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SwTextPortion Class Reference

This portion represents a part of the paragraph string. More...

#include <portxt.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwTextPortion ()
virtual void Paint (const SwTextPaintInfo &rInf) const override
virtual bool Format (SwTextFormatInfo &rInf) override
virtual void FormatEOL (SwTextFormatInfo &rInf) override
virtual TextFrameIndex GetModelPositionForViewPoint (sal_uInt16 nOfst) const override
 the parameter is actually SwTwips apparently? More...
virtual SwPosSize GetTextSize (const SwTextSizeInfo &rInfo) const override
virtual bool GetExpText (const SwTextSizeInfo &rInf, OUString &rText) const override
virtual long CalcSpacing (long nSpaceAdd, const SwTextSizeInfo &rInf) const override
TextFrameIndex GetSpaceCnt (const SwTextSizeInfo &rInf, TextFrameIndex &rCnt) const
bool CreateHyphen (SwTextFormatInfo &rInf, SwTextGuess const &rGuess)
virtual void HandlePortion (SwPortionHandler &rPH) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwLinePortion
 SwLinePortion (const SwLinePortion &rPortion)
virtual ~SwLinePortion ()
SwLinePortionGetNextPortion () const
SwLinePortionoperator= (const SwLinePortion &rPortion)
TextFrameIndex GetLen () const
void SetLen (TextFrameIndex const nLen)
void SetNextPortion (SwLinePortion *pNew)
sal_uInt16 & GetAscent ()
sal_uInt16 GetAscent () const
void SetAscent (const sal_uInt16 nNewAsc)
void PrtWidth (sal_uInt16 nNewWidth)
sal_uInt16 PrtWidth () const
void AddPrtWidth (const sal_uInt16 nNew)
void SubPrtWidth (const sal_uInt16 nNew)
virtual SwLinePortionInsert (SwLinePortion *pPortion)
virtual SwLinePortionAppend (SwLinePortion *pPortion)
SwLinePortionCut (SwLinePortion *pVictim)
void Truncate ()
virtual SwLinePortionCompress ()
void SetWhichPor (const PortionType nNew)
PortionType GetWhichPor () const
bool InTextGrp () const
bool InGlueGrp () const
bool InTabGrp () const
bool InHyphGrp () const
bool InNumberGrp () const
bool InFixGrp () const
bool InFieldGrp () const
bool InToxRefGrp () const
bool InToxRefOrFieldGrp () const
bool InExpGrp () const
bool InFixMargGrp () const
bool InSpaceGrp () const
bool IsGrfNumPortion () const
bool IsFlyCntPortion () const
bool IsBlankPortion () const
bool IsBreakPortion () const
bool IsErgoSumPortion () const
bool IsQuoVadisPortion () const
bool IsTabLeftPortion () const
bool IsTabRightPortion () const
bool IsFootnoteNumPortion () const
bool IsFootnotePortion () const
bool IsDropPortion () const
bool IsLayPortion () const
bool IsParaPortion () const
bool IsMarginPortion () const
bool IsFlyPortion () const
bool IsHolePortion () const
bool IsSoftHyphPortion () const
bool IsPostItsPortion () const
bool IsCombinedPortion () const
bool IsTextPortion () const
bool IsHangingPortion () const
bool IsKernPortion () const
bool IsArrowPortion () const
bool IsMultiPortion () const
bool IsNumberPortion () const
bool IsControlCharPortion () const
SwLinePortionFindPrevPortion (const SwLinePortion *pRoot)
SwLinePortionFindLastPortion ()
void CalcTextSize (const SwTextSizeInfo &rInfo)
void PrePaint (const SwTextPaintInfo &rInf, const SwLinePortion *pLast) const
void Move (SwTextPaintInfo &rInf)
virtual sal_uInt16 GetViewWidth (const SwTextSizeInfo &rInf) const
bool GetJoinBorderWithPrev () const
bool GetJoinBorderWithNext () const
void SetJoinBorderWithPrev (const bool bJoinPrev)
void SetJoinBorderWithNext (const bool bJoinNext)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwPosSize
 SwPosSize (const sal_uInt16 nW=0, const sal_uInt16 nH=0)
 SwPosSize (const Size &rSize)
virtual ~SwPosSize ()
 SwPosSize (SwPosSize const &)=default
 SwPosSize (SwPosSize &&)=default
SwPosSizeoperator= (SwPosSize const &)=default
SwPosSizeoperator= (SwPosSize &&)=default
sal_uInt16 Height () const
virtual void Height (const sal_uInt16 nNew, const bool=true)
sal_uInt16 Width () const
void Width (const sal_uInt16 nNew)
Size SvLSize () const
void SvLSize (const Size &rSize)
void SvXSize (const Size &rSize)
SwPosSizeoperator= (const Size &rSize)

Static Public Member Functions

static SwTextPortionCopyLinePortion (const SwLinePortion &rPortion)

Private Member Functions

void BreakCut (SwTextFormatInfo &rInf, const SwTextGuess &rGuess)
void BreakUnderflow (SwTextFormatInfo &rInf)
bool Format_ (SwTextFormatInfo &rInf)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwLinePortion
 SwLinePortion ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from SwLinePortion
TextFrameIndex nLineLength
sal_uInt16 nAscent

Detailed Description

This portion represents a part of the paragraph string.

