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SwUnoTableCursor Class Referencefinal

#include <unocrsr.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwUnoTableCursor (const SwPosition &rPos)
virtual ~SwUnoTableCursor () override
virtual bool IsSelOvr (SwCursorSelOverFlags eFlags=SwCursorSelOverFlags::CheckNodeSection|SwCursorSelOverFlags::Toggle|SwCursorSelOverFlags::ChangePos) override
void MakeBoxSels ()
SwCursorGetSelRing ()
const SwCursorGetSelRing () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwUnoCursor
 SwUnoCursor (const SwPosition &rPos)
virtual ~SwUnoCursor () override
virtual bool IsReadOnlyAvailable () const override
bool IsRemainInSection () const
void SetRemainInSection (bool bFlag)
virtual bool IsSkipOverProtectSections () const override
void SetSkipOverProtectSections (bool bFlag)
virtual bool IsSkipOverHiddenSections () const override
void SetSkipOverHiddenSections (bool bFlag)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwCursor
 SwCursor (const SwPosition &rPos, SwPaM *pRing)
virtual ~SwCursor () override
SwCursoroperator= (SwCursor const &)
 SwCursor (SwCursor const &rCursor, SwPaM *pRing)
 this takes a second parameter, which indicates the Ring that the new cursor should be part of (may be null) More...
virtual SwCursorCreate (SwPaM *pRing=nullptr) const
virtual short MaxReplaceArived ()
virtual void SaveTableBoxContent (const SwPosition *pPos)
void FillFindPos (SwDocPositions ePos, SwPosition &rPos) const
SwMoveFnCollection const & MakeFindRange (SwDocPositions, SwDocPositions, SwPaM *) const
 set range for search in document More...
sal_uLong Find_Text (const i18nutil::SearchOptions2 &rSearchOpt, bool bSearchInNotes, SwDocPositions nStart, SwDocPositions nEnd, bool &bCancel, FindRanges, bool bReplace=false, SwRootFrame const *const pLayout=nullptr)
sal_uLong FindFormat (const SwTextFormatColl &rFormatColl, SwDocPositions nStart, SwDocPositions nEnd, bool &bCancel, FindRanges, const SwTextFormatColl *pReplFormat, SwRootFrame const *const pLayout=nullptr)
 search for Format-Collections More...
sal_uLong FindAttrs (const SfxItemSet &rSet, bool bNoCollections, SwDocPositions nStart, SwDocPositions nEnd, bool &bCancel, FindRanges, const i18nutil::SearchOptions2 *pSearchOpt, const SfxItemSet *rReplSet=nullptr, SwRootFrame const *const pLayout=nullptr)
 search for attributes More...
bool IsStartEndSentence (bool bEnd, SwRootFrame const *pLayout) const
bool SelectWord (SwViewShell const *pViewShell, const Point *pPt)
bool IsStartWordWT (sal_Int16 nWordType, SwRootFrame const *pLayout=nullptr) const
bool IsEndWordWT (sal_Int16 nWordType, SwRootFrame const *pLayout=nullptr) const
bool IsInWordWT (sal_Int16 nWordType, SwRootFrame const *pLayout=nullptr) const
bool GoStartWordWT (sal_Int16 nWordType, SwRootFrame const *pLayout=nullptr)
bool GoEndWordWT (sal_Int16 nWordType, SwRootFrame const *pLayout=nullptr)
bool GoNextWordWT (sal_Int16 nWordType, SwRootFrame const *pLayout=nullptr)
bool GoPrevWordWT (sal_Int16 nWordType, SwRootFrame const *pLayout=nullptr)
bool SelectWordWT (SwViewShell const *pViewShell, sal_Int16 nWordType, const Point *pPt)
bool GoSentence (SentenceMoveType eMoveType, SwRootFrame const *pLayout=nullptr)
void ExpandToSentenceBorders (SwRootFrame const *pLayout)
bool UpDown (bool bUp, sal_uInt16 nCnt, Point const *pPt, tools::Long nUpDownX, SwRootFrame &rLayout)
bool LeftRightMargin (SwRootFrame const &rLayout, bool bLeftMargin, bool bAPI)
bool IsAtLeftRightMargin (SwRootFrame const &rLayout, bool bLeftMargin, bool bAPI) const
bool SttEndDoc (bool bSttDoc)
bool GoPrevNextCell (bool bNext, sal_uInt16 nCnt)
bool Left (sal_uInt16 nCnt)
bool Right (sal_uInt16 nCnt)
bool GoNextCell (sal_uInt16 nCnt=1)
bool GoPrevCell (sal_uInt16 nCnt=1)
bool GotoTableBox (const OUString &rName)
bool GotoRegion (std::u16string_view rName)
bool GotoFootnoteAnchor ()
bool GotoFootnoteText ()
bool GotoNextFootnoteAnchor ()
bool GotoPrevFootnoteAnchor ()
bool MovePara (SwWhichPara, SwMoveFnCollection const &)
bool MoveSection (SwWhichSection, SwMoveFnCollection const &)
bool MoveTable (SwWhichTable, SwMoveFnCollection const &)
bool MoveRegion (SwWhichRegion, SwMoveFnCollection const &)
bool IsInProtectTable (bool bMove=false, bool bChgCursor=true)
bool IsNoContent () const
 determine if point is outside of the node-array's content area More...
void RestoreSavePos ()
