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SwBoxAutoFormat Class Reference

#include <tblafmt.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwBoxAutoFormat ()
 SwBoxAutoFormat (const SwBoxAutoFormat &rNew)
 ~SwBoxAutoFormat ()
SwBoxAutoFormatoperator= (const SwBoxAutoFormat &rRef)
 assignment-op (still used) More...
bool operator== (const SwBoxAutoFormat &rRight) const
 Comparing based of boxes backgrounds. More...
const SvxFrameDirectionItemGetTextOrientation () const
const SwFormatVertOrientGetVerticalAlignment () const
void GetValueFormat (OUString &rFormat, LanguageType &rLng, LanguageType &rSys) const
const OUString & GetNumFormatString () const
const LanguageTypeGetSysLanguage () const
const LanguageTypeGetNumFormatLanguage () const
void SetTextOrientation (const SvxFrameDirectionItem &rNew)
void SetVerticalAlignment (const SwFormatVertOrient &rNew)
void SetValueFormat (const OUString &rFormat, LanguageType eLng, LanguageType eSys)
void SetNumFormatString (const OUString &rNew)
void SetSysLanguage (const LanguageType &rNew)
void SetNumFormatLanguage (const LanguageType &rNew)
unotools::WeakReference< SwXTextCellStyle > const & GetXObject () const
void SetXObject (rtl::Reference< SwXTextCellStyle > const &xObject)
bool Load (SvStream &rStream, const SwAfVersions &rVersions, sal_uInt16 nVer)
bool Save (SvStream &rStream, sal_uInt16 fileVersion) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from AutoFormatBase
const SvxFontItemGetFont () const
const SvxFontHeightItemGetHeight () const
const SvxWeightItemGetWeight () const
const SvxPostureItemGetPosture () const
const SvxFontItemGetCJKFont () const
const SvxFontHeightItemGetCJKHeight () const
const SvxWeightItemGetCJKWeight () const
const SvxPostureItemGetCJKPosture () const
const SvxFontItemGetCTLFont () const
const SvxFontHeightItemGetCTLHeight () const
const SvxWeightItemGetCTLWeight () const
const SvxPostureItemGetCTLPosture () const
const SvxUnderlineItemGetUnderline () const
const SvxOverlineItemGetOverline () const
const SvxCrossedOutItemGetCrossedOut () const
const SvxContourItemGetContour () const
const SvxShadowedItemGetShadowed () const
const SvxColorItemGetColor () const
const SvxBoxItemGetBox () const
const SvxLineItemGetTLBR () const
const SvxLineItemGetBLTR () const
const SvxBrushItemGetBackground () const
const SvxAdjustItemGetAdjust () const
const SvxHorJustifyItemGetHorJustify () const
const SvxVerJustifyItemGetVerJustify () const
const SfxBoolItemGetStacked () const
const SvxMarginItemGetMargin () const
const SfxBoolItemGetLinebreak () const
const SfxInt32ItemGetRotateAngle () const
const SvxRotateModeItemGetRotateMode () const
void SetFont (const SvxFontItem &rNew)
void SetHeight (const SvxFontHeightItem &rNew)
void SetWeight (const SvxWeightItem &rNew)
void SetPosture (const SvxPostureItem &rNew)
void SetCJKFont (const SvxFontItem &rNew)
void SetCJKHeight (const SvxFontHeightItem &rNew)
void SetCJKWeight (const SvxWeightItem &rNew)
void SetCJKPosture (const SvxPostureItem &rNew)
void SetCTLFont (const SvxFontItem &rNew)
void SetCTLHeight (const SvxFontHeightItem &rNew)
void SetCTLWeight (const SvxWeightItem &rNew)
void SetCTLPosture (const SvxPostureItem &rNew)
void SetUnderline (const SvxUnderlineItem &rNew)
void SetOverline (const SvxOverlineItem &rNew)
void SetCrossedOut (const SvxCrossedOutItem &rNew)
void SetContour (const SvxContourItem &rNew)
void SetShadowed (const SvxShadowedItem &rNew)
void SetColor (const SvxColorItem &rNew)
void SetBox (const SvxBoxItem &rNew)
void SetTLBR (const SvxLineItem &rNew)
void SetBLTR (const SvxLineItem &rNew)
void SetBackground (const SvxBrushItem &rNew)
void SetAdjust (const SvxAdjustItem &rNew)
void SetHorJustify (const SvxHorJustifyItem &rNew)
void SetVerJustify (const SvxVerJustifyItem &rNew)
void SetStacked (const SfxBoolItem &rNew)
void SetMargin (const SvxMarginItem &rNew)
void SetLinebreak (const SfxBoolItem &rNew)
void SetRotateAngle (const SfxInt32Item &rNew)
void SetRotateMode (const SvxRotateModeItem &rNew)
bool LoadBlockA (SvStream &rStream, const AutoFormatVersions &rVersions, sal_uInt16 nVer)
bool LoadBlockB (SvStream &rStream, const AutoFormatVersions &rVersions, sal_uInt16 nVer)
bool SaveBlockA (SvStream &rStream, sal_uInt16 fileVersion) const
bool SaveBlockB (SvStream &rStream, sal_uInt16 fileVersion) const

