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SwAccessibleTextFrame Class Reference

#include <acctextframe.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SwAccessibleTextFrame (std::shared_ptr< SwAccessibleMap > const &pInitMap, const SwFlyFrame &rFlyFrame)
virtual css::uno::Any SAL_CALL queryInterface (css::uno::Type const &rType) override
virtual void SAL_CALL acquire () noexcept override
virtual void SAL_CALL release () noexcept override
virtual void SAL_CALL selectAccessibleChild (sal_Int32 nChildIndex) override
virtual sal_Bool SAL_CALL isAccessibleChildSelected (sal_Int32 nChildIndex) override
virtual void SAL_CALL clearAccessibleSelection () override
virtual void SAL_CALL selectAllAccessibleChildren () override
virtual sal_Int32 SAL_CALL getSelectedAccessibleChildCount () override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > SAL_CALL getSelectedAccessibleChild (sal_Int32 nSelectedChildIndex) override
virtual void SAL_CALL deselectAccessibleChild (sal_Int32 nSelectedChildIndex) override
virtual OUString SAL_CALL getAccessibleName () override
virtual OUString SAL_CALL getAccessibleDescription () override
 Return this object's description. More...
virtual OUString SAL_CALL getImplementationName () override
 Returns an identifier for the implementation of this object. More...
virtual sal_Bool SAL_CALL supportsService (const OUString &sServiceName) override
 Return whether the specified service is supported by this class. More...
virtual css::uno::Sequence< OUString > SAL_CALL getSupportedServiceNames () override
 Returns a list of all supported services. More...
virtual css::uno::Sequence< sal_Int8 > SAL_CALL getImplementationId () override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessibleRelationSet > SAL_CALL getAccessibleRelationSet () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwAccessibleFrameBase
 SwAccessibleFrameBase (std::shared_ptr< SwAccessibleMap > const &pInitMap, sal_Int16 nInitRole, const SwFlyFrame *pFlyFrame)
virtual bool HasCursor () override
virtual void Dispose (bool bRecursive, bool bCanSkipInvisible=true) override
virtual bool SetSelectedState (bool bSelected) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwAccessibleContext
void FireAccessibleEvent (css::accessibility::AccessibleEventObject &rEvent)
 SwAccessibleContext (std::shared_ptr< SwAccessibleMap > const &pMap, sal_Int16 nRole, const SwFrame *pFrame)
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessibleContext > SAL_CALL getAccessibleContext () override
virtual sal_Int32 SAL_CALL getAccessibleChildCount () override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > SAL_CALL getAccessibleChild (sal_Int32 nIndex) override
virtual css::uno::Sequence< css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > > SAL_CALL getAccessibleChildren () override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > SAL_CALL getAccessibleParent () override
virtual sal_Int32 SAL_CALL getAccessibleIndexInParent () override