 Restore cursor state to the one saved by SwCursorSaveState. More...
virtual bool IsAtValidPos (bool bPoint=true) const
 Return <true> if cursor can be set to this position. More...
sal_uInt8 GetCursorBidiLevel () const
void SetCursorBidiLevel (sal_uInt8 nNewLevel)
bool IsColumnSelection () const
void SetColumnSelection (bool bNew)
tools::Long GetCursorRowSpanOffset () const
SwCursorGetNext ()
const SwCursorGetNext () const
SwCursorGetPrev ()
const SwCursorGetPrev () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwPaM
 SwPaM (const SwPosition &rPos, SwPaM *pRing=nullptr)
 SwPaM (const SwPosition &rMk, const SwPosition &rPt, SwPaM *pRing=nullptr)
 SwPaM (const SwNodeIndex &rMk, const SwNodeIndex &rPt, SwNodeOffset nMkOffset=SwNodeOffset(0), SwNodeOffset nPtOffset=SwNodeOffset(0), SwPaM *pRing=nullptr)
 SwPaM (const SwNode &rMk, const SwNode &rPt, SwNodeOffset nMkOffset=SwNodeOffset(0), SwNodeOffset nPtOffset=SwNodeOffset(0), SwPaM *pRing=nullptr)
 SwPaM (const SwNodeIndex &rMk, sal_Int32 nMkContent, const SwNodeIndex &rPt, sal_Int32 nPtContent, SwPaM *pRing=nullptr)
 SwPaM (const SwNode &rMk, sal_Int32 nMkContent, const SwNode &rPt, sal_Int32 nPtContent, SwPaM *pRing=nullptr)
 SwPaM (const SwNode &rNd, sal_Int32 nContent=0, SwPaM *pRing=nullptr)
 SwPaM (const SwNodeIndex &rNd, sal_Int32 nContent=0, SwPaM *pRing=nullptr)
virtual ~SwPaM () override
 SwPaM (SwPaM const &rPaM, SwPaM *pRing)
 this takes a second parameter, which indicates the Ring that the new PaM should be part of (may be null) More...
SwPaMoperator= (const SwPaM &)
 @@ semantic: no copy assignment for super class Ring. More...
bool Move (SwMoveFnCollection const &fnMove=fnMoveForward, SwGoInDoc fnGo=GoInContent)
 Movement of cursor. More...
bool IsInFrontOfLabel () const
void SetInFrontOfLabel_ (bool bNew)
virtual void SetMark ()
 Unless this is called, the getter method of Mark will return Point. More...
void DeleteMark ()
void Exchange ()
bool HasMark () const
 A PaM marks a selection if Point and Mark are distinct positions. More...
const SwPositionGetPoint () const
SwPositionGetPoint ()
const SwPositionGetMark () const
SwPositionGetMark ()
const SwPositionStart () const
SwPositionStart ()
const SwPositionEnd () const
SwPositionEnd ()
SwNodeGetNode (bool bPoint=true) const
SwContentNodeGetContentNode (bool bPoint=true) const
void Normalize (bool bPointFirst=true)
 Normalizes PaM, i.e. More...
SwDocGetDoc () const
SwPositionGetBound (bool bOne=true)
const SwPositionGetBound (bool bOne=true) const
sal_uInt16 GetPageNum (bool bAtPoint=true, const Point *pLayPos=nullptr)
 Get number of page which contains cursor. More...
bool HasReadonlySel (bool bFormView) const
 Is in something protected (readonly) or selection contains something protected. More...
bool ContainsPosition (const SwPosition &rPos) const
OUString GetText () const
void InvalidatePaM ()
SwPaMGetNext ()
const SwPaMGetNext () const
SwPaMGetPrev ()
const SwPaMGetPrev () const
bool IsMultiSelection () const
void dumpAsXml (xmlTextWriterPtr pWriter) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from sw::Ring< SwPaM >
void unlink ()
 algo::unlink is buggy! don't call it directly! More...
void MoveTo (SwPaM *pDestRing)
 Removes this item from its current ring container and adds it to another ring container. More...
ring_container GetRingContainer ()
const_ring_container GetRingContainer () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwTableCursor
 SwTableCursor (const SwPosition &rPos)
 SwTableCursor (SwTableCursor &)
virtual ~SwTableCursor () override
virtual bool LeftRight (bool bLeft, sal_uInt16 nCnt, sal_uInt16 nMode, bool bAllowVisual, bool bSkipHidden, bool bInsertCursor, SwRootFrame const *, bool) override
virtual bool GotoTable (const OUString &rName) override
void InsertBox (const SwTableBox &rTableBox)
void DeleteBox (size_t nPos)
size_t GetSelectedBoxesCount () const
const SwSelBoxesGetSelectedBoxes () const
SwCursorMakeBoxSels (SwCursor *pCurrentCursor)
bool HasReadOnlyBoxSel () const
bool IsCursorMovedUpdate ()
bool IsCursorMoved () const
bool IsChgd () const
void SetChgd ()
void ParkCursor ()
 park table cursor on the boxes' start node More...
bool NewTableSelection ()
void ActualizeSelection (const SwSelBoxes &rBoxes)
SwTableCursorGetNext ()
const SwTableCursorGetNext () const
SwTableCursorGetPrev ()
const SwTableCursorGetPrev () const