Private Attributes

std::unique_ptr< SvxFrameDirectionItemm_aTextOrientation
std::unique_ptr< SwFormatVertOrientm_aVerticalAlignment
OUString m_sNumFormatString
LanguageType m_eSysLanguage
LanguageType m_eNumFormatLanguage
unotools::WeakReference< SwXTextCellStylem_xAutoFormatUnoObject

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from AutoFormatBase
AutoFormatBaseoperator= (const AutoFormatBase &)
 AutoFormatBase ()
 AutoFormatBase (const AutoFormatBase &rNew)
 ~AutoFormatBase ()
bool operator== (const AutoFormatBase &rRight) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from AutoFormatBase
std::unique_ptr< SvxFontItemm_aFont
std::unique_ptr< SvxFontHeightItemm_aHeight
std::unique_ptr< SvxWeightItemm_aWeight
std::unique_ptr< SvxPostureItemm_aPosture
std::unique_ptr< SvxFontItemm_aCJKFont
std::unique_ptr< SvxFontHeightItemm_aCJKHeight
std::unique_ptr< SvxWeightItemm_aCJKWeight
std::unique_ptr< SvxPostureItemm_aCJKPosture
std::unique_ptr< SvxFontItemm_aCTLFont
std::unique_ptr< SvxFontHeightItemm_aCTLHeight
std::unique_ptr< SvxWeightItemm_aCTLWeight
std::unique_ptr< SvxPostureItemm_aCTLPosture
std::unique_ptr< SvxUnderlineItemm_aUnderline
std::unique_ptr< SvxOverlineItemm_aOverline
std::unique_ptr< SvxCrossedOutItemm_aCrossedOut
std::unique_ptr< SvxContourItemm_aContour
std::unique_ptr< SvxShadowedItemm_aShadowed
std::unique_ptr< SvxColorItemm_aColor
std::unique_ptr< SvxBoxItemm_aBox
std::unique_ptr< SvxLineItemm_aTLBR
std::unique_ptr< SvxLineItemm_aBLTR
std::unique_ptr< SvxBrushItemm_aBackground
std::unique_ptr< SvxAdjustItemm_aAdjust
std::unique_ptr< SvxHorJustifyItemm_aHorJustify
std::unique_ptr< SvxVerJustifyItemm_aVerJustify
std::unique_ptr< SfxBoolItemm_aStacked
std::unique_ptr< SvxMarginItemm_aMargin
std::unique_ptr< SfxBoolItemm_aLinebreak
std::unique_ptr< SfxInt32Itemm_aRotateAngle
std::unique_ptr< SvxRotateModeItemm_aRotateMode

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file tblafmt.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SwBoxAutoFormat() [1/2]

SwBoxAutoFormat::SwBoxAutoFormat ( )

Definition at line 220 of file tblafmt.cxx.

References Environment, FRAME, GetDfltAttr(), ITALIC_NONE, LINESTYLE_NONE, AutoFormatBase::m_aAdjust, AutoFormatBase::m_aBackground, AutoFormatBase::m_aBLTR, AutoFormatBase::m_aBox, AutoFormatBase::m_aCJKFont, AutoFormatBase::m_aCJKHeight, AutoFormatBase::m_aCJKPosture, AutoFormatBase::m_aCJKWeight, AutoFormatBase::m_aColor, AutoFormatBase::m_aContour, AutoFormatBase::m_aCrossedOut, AutoFormatBase::m_aCTLFont, AutoFormatBase::m_aCTLHeight, AutoFormatBase::m_aCTLPosture, AutoFormatBase::m_aCTLWeight, AutoFormatBase::m_aFont, AutoFormatBase::m_aHeight, AutoFormatBase::m_aHorJustify, AutoFormatBase::m_aLinebreak, AutoFormatBase::m_aMargin, AutoFormatBase::m_aOverline, AutoFormatBase::m_aPosture, AutoFormatBase::m_aRotateAngle, AutoFormatBase::m_aRotateMode, AutoFormatBase::m_aShadowed, AutoFormatBase::m_aStacked, AutoFormatBase::m_aTLBR, AutoFormatBase::m_aUnderline, AutoFormatBase::m_aVerJustify, AutoFormatBase::m_aWeight, RES_BACKGROUND(), RES_BOX(), RES_CHRATR_CJK_FONT(), RES_CHRATR_CJK_FONTSIZE(), RES_CHRATR_CJK_POSTURE(), RES_CHRATR_CJK_WEIGHT(), RES_CHRATR_COLOR(), RES_CHRATR_CONTOUR(), RES_CHRATR_CROSSEDOUT(), RES_CHRATR_CTL_FONT(), RES_CHRATR_CTL_FONTSIZE(), RES_CHRATR_CTL_POSTURE(), RES_CHRATR_CTL_WEIGHT(), RES_CHRATR_FONT(), RES_CHRATR_FONTSIZE(), RES_CHRATR_OVERLINE(), RES_CHRATR_POSTURE(), RES_CHRATR_SHADOWED(), RES_CHRATR_UNDERLINE(), RES_CHRATR_WEIGHT(), RES_PARATR_ADJUST(), STRIKEOUT_NONE, SVX_ROTATE_MODE_STANDARD, text(), and WEIGHT_NORMAL.