virtual sal_Int16 SAL_CALL getAccessibleRole () override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessibleStateSet > SAL_CALL getAccessibleStateSet () override
virtual css::lang::Locale SAL_CALL getLocale () override
 Return the parents locale or throw exception if this object has no parent yet/anymore. More...
virtual void SAL_CALL addAccessibleEventListener (const css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessibleEventListener > &xListener) override
virtual void SAL_CALL removeAccessibleEventListener (const css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessibleEventListener > &xListener) override
virtual sal_Bool SAL_CALL containsPoint (const css::awt::Point &aPoint) override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > SAL_CALL getAccessibleAtPoint (const css::awt::Point &aPoint) override
virtual css::awt::Rectangle SAL_CALL getBounds () override
virtual css::awt::Point SAL_CALL getLocation () override
virtual css::awt::Point SAL_CALL getLocationOnScreen () override
virtual css::awt::Size SAL_CALL getSize () override
virtual void SAL_CALL grabFocus () override
virtual sal_Int32 SAL_CALL getForeground () override
virtual sal_Int32 SAL_CALL getBackground () override
virtual void DisposeChild (const sw::access::SwAccessibleChild &rFrameOrObj, bool bRecursive, bool bCanSkipInvisible)
virtual void InvalidatePosOrSize (const SwRect &rFrame)
virtual void InvalidateChildPosOrSize (const sw::access::SwAccessibleChild &rFrameOrObj, const SwRect &rFrame)
void InvalidateContent ()
void InvalidateCursorPos ()
void InvalidateFocus ()
void InvalidateStates (AccessibleStates _nStates)
void InvalidateRelation (sal_uInt16 nType)
void InvalidateTextSelection ()
 #i27301# - text selection has changed More...
void InvalidateAttr ()
 #i88069# - attributes has changed More...
bool HasAdditionalAccessibleChildren ()
vcl::WindowGetAdditionalAccessibleChild (const sal_Int32 nIndex)
 #i88070# - get additional accessible child by index More...
void GetAdditionalAccessibleChildren (std::vector< vcl::Window * > *pChildren)
 #i88070# - get all additional accessible children More...
const OUString & GetName () const
bool Select (SwPaM *pPaM, SdrObject *pObj, bool bAdd)
bool Select (SwPaM &rPaM)
bool Select (SdrObject *pObj, bool bAdd)
bool IsSelectedInDoc () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SwAccessibleFrame
bool IsShowing (const SwAccessibleMap &rAccMap, const sw::access::SwAccessibleChild &rFrameOrObj) const
bool IsShowing (const SwRect &rFrame) const
bool IsShowing (const SwAccessibleMap &rAccMap) const
const SwFrameGetFrame () const
sal_Int32 GetChildIndex (SwAccessibleMap &rAccMap, const sw::access::SwAccessibleChild &rChild) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SvtListener
 SvtListener ()=default
 SvtListener (const SvtListener &r)=default
virtual ~SvtListener () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE
bool StartListening (SvtBroadcaster &rBroadcaster)
void EndListening (SvtBroadcaster &rBroadcaster)
void EndListeningAll ()
void CopyAllBroadcasters (const SvtListener &r)
bool HasBroadcaster () const
virtual void Query (QueryBase &rQuery) const