Private Attributes

SwCursor m_aTableSel

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from SwCursor
enum  SentenceMoveType {
- Public Types inherited from sw::Ring< SwPaM >
typedef std::add_const< SwPaM >::type const_value_type
typedef RingContainer< SwPaMring_container
typedef RingContainer< const_value_typeconst_ring_container
- Public Attributes inherited from SwUnoCursor
SfxBroadcaster m_aNotifier
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwUnoCursor
virtual const SwContentFrameDoSetBidiLevelLeftRight (bool &io_rbLeft, bool bVisualAllowed, bool bInsertCursor) override
virtual void DoSetBidiLevelUpDown () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwCursor
void SaveState ()
void RestoreState ()
const SwCursor_SavePosGetSavePos () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sw::Ring< SwPaM >
 Ring ()
 Creates a new item in a ring container all by itself. More...
 Ring (SwPaM *pRing)
 Creates a new item and add it to an existing ring container. More...
SwPaMGetNextInRing ()
const_value_typeGetNextInRing () const
SwPaMGetPrevInRing ()
const_value_typeGetPrevInRing () const
bool unique () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwTableCursor
virtual bool IsSelOvrCheck (SwCursorSelOverFlags eFlags) override
- Protected Attributes inherited from SwTableCursor
SwNodeOffset m_nTablePtNd
SwNodeOffset m_nTableMkNd
sal_Int32 m_nTablePtCnt
sal_Int32 m_nTableMkCnt
SwSelBoxes m_SelectedBoxes
bool m_bChanged: 1
bool m_bParked: 1

Detailed Description

Definition at line 78 of file unocrsr.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwUnoTableCursor::SwUnoTableCursor ( const SwPosition rPos)

Definition at line 154 of file unocrsr.cxx.

References SwUnoCursor::SetRemainInSection().

SwUnoTableCursor::~SwUnoTableCursor ( )

Definition at line 163 of file unocrsr.cxx.

References SwCursor::GetNext(), and m_aTableSel.

Member Function Documentation

SwCursor& SwUnoTableCursor::GetSelRing ( )
const SwCursor& SwUnoTableCursor::GetSelRing ( ) const

Definition at line 101 of file unocrsr.hxx.

References m_aTableSel.

void SwUnoTableCursor::MakeBoxSels ( )

Member Data Documentation

SwCursor SwUnoTableCursor::m_aTableSel

Definition at line 83 of file unocrsr.hxx.

Referenced by GetSelRing(), MakeBoxSels(), and ~SwUnoTableCursor().

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