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SwDocUpdateField Class Reference

#include <docfld.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwDocUpdateField (SwDoc &rDocument)
 ~SwDocUpdateField ()
const SetGetExpFieldsGetSortList () const
void MakeFieldList (SwDoc &rDoc, bool bAll, int eGetMode)
void InsDelFieldInFieldLst (bool bIns, const SwTextField &rField)
void InsertFieldType (const SwFieldType &rType)
void RemoveFieldType (const SwFieldType &rType)
bool IsInUpdateFields () const
void SetInUpdateFields (bool b)
bool IsFieldsDirty () const
void SetFieldsDirty (bool b)
SwHashTable< SwCalcFieldType > const & GetFieldTypeTable () const

Private Member Functions

void MakeFieldList_ (SwDoc &pDoc, int eGetMode)
void GetBodyNode (const SwTextField &, SwFieldIds nFieldWhich)
template<typename T >
void GetBodyNodeGeneric (SwNode const &rNode, T const &)

Private Attributes

std::unique_ptr< SetGetExpFieldsm_pFieldSortList
 current field list for calculation More...
SwHashTable< SwCalcFieldTypem_FieldTypeTable
SwNodeOffset m_nNodes
 to check if the node count changed More...
int m_nFieldListGetMode
bool m_bInUpdateFields: 1
 currently in an UpdateFields call More...
bool m_bFieldsDirty: 1
 some fields are invalid More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 143 of file docfld.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwDocUpdateField::SwDocUpdateField ( SwDoc rDocument)

Definition at line 1221 of file docfld.cxx.

References false.

SwDocUpdateField::~SwDocUpdateField ( )

Definition at line 1231 of file docfld.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void SwDocUpdateField::GetBodyNode ( const SwTextField rTField,
SwFieldIds  nFieldWhich 
template<typename T >
void SwDocUpdateField::GetBodyNodeGeneric ( SwNode const &  rNode,
T const &  rCond 
SwHashTable<SwCalcFieldType> const& SwDocUpdateField::GetFieldTypeTable ( ) const

Definition at line 187 of file docfld.hxx.

References m_FieldTypeTable.

Referenced by InsertFieldType(), RemoveFieldType(), and SwCalc::VarLook().

const SetGetExpFields* SwDocUpdateField::GetSortList ( ) const

Definition at line 164 of file docfld.hxx.

void SwDocUpdateField::InsDelFieldInFieldLst ( bool  bIns,
const SwTextField rField 
void SwDocUpdateField::InsertFieldType ( const SwFieldType rType)
bool SwDocUpdateField::IsFieldsDirty ( ) const

Definition at line 176 of file docfld.hxx.

References m_bFieldsDirty.

Referenced by sw::DocumentTimerManager::GetNextIdleJob().

bool SwDocUpdateField::IsInUpdateFields ( ) const

Definition at line 173 of file docfld.hxx.

References m_bInUpdateFields.

Referenced by sw::DocumentTimerManager::GetNextIdleJob().

void SwDocUpdateField::MakeFieldList ( SwDoc rDoc,
bool  bAll,
int  eGetMode 
void SwDocUpdateField::MakeFieldList_ ( SwDoc pDoc,
int  eGetMode 
void SwDocUpdateField::RemoveFieldType ( const SwFieldType rType)
void SwDocUpdateField::SetFieldsDirty ( bool  b)
void SwDocUpdateField::SetInUpdateFields ( bool  b)

Definition at line 174 of file docfld.hxx.

References m_bInUpdateFields.

Referenced by sw::IMPL_LINK_NOARG().

Member Data Documentation

bool SwDocUpdateField::m_bFieldsDirty

some fields are invalid

Definition at line 153 of file docfld.hxx.

Referenced by IsFieldsDirty(), and SetFieldsDirty().

bool SwDocUpdateField::m_bInUpdateFields

currently in an UpdateFields call

Definition at line 152 of file docfld.hxx.

Referenced by IsInUpdateFields(), and SetInUpdateFields().

SwHashTable<SwCalcFieldType> SwDocUpdateField::m_FieldTypeTable

Definition at line 146 of file docfld.hxx.

Referenced by GetFieldTypeTable(), InsertFieldType(), and RemoveFieldType().

int SwDocUpdateField::m_nFieldListGetMode

Definition at line 149 of file docfld.hxx.

Referenced by MakeFieldList(), and MakeFieldList_().

SwNodeOffset SwDocUpdateField::m_nNodes

to check if the node count changed

Definition at line 148 of file docfld.hxx.

Referenced by MakeFieldList(), and MakeFieldList_().

std::unique_ptr<SetGetExpFields> SwDocUpdateField::m_pFieldSortList

current field list for calculation

Definition at line 145 of file docfld.hxx.

Referenced by GetBodyNode(), GetBodyNodeGeneric(), InsDelFieldInFieldLst(), MakeFieldList(), and MakeFieldList_().

SwDoc& SwDocUpdateField::m_rDoc

Definition at line 150 of file docfld.hxx.

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