Protected Member Functions

virtual ~SwAccessibleTextFrame () override
virtual void Notify (const SfxHint &) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwAccessibleFrameBase
virtual void GetStates (::utl::AccessibleStateSetHelper &rStateSet) override
SwFlyFramegetFlyFrame () const
bool GetSelectedState ()
SwPaMGetCursor ()
virtual void InvalidateCursorPos_ () override
virtual void InvalidateFocus_ () override
virtual ~SwAccessibleFrameBase () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwAccessibleContext
void SetName (const OUString &rName)
sal_Int16 GetRole () const
void SetParent (SwAccessibleContext *pParent)
css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > GetWeakParent () const
bool IsDisposing () const
vcl::WindowGetWindow ()
SwAccessibleMapGetMap ()
const SwAccessibleMapGetMap () const
SwViewShellGetShell ()
 convenience method to get the SwViewShell through accessibility map More...
const SwViewShellGetShell () const
SwCursorShellGetCursorShell ()
 convenience method to get SwCursorShell through accessibility map More...
const SwCursorShellGetCursorShell () const
void ChildrenScrolled (const SwFrame *pFrame, const SwRect &rOldVisArea)
void Scrolled (const SwRect &rOldVisArea)
void ScrolledWithin (const SwRect &rOldVisArea)
void ScrolledIn ()
void ScrolledOut (const SwRect &rOldVisArea)
void InvalidateChildrenStates (const SwFrame *_pFrame, AccessibleStates _nStates)
void DisposeChildren (const SwFrame *pFrame, bool bRecursive, bool bCanSkipInvisible)
void DisposeShape (const SdrObject *pObj,::accessibility::AccessibleShape *pAccImpl)
void ScrolledInShape (::accessibility::AccessibleShape *pAccImpl)
virtual void InvalidateContent_ (bool bVisibleDataFired)
void FireVisibleDataEvent ()
void FireStateChangedEvent (sal_Int16 nState, bool bNewState)
bool IsEditableState ()
css::awt::Rectangle getBoundsImpl (bool bRelative)
 Get bounding box. More...
void NotRegisteredAtAccessibleMap ()
void RemoveFrameFromAccessibleMap ()
void ThrowIfDisposed ()
virtual ~SwAccessibleContext () override
css::uno::Reference< css::accessibility::XAccessible > getAccessibleParentImpl ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SwAccessibleFrame
bool IsEditable (SwViewShell const *pVSh) const
bool IsOpaque (SwViewShell const *pVSh) const
bool IsInPagePreview () const
void ClearFrame ()
 SwAccessibleFrame (const SwRect &rVisArea, const SwFrame *pFrame, bool bIsPagePreview)
virtual ~SwAccessibleFrame ()
SwRect GetBounds (const SwAccessibleMap &rAccMap, const SwFrame *pFrame=nullptr)
const SwFrameGetParent () const
sal_Int32 GetChildCount (SwAccessibleMap &rAccMap) const
sw::access::SwAccessibleChild GetChild (SwAccessibleMap &rAccMap, sal_Int32 nPos) const
sw::access::SwAccessibleChild GetChildAtPixel (const Point &rPos, SwAccessibleMap &rAccMap) const
void GetChildren (SwAccessibleMap &rAccMap, std::list< sw::access::SwAccessibleChild > &rChildren) const
void SetVisArea (const SwRect &rNewVisArea)
const SwRectGetVisArea () const
OUString GetFormattedPageNumber () const

Private Member Functions

SwFlyFramegetFlyFrame () const
css::accessibility::AccessibleRelation makeRelation (sal_Int16 nType, const SwFlyFrame *pFrame)

Private Attributes

OUString msTitle
OUString msDesc

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SwAccessibleFrameBase
static SwNodeType GetNodeType (const SwFlyFrame *pFlyFrame)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SwAccessibleContext
static OUString GetResource (TranslateId pResId, const OUString *pArg1=nullptr, const OUString *pArg2=nullptr)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SwAccessibleFrame
static const SwFrameGetParent (const sw::access::SwAccessibleChild &rFrameOrObj, bool bInPagePreview)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SwAccessibleFrame
static sal_Int32 GetChildCount (SwAccessibleMap &rAccMap, const SwRect &rVisArea, const SwFrame *pFrame, bool bInPagePreviewr)
static sw::access::SwAccessibleChild GetChild (SwAccessibleMap &rAccMap, const SwRect &rVisArea, const SwFrame &rFrame, sal_Int32 &rPos, bool bInPagePreview)
static bool GetChildIndex (SwAccessibleMap &rAccMap, const SwRect &rVisArea, const SwFrame &rFrame, const sw::access::SwAccessibleChild &rChild, sal_Int32 &rPos, bool bInPagePreview)
static sw::access::SwAccessibleChild GetChildAtPixel (const SwRect &rVisArea, const SwFrame &rFrame, const Point &rPos, bool bInPagePreview, SwAccessibleMap &rAccMap)
static void GetChildren (SwAccessibleMap &rAccMap, const SwRect &rVisArea, const SwFrame &rFrame, std::list< sw::access::SwAccessibleChild > &rChildren, bool bInPagePreview)
- Protected Attributes inherited from SwAccessibleContext
std::mutex m_Mutex
bool m_isSelectedInDoc

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file acctextframe.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SwAccessibleTextFrame::~SwAccessibleTextFrame ( )

Definition at line 60 of file acctextframe.cxx.

