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SwOutlineTabDialog Class Referencefinal

#include <outline.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwOutlineTabDialog (weld::Window *pParent, const SfxItemSet *pSwItemSet, SwWrtShell &)
virtual ~SwOutlineTabDialog () override
SwNumRuleGetNumRule ()
sal_uInt16 GetLevel (std::u16string_view rFormatName) const
OUString * GetCollNames ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SfxTabDialogController
 SfxTabDialogController (weld::Widget *pParent, const OUString &rUIXMLDescription, const OString &rID, const SfxItemSet *=nullptr, bool bEditFmt=false)
virtual ~SfxTabDialogController () override
void AddTabPage (const OString &rName, CreateTabPage pCreateFunc, GetTabPageRanges pRangesFunc)
void AddTabPage (const OString &rName, sal_uInt16 nPageCreateId)
void AddTabPage (const OString &rName, const OUString &rLabel, CreateTabPage pCreateFunc)
void AddTabPage (const OString &rName, const OUString &rLabel, sal_uInt16 nPageCreateId)
void RemoveTabPage (const OString &rName)
void SetCurPageId (const OString &rName)
void ShowPage (const OString &rName)
OString GetCurPageId () const
SfxTabPageGetCurTabPage () const
const WhichRangesContainerGetInputRanges (const SfxItemPool &)
void SetInputSet (const SfxItemSet *pInSet)
const SfxItemSetGetOutputItemSet () const
virtual weld::ButtonGetOKButton () const override
weld::ButtonGetCancelButton () const
weld::ButtonGetUserButton () const
weld::ButtonGetStandardButton () const
weld::ButtonGetApplyButton () const
weld::ButtonGetResetButton () const
void RemoveResetButton ()
void RemoveStandardButton ()
virtual short run () override
virtual const SfxItemSetGetExampleSet () const override
void SetApplyHandler (const Link< weld::Button &, void > &_rHdl)
bool Apply ()
void Applied ()
std::vector< OString > getAllPageUIXMLDescriptions () const
bool selectPageByUIXMLDescription (const OString &rUIXMLDescription)
BitmapEx createScreenshot () const
OString GetScreenshotId () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SfxOkDialogController
 SfxOkDialogController (weld::Widget *pParent, const OUString &rUIXMLDescription, const OString &rID)
virtual weld::ButtonGetOKButton () const=0
virtual const SfxItemSetGetExampleSet () const=0
- Public Member Functions inherited from SfxDialogController
 SfxDialogController (weld::Widget *pParent, const OUString &rUIFile, const OString &rDialogId)
virtual void Activate ()
virtual void Deactivate ()
virtual void ChildWinDispose ()
virtual void Close ()
virtual void EndDialog (int nResponse)

Static Public Member Functions

static sal_uInt16 GetActNumLevel ()
static void SetActNumLevel (sal_uInt16 nSet)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SfxTabDialogController
static bool runAsync (const std::shared_ptr< SfxTabDialogController > &rController, const std::function< void(sal_Int32)> &)

Private Member Functions

 DECL_LINK (CancelHdl, weld::Button &, void)
 DECL_LINK (FormHdl, weld::Toggleable &, void)
 DECL_LINK (MenuSelectHdl, const OString &, void)
virtual void PageCreated (const OString &rPageId, SfxTabPage &rPage) override
virtual short Ok () override

Private Attributes

OUString aCollNames [MAXLEVEL]
std::unique_ptr< SwNumRulexNumRule
bool bModified: 1
std::unique_ptr< weld::MenuButtonm_xMenuButton

