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SwTextFrameBreak Class Reference

#include <widorp.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwTextFrameBreak (SwTextFrame *pFrame, const SwTwips nRst=0)
bool IsBreakNow (SwTextMargin &rLine)
bool IsKeepAlways () const
void SetKeep (const bool bNew)
bool IsInside (SwTextMargin const &rLine) const
 BP 18.6.93: Widows. More...
void SetRstHeight (const SwTextMargin &rLine)

Protected Attributes

bool m_bBreak
bool m_bKeep

Private Attributes

SwTwips m_nRstHeight
SwTwips m_nOrigin

Detailed Description

Definition at line 26 of file widorp.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwTextFrameBreak::SwTextFrameBreak ( SwTextFrame pFrame,
const SwTwips  nRst = 0 

Member Function Documentation

bool SwTextFrameBreak::IsBreakNow ( SwTextMargin rLine)
bool SwTextFrameBreak::IsInside ( SwTextMargin const &  rLine) const

BP 18.6.93: Widows.

In contrast to the first implementation the Widows are not calculated in advance but detected when formatting the split Follow. In Master the Widows-calculation is dropped completely (nWidows is manipulated). If the Follow detects that the Widows rule applies it sends a Prepare to its predecessor. A special problem is when the Widow rule applies but in Master there are some lines available.

BP(22.07.92): Calculation of Widows and Orphans. The method returns true if one of the rules matches.

One difficulty with Widows and different formats between Master- and Follow-Frame: Example: If the first column is 3cm and the second is 4cm and Widows is set to 3, the decision if the Widows rule matches can not be done until the Follow is formatted. Unfortunately this is crucial to decide if the whole paragraph goes to the next page or not.

Definition at line 102 of file widorp.cxx.

References SwFlowFrame::CalcAddLowerSpaceAsLastInTableCell(), SwPageFrame::CheckPageHeightValidForHideWhitespace(), SwFrame::FindFootnoteBossFrame(), SwFrame::FindPageFrame(), SwRectFnSet::GetBottomMargin(), SwTextIter::GetEnd(), SwTextFrame::GetFollow(), SwFrame::GetIndNext(), SwTextIter::GetLineHeight(), SwTextIter::GetNext(), SwRectFnSet::GetPrtBottom(), SwFrame::GetUpper(), SwTextFrame::GrowTst(), SwFrame::IsInTab(), SwFrame::IsVertical(), LONG_MAX, m_nOrigin, m_nRstHeight, m_pFrame, SwAttrIter::MaybeHasHints(), SwTextFrame::RemoveFootnote(), swap(), SwTextFrame::SwitchHorizontalToVertical(), SwTextIter::Y(), and SwRectFnSet::YDiff().

Referenced by SwTextFrame::FormatAdjust(), IsBreakNow(), WidowsAndOrphans::WouldFit(), and SwTextFrame::WouldFit().

bool SwTextFrameBreak::IsKeepAlways ( ) const

Definition at line 38 of file widorp.hxx.

References m_bKeep.

Referenced by SwTextFrame::CalcPreps(), and SwTextFrame::WouldFit().

void SwTextFrameBreak::SetKeep ( const bool  bNew)

Definition at line 40 of file widorp.hxx.

Referenced by SwTextFrame::CalcPreps().

void SwTextFrameBreak::SetRstHeight ( const SwTextMargin rLine)

Member Data Documentation

bool SwTextFrameBreak::m_bBreak

Definition at line 33 of file widorp.hxx.

Referenced by IsBreakNow(), and SwTextFrameBreak().

bool SwTextFrameBreak::m_bKeep
SwTwips SwTextFrameBreak::m_nOrigin

Definition at line 30 of file widorp.hxx.

Referenced by IsInside(), SetRstHeight(), and SwTextFrameBreak().

SwTwips SwTextFrameBreak::m_nRstHeight

Definition at line 29 of file widorp.hxx.

Referenced by IsInside(), SetRstHeight(), and SwTextFrameBreak().

SwTextFrame* SwTextFrameBreak::m_pFrame

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