SwAccessibleTextFrame::SwAccessibleTextFrame ( std::shared_ptr< SwAccessibleMap > const &  pInitMap,
const SwFlyFrame rFlyFrame 

Member Function Documentation

void SAL_CALL SwAccessibleTextFrame::acquire ( )

Definition at line 139 of file acctextframe.cxx.

void SAL_CALL SwAccessibleTextFrame::clearAccessibleSelection ( )

Definition at line 184 of file acctextframe.cxx.

References SAL_WARN.

void SAL_CALL SwAccessibleTextFrame::deselectAccessibleChild ( sal_Int32  nSelectedChildIndex)

Definition at line 221 of file acctextframe.cxx.

References SAL_WARN.

OUString SAL_CALL SwAccessibleTextFrame::getAccessibleDescription ( )

Return this object's description.

Definition at line 241 of file acctextframe.cxx.

References msDesc, and SwAccessibleContext::ThrowIfDisposed().

OUString SAL_CALL SwAccessibleTextFrame::getAccessibleName ( )
uno::Reference< XAccessibleRelationSet > SAL_CALL SwAccessibleTextFrame::getAccessibleRelationSet ( )
SwFlyFrame * SwAccessibleTextFrame::getFlyFrame ( ) const

Definition at line 273 of file acctextframe.cxx.

References SwAccessibleFrame::GetFrame(), and SwFrame::IsFlyFrame().

Referenced by getAccessibleRelationSet().

uno::Sequence< sal_Int8 > SAL_CALL SwAccessibleTextFrame::getImplementationId ( )

Definition at line 266 of file acctextframe.cxx.

OUString SAL_CALL SwAccessibleTextFrame::getImplementationName ( )

Returns an identifier for the implementation of this object.

Definition at line 251 of file acctextframe.cxx.

uno::Reference< XAccessible > SAL_CALL SwAccessibleTextFrame::getSelectedAccessibleChild ( sal_Int32  nSelectedChildIndex)
sal_Int32 SAL_CALL SwAccessibleTextFrame::getSelectedAccessibleChildCount ( )
uno::Sequence< OUString > SAL_CALL SwAccessibleTextFrame::getSupportedServiceNames ( )

Returns a list of all supported services.

In this case that is just the AccessibleContext service.

Definition at line 261 of file acctextframe.cxx.

References sAccessibleServiceName.

sal_Bool SAL_CALL SwAccessibleTextFrame::isAccessibleChildSelected ( sal_Int32  nChildIndex)
AccessibleRelation SwAccessibleTextFrame::makeRelation ( sal_Int16  nType,
const SwFlyFrame pFrame 
void SwAccessibleTextFrame::Notify ( const SfxHint rHint)
css::uno::Any SAL_CALL SwAccessibleTextFrame::queryInterface ( css::uno::Type const &  rType)

Definition at line 128 of file acctextframe.cxx.

References cppu::queryInterface().

void SAL_CALL SwAccessibleTextFrame::release ( )

Definition at line 146 of file acctextframe.cxx.

void SAL_CALL SwAccessibleTextFrame::selectAccessibleChild ( sal_Int32  nChildIndex)

Definition at line 154 of file acctextframe.cxx.

References SAL_WARN.

void SAL_CALL SwAccessibleTextFrame::selectAllAccessibleChildren ( )

Definition at line 189 of file acctextframe.cxx.

References SAL_WARN.

sal_Bool SAL_CALL SwAccessibleTextFrame::supportsService ( const OUString &  sServiceName)

Return whether the specified service is supported by this class.

Reimplemented from SwAccessibleContext.

Definition at line 256 of file acctextframe.cxx.

References cppu::supportsService().

Member Data Documentation

OUString SwAccessibleTextFrame::msDesc

Definition at line 35 of file acctextframe.hxx.

Referenced by getAccessibleDescription(), Notify(), and SwAccessibleTextFrame().

OUString SwAccessibleTextFrame::msTitle

Definition at line 34 of file acctextframe.hxx.

Referenced by getAccessibleName(), Notify(), and SwAccessibleTextFrame().

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