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SwContentType Class Referencefinal

Content type, knows it's contents and the WrtShell. More...

#include <content.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwContentType (SwWrtShell *pParent, ContentTypeId nType, sal_uInt8 nLevel)
virtual ~SwContentType () override
void FillMemberList (bool *pbContentChanged=nullptr)
 Fill the List of contents. More...
size_t GetMemberCount () const
ContentTypeId GetType () const
const SwContentGetMember (size_t nIndex)
 Deliver content, for that if necessary fill the list. More...
const OUString & GetName () const
const OUString & GetSingleName () const
const OUString & GetTypeToken () const
void SetOutlineLevel (sal_uInt8 nNew)
bool GetSortType () const
void SetSortType (bool bAlphabetic)
void Invalidate ()
bool IsEditable () const
bool IsDeletable () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwTypeNumber
 SwTypeNumber (sal_uInt8 nId)
virtual ~SwTypeNumber ()
sal_uInt8 GetTypeId () const

Static Private Member Functions

static OUString RemoveNewline (const OUString &)

Private Attributes

std::unique_ptr< SwContentArrm_pMember
OUString m_sContentTypeName
OUString m_sSingleContentTypeName
OUString m_sTypeToken
size_t m_nMemberCount
ContentTypeId m_nContentType
sal_uInt8 m_nOutlineLevel
bool m_bDataValid: 1
bool m_bEdit: 1
bool m_bDelete: 1
bool m_bAlphabeticSort = false

Detailed Description

Content type, knows it's contents and the WrtShell.

The class ContentType contains information to one type of content. MemberArray is only populated if the content is requested by GetMember. It is reloaded after Invalidate() only if the content should be read again.

Definition at line 172 of file content.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SwContentType()

SwContentType::SwContentType ( SwWrtShell pParent,
ContentTypeId  nType,
sal_uInt8  nLevel 

◆ ~SwContentType()

SwContentType::~SwContentType ( )

Definition at line 405 of file content.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ FillMemberList()

void SwContentType::FillMemberList ( bool *  pbContentChanged = nullptr)

Fill the List of contents.

Definition at line 426 of file content.cxx.

References a, sw::sidebar::aArr, SwPostItMgr::begin(), BOOKMARK, SwNavigationPI::CleanEntry(), INetURLObject::decode(), DocumentStatistics, DRAWOBJECT, SwPostItMgr::end(), ENDNOTE, eType, SwField::ExpandField(), SwFrameFormat::FindLayoutRect(), SwTable::FindTable(), FLYCNTTYPE_FRM, FLYCNTTYPE_GRF, FLYCNTTYPE_OLE, FOOTNOTE, FRAME, SwFieldType::GatherFields(), sw::proofreadingiterator::get(), SwTextNode::GetAttrOutlineLevel(), IDocumentMarkAccess::getBookmarksBegin(), IDocumentMarkAccess::getBookmarksEnd(), SwFormat::GetContent(), SwFormatContent::GetContentIdx(), SwField::GetDescription(), SwViewShell::GetDoc(), IDocumentDrawModelAccess::GetDrawModel(), SwNodes::GetEndOfExtras(), SwGetRefField::GetExpandedTextOfReferencedTextNode(), SwField::GetFieldName(), IDocumentFieldsAccess::GetFieldTypes(), SwFEShell::GetFlyCount(), SwNode::GetFlyFormat(), SwFEShell::GetFlyFrameFormats(), SwDoc::GetFootnoteIdxs(), SwEditShell::GetGrfNms(), SwViewShell::getIDocumentDrawModelAccess(), SwDoc::getIDocumentFieldsAccess(), SwViewShell::getIDocumentMarkAccess(), SwViewShell::getIDocumentOutlineNodesAccess(), SwNode::GetIndex(), SwEditShell::GetINetAttrs(), SdrObject::GetLayer(), SwViewShell::GetLayout(), SwContentNode::getLayoutFrame(), SdrObject::GetLogicRect(), SdrObject::GetName(), SwFormat::GetName(), SwNodeIndex::GetNode(), SwViewShell::GetNodes(), SdrObjList::GetObj(), SdrObjList::GetObjCount(), SwNodes::GetOutLineNds(), IDocumentOutlineNodes::getOutlineText(), SdrModel::GetPage(), SwSectionFormat::GetParent(), SwView::GetPostItMgr(), GetRef, SwEditShell::GetRefMarks(), SwSectionFormat::GetSection(), SwEditShell::GetSectionFormat(), SwEditShell::GetSectionFormatCount(), SwSection::GetSectionName(), SwField::GetSubType(), SwFieldMgr::GetSubTypes(), SwEditShell::GetTableFrameFormatCount(), SwDoc::GetTableFrameFormats(), SwEditShell::GetTOX(), SwEditShell::GetTOXCount(), SwTOXBase::GetTOXName(), SwSection::GetType(), SwField::GetTypeId(), SwWrtShell::GetView(), SwFormatFootnote::GetViewNumStr(), GRAPHIC, i, INDEX, SwDoc::IsInHeaderFooter(), SwSectionFormat::IsInNodesArr(), SwContent::IsInvisible(), SwEditShell::IsOutlineMovable(), SwGetRefField::IsRefToHeadingCrossRefBookmark(), SwGetRefField::IsRefToNumItemCrossRefBookmark(), SwFrameFormat::IsVisible(), SwTOXBase::IsVisible(), SwSectionFormat::IsVisible(), IDocumentDrawModelAccess::IsVisibleLayerId(), m_bAlphabeticSort, m_bDataValid, m_nContentType, m_nMemberCount, m_nOutlineLevel, m_pMember, m_pWrtShell, o3tl::make_unsigned(), n, nCount, nPos, OLE, OUTLINE, p, Postit, POSTIT, REF_ENDNOTE, REF_FOOTNOTE, REFERENCE, REGION, RemoveNewline(), SAL_WARN_IF, SwContent::SetInvisible(), sFrameName, o3tl::sorted_vector< typename Value, typename Compare, template< typename, typename > class Find, bool >::size(), comphelper::string::stripStart(), SwResId(), TABLE, TEXTFIELD, tools::Rectangle::Top(), SwRect::Top(), ToxContent, ToxHeader, u, INetURLObject::Unambiguous, URLFIELD, and SwFieldType::Which().