◆ SwBoxAutoFormat() [2/2]

SwBoxAutoFormat::SwBoxAutoFormat ( const SwBoxAutoFormat rNew)

Definition at line 266 of file tblafmt.cxx.

References Clone().

◆ ~SwBoxAutoFormat()

SwBoxAutoFormat::~SwBoxAutoFormat ( )

Definition at line 276 of file tblafmt.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetNumFormatLanguage()

const LanguageType & SwBoxAutoFormat::GetNumFormatLanguage ( ) const

Definition at line 84 of file tblafmt.hxx.

Referenced by operator=().

◆ GetNumFormatString()

const OUString & SwBoxAutoFormat::GetNumFormatString ( ) const

Definition at line 82 of file tblafmt.hxx.

Referenced by operator=().

◆ GetSysLanguage()

const LanguageType & SwBoxAutoFormat::GetSysLanguage ( ) const

Definition at line 83 of file tblafmt.hxx.

Referenced by operator=().

◆ GetTextOrientation()

const SvxFrameDirectionItem & SwBoxAutoFormat::GetTextOrientation ( ) const

◆ GetValueFormat()

void SwBoxAutoFormat::GetValueFormat ( OUString &  rFormat,
LanguageType rLng,
LanguageType rSys 
) const

◆ GetVerticalAlignment()

const SwFormatVertOrient & SwBoxAutoFormat::GetVerticalAlignment ( ) const

◆ GetXObject()

unotools::WeakReference< SwXTextCellStyle > const & SwBoxAutoFormat::GetXObject ( ) const

◆ Load()

bool SwBoxAutoFormat::Load ( SvStream rStream,
const SwAfVersions rVersions,
sal_uInt16  nVer 

◆ operator=()

SwBoxAutoFormat & SwBoxAutoFormat::operator= ( const SwBoxAutoFormat rRef)

◆ operator==()

bool SwBoxAutoFormat::operator== ( const SwBoxAutoFormat rRight) const

Comparing based of boxes backgrounds.

Definition at line 305 of file tblafmt.cxx.

References AutoFormatBase::GetBackground(), and SvxBrushItem::GetColor().

◆ Save()

bool SwBoxAutoFormat::Save ( SvStream rStream,
sal_uInt16  fileVersion 
) const

◆ SetNumFormatLanguage()

void SwBoxAutoFormat::SetNumFormatLanguage ( const LanguageType rNew)

Definition at line 95 of file tblafmt.hxx.

Referenced by operator=().

◆ SetNumFormatString()

void SwBoxAutoFormat::SetNumFormatString ( const OUString &  rNew)

Definition at line 93 of file tblafmt.hxx.

Referenced by operator=().

◆ SetSysLanguage()

void SwBoxAutoFormat::SetSysLanguage ( const LanguageType rNew)

Definition at line 94 of file tblafmt.hxx.

Referenced by operator=().

◆ SetTextOrientation()

void SwBoxAutoFormat::SetTextOrientation ( const SvxFrameDirectionItem rNew)

◆ SetValueFormat()

void SwBoxAutoFormat::SetValueFormat ( const OUString &  rFormat,
LanguageType  eLng,
LanguageType  eSys 

◆ SetVerticalAlignment()

void SwBoxAutoFormat::SetVerticalAlignment ( const SwFormatVertOrient rNew)

◆ SetXObject()

void SwBoxAutoFormat::SetXObject ( rtl::Reference< SwXTextCellStyle > const &  xObject)

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_aTextOrientation

std::unique_ptr<SvxFrameDirectionItem> SwBoxAutoFormat::m_aTextOrientation

Definition at line 53 of file tblafmt.hxx.

Referenced by Load(), and Save().

◆ m_aVerticalAlignment

std::unique_ptr<SwFormatVertOrient> SwBoxAutoFormat::m_aVerticalAlignment

Definition at line 54 of file tblafmt.hxx.

Referenced by Load(), and Save().

◆ m_eNumFormatLanguage

LanguageType SwBoxAutoFormat::m_eNumFormatLanguage

Definition at line 59 of file tblafmt.hxx.

Referenced by Load(), and Save().

◆ m_eSysLanguage

LanguageType SwBoxAutoFormat::m_eSysLanguage

Definition at line 58 of file tblafmt.hxx.

Referenced by Load(), and Save().

◆ m_sNumFormatString

OUString SwBoxAutoFormat::m_sNumFormatString

Definition at line 57 of file tblafmt.hxx.

Referenced by Load(), and Save().

◆ m_xAutoFormatUnoObject

unotools::WeakReference<SwXTextCellStyle> SwBoxAutoFormat::m_xAutoFormatUnoObject

Definition at line 62 of file tblafmt.hxx.

Referenced by SetXObject().

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