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SwList Class Reference

#include <list.hxx>


struct  tListTreeForRange

Public Member Functions

 SwList (OUString sListId, SwNumRule &rDefaultListStyle, const SwNodes &rNodes)
const OUString & GetListId () const
const OUString & GetDefaultListStyleName () const
void SetDefaultListStyleName (OUString const &)
void InsertListItem (SwNodeNum &rNodeNum, SwListRedlineType eRedlines, const int nLevel, const SwDoc &rDoc)
void InvalidateListTree ()
void ValidateListTree (const SwDoc &rDoc)
void MarkListLevel (const int nListLevel, const bool bValue)
bool IsListLevelMarked (const int nListLevel) const
bool HasNodes () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void RemoveListItem (SwNodeNum &rNodeNum, const SwDoc &rDoc)

Private Member Functions

 SwList (const SwList &)=delete
SwListoperator= (const SwList &)=delete
void NotifyItemsOnListLevel (const int nLevel)

Private Attributes

const OUString msListId
OUString msDefaultListStyleName
std::vector< tListTreeForRangemaListTrees
int mnMarkedListLevel

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file list.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SwList() [1/2]

SwList::SwList ( OUString  sListId,
SwNumRule rDefaultListStyle,
const SwNodes rNodes 

◆ ~SwList()

SwList::~SwList ( )

Definition at line 67 of file list.cxx.

References SwNodeNum::HandleNumberTreeRootNodeDelete(), and maListTrees.

◆ SwList() [2/2]

SwList::SwList ( const SwList )

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetDefaultListStyleName()

const OUString & SwList::GetDefaultListStyleName ( ) const

◆ GetListId()

const OUString & SwList::GetListId ( ) const

◆ HasNodes()

bool SwList::HasNodes ( ) const

Definition at line 77 of file list.cxx.

References maListTrees.

Referenced by SwDoc::IsUsed().

◆ InsertListItem()

void SwList::InsertListItem ( SwNodeNum rNodeNum,
SwListRedlineType  eRedlines,
const int  nLevel,
const SwDoc rDoc 

◆ InvalidateListTree()

void SwList::InvalidateListTree ( )

Definition at line 119 of file list.cxx.

References maListTrees.

◆ IsListLevelMarked()

bool SwList::IsListLevelMarked ( const int  nListLevel) const

Definition at line 170 of file list.cxx.

References mnMarkedListLevel.

Referenced by SwTextNode::HasMarkedLabel().

◆ MarkListLevel()

void SwList::MarkListLevel ( const int  nListLevel,
const bool  bValue 

Definition at line 139 of file list.cxx.

References MAXLEVEL, mnMarkedListLevel, and NotifyItemsOnListLevel().

Referenced by SwDoc::MarkListLevel().

◆ NotifyItemsOnListLevel()

void SwList::NotifyItemsOnListLevel ( const int  nLevel)

Definition at line 175 of file list.cxx.

References maListTrees.

Referenced by MarkListLevel().

◆ operator=()

SwList & SwList::operator= ( const SwList )

◆ RemoveListItem()

void SwList::RemoveListItem ( SwNodeNum rNodeNum,
const SwDoc rDoc 

◆ SetDefaultListStyleName()

void SwList::SetDefaultListStyleName ( OUString const &  rNew)

Definition at line 185 of file list.cxx.

References msDefaultListStyleName.

Referenced by sw::DocumentListsManager::trackChangeOfListStyleName().

◆ ValidateListTree()

void SwList::ValidateListTree ( const SwDoc rDoc)

Definition at line 129 of file list.cxx.

References maListTrees.

Member Data Documentation

◆ maListTrees

std::vector<tListTreeForRange> SwList::maListTrees

◆ mnMarkedListLevel

int SwList::mnMarkedListLevel

Definition at line 111 of file list.hxx.

Referenced by IsListLevelMarked(), and MarkListLevel().

◆ msDefaultListStyleName

OUString SwList::msDefaultListStyleName

Definition at line 78 of file list.hxx.

Referenced by GetDefaultListStyleName(), and SetDefaultListStyleName().

◆ msListId

const OUString SwList::msListId

Definition at line 76 of file list.hxx.

Referenced by GetListId().

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