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newfrm.cxx File Reference
#include <sal/config.h>
#include <o3tl/safeint.hxx>
#include <svx/svdmodel.hxx>
#include <svx/svdpage.hxx>
#include <drawdoc.hxx>
#include <fmtpdsc.hxx>
#include <swtable.hxx>
#include <rootfrm.hxx>
#include <pagefrm.hxx>
#include <dflyobj.hxx>
#include <frmtool.hxx>
#include "virtoutp.hxx"
#include <blink.hxx>
#include <sectfrm.hxx>
#include <notxtfrm.hxx>
#include <pagedesc.hxx>
#include <viewimp.hxx>
#include <hints.hxx>
#include <viewopt.hxx>
#include <set>
#include <IDocumentDrawModelAccess.hxx>
#include <IDocumentSettingAccess.hxx>
#include <IDocumentFieldsAccess.hxx>
#include <DocumentLayoutManager.hxx>
#include <DocumentRedlineManager.hxx>
#include <ndindex.hxx>
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static long FirstMinusSecond (long nFirst, long nSecond)
static long SecondMinusFirst (long nFirst, long nSecond)
static long SwIncrement (long nA, long nAdd)
static long SwDecrement (long nA, long nSub)
void FrameInit ()
void FrameFinit ()
void SetShell (SwViewShell *pSh)
void InitCurrShells (SwRootFrame *pRoot)


static SwRectFnCollection aHorizontal
static SwRectFnCollection aVertical
static SwRectFnCollection aVerticalLeftToRight
static SwRectFnCollection aVerticalLeftToRightBottomToTop
 This is the same as horizontal, but rotated counter-clockwise by 90 degrees. More...
SwRectFn fnRectHori = &aHorizontal
SwRectFn fnRectVert = &aVertical
SwRectFn fnRectVertL2R = &aVerticalLeftToRight
SwRectFn fnRectVertL2RB2T = &aVerticalLeftToRightBottomToTop

Function Documentation

static long FirstMinusSecond ( long  nFirst,
long  nSecond 

Definition at line 54 of file newfrm.cxx.

void FrameFinit ( )

Definition at line 308 of file newfrm.cxx.

References SwFrame::GetCachePtr(), SwRootFrame::s_pVout, and size.

Referenced by FinitCore().

void FrameInit ( )

Definition at line 297 of file newfrm.cxx.

References SwFrame::SetCache().

Referenced by InitCore().

void InitCurrShells ( SwRootFrame pRoot)

Definition at line 391 of file newfrm.cxx.

References SwRootFrame::mpCurrShells.

static long SecondMinusFirst ( long  nFirst,
long  nSecond 

Definition at line 56 of file newfrm.cxx.

void SetShell ( SwViewShell pSh)
static long SwDecrement ( long  nA,
long  nSub 

Definition at line 60 of file newfrm.cxx.

static long SwIncrement ( long  nA,
long  nAdd 

Definition at line 58 of file newfrm.cxx.

Variable Documentation

SwRectFnCollection aHorizontal

Definition at line 63 of file newfrm.cxx.

SwRectFnCollection aVertical

Definition at line 118 of file newfrm.cxx.

Referenced by SwFEShell::ImpEndCreate().

SwRectFnCollection aVerticalLeftToRight

Definition at line 173 of file newfrm.cxx.

SwRectFnCollection aVerticalLeftToRightBottomToTop

This is the same as horizontal, but rotated counter-clockwise by 90 degrees.

This means logical top is physical left, bottom is right, left is bottom, finally right is top. Values map from logical to physical.

Definition at line 233 of file newfrm.cxx.

SwRectFn fnRectHori = &aHorizontal
SwRectFn fnRectVert = &aVertical
SwRectFn fnRectVertL2R = &aVerticalLeftToRight