Static Private Attributes

static sal_uInt16 nNumLevel = 1

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SfxTabDialogController
 DECL_LINK (OkHdl, weld::Button &, void)
 DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK (ResetHdl, weld::Button &, void)
 DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK (BaseFmtHdl, weld::Button &, void)
 DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK (UserHdl, weld::Button &, void)
 DECL_DLLPRIVATE_LINK (CancelHdl, weld::Button &, void)
virtual short Ok ()
virtual void RefreshInputSet ()
virtual SfxItemSetCreateInputItemSet (const OString &rName)
virtual void PageCreated (const OString &rName, SfxTabPage &rPage)
SfxItemSetGetInputSetImpl ()
SfxTabPageGetTabPage (std::string_view rPageId) const
bool PrepareLeaveCurrentPage ()
void SavePosAndId ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from SfxTabDialogController
std::unique_ptr< weld::Notebookm_xTabCtrl
std::unique_ptr< SfxItemSetm_xExampleSet

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file outline.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SwOutlineTabDialog()

SwOutlineTabDialog::SwOutlineTabDialog ( weld::Window pParent,
const SfxItemSet pSwItemSet,
SwWrtShell rSh 

◆ ~SwOutlineTabDialog()

SwOutlineTabDialog::~SwOutlineTabDialog ( )

Definition at line 186 of file outline.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ DECL_LINK() [1/3]

SwOutlineTabDialog::DECL_LINK ( CancelHdl  ,
weld::Button ,

◆ DECL_LINK() [2/3]

SwOutlineTabDialog::DECL_LINK ( FormHdl  ,
weld::Toggleable ,

◆ DECL_LINK() [3/3]

SwOutlineTabDialog::DECL_LINK ( MenuSelectHdl  ,
const OString &  ,

◆ GetActNumLevel()

static sal_uInt16 SwOutlineTabDialog::GetActNumLevel ( )

◆ GetCollNames()

OUString * SwOutlineTabDialog::GetCollNames ( )

Definition at line 60 of file outline.hxx.

References aCollNames.

◆ GetLevel()

sal_uInt16 SwOutlineTabDialog::GetLevel ( std::u16string_view  rFormatName) const

Definition at line 289 of file outline.cxx.

References aCollNames, i, and MAXLEVEL.

Referenced by Ok().

◆ GetNumRule()

SwNumRule * SwOutlineTabDialog::GetNumRule ( )

Definition at line 58 of file outline.hxx.

References xNumRule.

Referenced by SwNumPositionTabPage::FillItemSet(), and SwNumPositionTabPage::Reset().

◆ Ok()

short SwOutlineTabDialog::Ok ( )

◆ PageCreated()

void SwOutlineTabDialog::PageCreated ( const OString &  rPageId,
SfxTabPage rPage 

Reimplemented from SfxTabDialogController.

Definition at line 190 of file outline.cxx.

References rWrtSh.

◆ SetActNumLevel()

static void SwOutlineTabDialog::SetActNumLevel ( sal_uInt16  nSet)

Member Data Documentation

◆ aCollNames

OUString SwOutlineTabDialog::aCollNames[MAXLEVEL]

Definition at line 37 of file outline.hxx.

Referenced by GetCollNames(), GetLevel(), Ok(), and SwOutlineTabDialog().

◆ bModified

bool SwOutlineTabDialog::bModified

Definition at line 43 of file outline.hxx.

◆ m_xMenuButton

std::unique_ptr<weld::MenuButton> SwOutlineTabDialog::m_xMenuButton

Definition at line 45 of file outline.hxx.

Referenced by SwOutlineTabDialog().

◆ nNumLevel

sal_uInt16 SwOutlineTabDialog::nNumLevel = 1

Definition at line 35 of file outline.hxx.

Referenced by GetActNumLevel(), and SetActNumLevel().

◆ pChapterNumRules

SwChapterNumRules* SwOutlineTabDialog::pChapterNumRules

Definition at line 41 of file outline.hxx.

◆ rWrtSh

SwWrtShell& SwOutlineTabDialog::rWrtSh

Definition at line 39 of file outline.hxx.

Referenced by Ok(), PageCreated(), and SwOutlineTabDialog().

◆ xNumRule

std::unique_ptr<SwNumRule> SwOutlineTabDialog::xNumRule

Definition at line 40 of file outline.hxx.

Referenced by GetNumRule(), Ok(), and SwOutlineTabDialog().

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