSVWinData::mpExtTextInputWin

◆ mpFirstFloat

VclPtr<FloatingWindow> ImplSVWinData::mpFirstFloat

◆ mpFocusWin

VclPtr<vcl::Window> ImplSVWinData::mpFocusWin

◆ mpLastDeacWin

VclPtr<vcl::Window> ImplSVWinData::mpLastDeacWin

◆ mpLastWheelWindow

VclPtr<vcl::Window> ImplSVWinData::mpLastWheelWindow

Definition at line 261 of file svdata.hxx.

Referenced by DeInitVCL(), and vcl::Window::dispose().

◆ mpTrackTimer

std::unique_ptr<AutoTimer> ImplSVWinData::mpTrackTimer

◆ mpTrackWin

VclPtr<vcl::Window> ImplSVWinData::mpTrackWin

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