Referenced by SwContentTree::ExecuteContextMenuAction(), GetMember(), SwContentTree::HasContentChanged(), and SwContentType().

◆ GetMember()

const SwContent * SwContentType::GetMember ( size_t  nIndex)

Deliver content, for that if necessary fill the list.

Definition at line 409 of file content.cxx.

References FillMemberList(), m_bDataValid, m_pMember, nIndex, and size.

Referenced by SwContentTree::BringEntryToAttention(), SwContentTree::HasContentChanged(), SwContentTree::InsertContent(), and SwContentTree::RequestingChildren().

◆ GetMemberCount()

size_t SwContentType::GetMemberCount ( ) const

◆ GetName()

const OUString & SwContentType::GetName ( ) const

Definition at line 202 of file content.hxx.

References m_sContentTypeName.

◆ GetSingleName()

const OUString & SwContentType::GetSingleName ( ) const

Definition at line 203 of file content.hxx.

References m_sSingleContentTypeName.

◆ GetSortType()

bool SwContentType::GetSortType ( ) const

Definition at line 212 of file content.hxx.

References m_bAlphabeticSort.

Referenced by SwContentTree::ExecuteContextMenuAction(), and IMPL_LINK().

◆ GetType()

ContentTypeId SwContentType::GetType ( ) const

◆ GetTypeToken()

const OUString & SwContentType::GetTypeToken ( ) const

Definition at line 204 of file content.hxx.

References m_sTypeToken.

Referenced by SwContentTree::FillTransferData().

◆ Invalidate()

void SwContentType::Invalidate ( )

Definition at line 421 of file content.cxx.

References m_bDataValid.

Referenced by SetOutlineLevel().

◆ IsDeletable()

bool SwContentType::IsDeletable ( ) const

Definition at line 218 of file content.hxx.

References m_bDelete.

Referenced by IMPL_LINK().

◆ IsEditable()

bool SwContentType::IsEditable ( ) const

Definition at line 217 of file content.hxx.

References m_bEdit.

Referenced by IMPL_LINK().

◆ RemoveNewline()

OUString SwContentType::RemoveNewline ( const OUString &  rEntry)

Definition at line 4976 of file content.cxx.

References i.

Referenced by FillMemberList().

◆ SetOutlineLevel()

void SwContentType::SetOutlineLevel ( sal_uInt8  nNew)

Definition at line 206 of file content.hxx.

References Invalidate(), and m_nOutlineLevel.

◆ SetSortType()

void SwContentType::SetSortType ( bool  bAlphabetic)

Definition at line 213 of file content.hxx.

References m_bAlphabeticSort.

Referenced by SwContentTree::ExecuteContextMenuAction().

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_bAlphabeticSort

bool SwContentType::m_bAlphabeticSort = false

Definition at line 187 of file content.hxx.

Referenced by FillMemberList(), GetSortType(), and SetSortType().

◆ m_bDataValid

bool SwContentType::m_bDataValid

Definition at line 183 of file content.hxx.

Referenced by FillMemberList(), GetMember(), and Invalidate().

◆ m_bDelete

bool SwContentType::m_bDelete

Definition at line 185 of file content.hxx.

Referenced by IsDeletable(), and SwContentType().

◆ m_bEdit

bool SwContentType::m_bEdit

Definition at line 184 of file content.hxx.

Referenced by IsEditable(), and SwContentType().

◆ m_nContentType

ContentTypeId SwContentType::m_nContentType

Definition at line 181 of file content.hxx.

Referenced by FillMemberList(), GetType(), and SwContentType().

◆ m_nMemberCount

size_t SwContentType::m_nMemberCount

Definition at line 180 of file content.hxx.

Referenced by FillMemberList(), and GetMemberCount().

◆ m_nOutlineLevel

sal_uInt8 SwContentType::m_nOutlineLevel

Definition at line 182 of file content.hxx.

Referenced by FillMemberList(), and SetOutlineLevel().

◆ m_pMember

std::unique_ptr<SwContentArr> SwContentType::m_pMember

Definition at line 176 of file content.hxx.

Referenced by FillMemberList(), and GetMember().

◆ m_pWrtShell

SwWrtShell* SwContentType::m_pWrtShell

Definition at line 174 of file content.hxx.

Referenced by FillMemberList(), and SwContentType().

◆ m_sContentTypeName

OUString SwContentType::m_sContentTypeName

Definition at line 177 of file content.hxx.

Referenced by GetName().

◆ m_sSingleContentTypeName

OUString SwContentType::m_sSingleContentTypeName

Definition at line 178 of file content.hxx.

Referenced by GetSingleName().

◆ m_sTypeToken

OUString SwContentType::m_sTypeToken

Definition at line 179 of file content.hxx.

Referenced by GetTypeToken(), and SwContentType().

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