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SwReqIfReader Namespace Reference


bool ExtractOleFromRtf (SvStream &rRtf, SvStream &rOle, bool &bOwnFormat)
 Extracts an OLE2 container binary from an RTF fragment. More...
bool WrapOleInRtf (SvStream &rOle2, SvStream &rRtf, SwOLENode &rOLENode, const SwFrameFormat &rFormat)
 Wraps an OLE2 container binary in an RTF fragment. More...
bool WrapGraphicInRtf (const Graphic &rGraphic, const SwFrameFormat &rFormat, SvStream &rRtf)
 Wraps an image in an RTF fragment. More...

Function Documentation

◆ ExtractOleFromRtf()

bool SwReqIfReader::ExtractOleFromRtf ( SvStream rRtf,
SvStream rOle,
bool &  bOwnFormat 

Extracts an OLE2 container binary from an RTF fragment.

bOwnFormatif the extracted data has an ODF class ID or not.

Definition at line 391 of file htmlreqifreader.cxx.

References SvxMSDffManager::ExtractOwnStream(), SvxMSDffManager::GetFilterNameFromClassID(), SvMemoryStream::GetSize(), SvStream::Seek(), SvStream::SetStreamSize(), SvStream::WriteOString(), and SvStream::WriteStream().

Referenced by SwHTMLParser::InsertEmbed().

◆ WrapGraphicInRtf()

bool SwReqIfReader::WrapGraphicInRtf ( const Graphic rGraphic,
const SwFrameFormat rFormat,
SvStream rRtf 

◆ WrapOleInRtf()

bool SwReqIfReader::WrapOleInRtf ( SvStream rOle2,
SvStream rRtf,
SwOLENode rOLENode,
const SwFrameFormat rFormat