Definition at line 27 of file portxt.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwTextPortion::SwTextPortion ( )

Definition at line 34 of file portxt.hxx.

References SwLinePortion::SetWhichPor(), and Text.

Member Function Documentation

void SwTextPortion::BreakCut ( SwTextFormatInfo rInf,
const SwTextGuess rGuess 
void SwTextPortion::BreakUnderflow ( SwTextFormatInfo rInf)
long SwTextPortion::CalcSpacing ( long  nSpaceAdd,
const SwTextSizeInfo rInf 
) const
SwTextPortion * SwTextPortion::CopyLinePortion ( const SwLinePortion rPortion)
bool SwTextPortion::CreateHyphen ( SwTextFormatInfo rInf,
SwTextGuess const &  rGuess 
bool SwTextPortion::Format ( SwTextFormatInfo rInf)
bool SwTextPortion::Format_ ( SwTextFormatInfo rInf)

Definition at line 280 of file portxt.cxx.

References SwTextGuess::AlternativeSpelling(), BreakCut(), SwTextGuess::BreakPos(), SwTextGuess::BreakStart(), BreakUnderflow(), SwTextGuess::BreakWidth(), CH_BLANK, CH_FULL_BLANK, CH_SIX_PER_EM, SwFont::CheckKerning(), SwTextFormatInfo::ChgHyph(), COMPLETE_STRING, CreateHyphen(), SwTextGuess::FieldDiff(), IDocumentSettingAccess::get(), SwLinePortion::GetAscent(), SwFont::GetCaseMap(), SwTextSizeInfo::GetChar(), SwTextFrame::GetDoc(), SwTextFormatInfo::GetFly(), SwTextSizeInfo::GetFont(), SwTextGuess::GetHangingPortion(), SwDoc::getIDocumentSettingAccess(), SwTextSizeInfo::GetIdx(), SwTextFormatInfo::GetLast(), SwLinePortion::GetLen(), SwTextSizeInfo::GetLen(), SwTextFormatInfo::GetLineStart(), SwTextFormatInfo::GetLineWidth(), SwTextFormatInfo::GetRoot(), SwTextFormatInfo::GetSoftHyphPos(), SwTextSizeInfo::GetTextFrame(), SwTextGuess::Guess(), SwPosSize::Height(), SwTextGuess::HyphWord(), SwLinePortion::InExpGrp(), SwLinePortion::InFieldGrp(), SwLinePortion::InNumberGrp(), SwLinePortion::Insert(), SwLinePortion::InTabGrp(), SwLinePortion::IsBlankPortion(), SwLinePortion::IsErgoSumPortion(), SwTextFormatInfo::IsFakeLineStart(), SwTextSizeInfo::IsFirstMulti(), SwLinePortion::IsFlyPortion(), SwLinePortion::IsFootnotePortion(), SwTextFormatInfo::IsHyphenate(), SwTextSizeInfo::IsOtherThanFootnoteInside(), SwTextFormatInfo::IsUnderflow(), lcl_HasContent(), SwBlankPortion::MayUnderflow(), SwTextGuess::ReleaseHangingPortion(), SwLinePortion::SetAscent(), SwLineLayout::SetEndHyph(), SwLinePortion::SetLen(), SwLineLayout::SetMidHyph(), SwTextFormatInfo::SetSoftHyphPos(), TAB_COMPAT, SwPosSize::Width(), SwTextFormatInfo::Width(), and SwTextPaintInfo::X().

Referenced by Format().

void SwTextPortion::FormatEOL ( SwTextFormatInfo rInf)
bool SwTextPortion::GetExpText ( const SwTextSizeInfo rInf,
OUString &  rText 
) const
TextFrameIndex SwTextPortion::GetModelPositionForViewPoint ( sal_uInt16  nOfst) const

the parameter is actually SwTwips apparently?

Reimplemented from SwLinePortion.

Reimplemented in SwNumberPortion, SwErgoSumPortion, SwDropPortion, and SwExpandPortion.

Definition at line 502 of file portxt.cxx.

References SwLinePortion::GetModelPositionForViewPoint().

TextFrameIndex SwTextPortion::GetSpaceCnt ( const SwTextSizeInfo rInf,
TextFrameIndex rCnt 
) const
SwPosSize SwTextPortion::GetTextSize ( const SwTextSizeInfo rInfo) const
void SwTextPortion::HandlePortion ( SwPortionHandler rPH) const
void SwTextPortion::Paint ( const SwTextPaintInfo rInf) const

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