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fltini.hxx File Reference
#include <shellio.hxx>
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class  HTMLReader
class  XMLReader


void GetWW8Writer (std::u16string_view, const OUString &, WriterRef &)
SW_DLLPUBLIC void CalculateFlySize (SfxItemSet &rFlySet, const SwNode &rAnchor, SwTwips nPageWidth)

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◆ CalculateFlySize()

SW_DLLPUBLIC void CalculateFlySize ( SfxItemSet rFlySet,
const SwNode rAnchor,
SwTwips  nPageWidth 

◆ GetWW8Writer()

void GetWW8Writer ( std::u16string_view  rFltName,
const OUString &  rBaseURL,
WriterRef xRet