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MSWord_SdrAttrIter Class Reference

Used to export formatted text associated to drawings. More...

#include <wrtww8.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 MSWord_SdrAttrIter (MSWordExportBase &rWr, const EditTextObject &rEditObj, sal_uInt8 nType)
void NextPara (sal_Int32 nPar)
void OutParaAttr (bool bCharAttr, const std::set< sal_uInt16 > *pWhichsToIgnore=nullptr)
void OutEEField (const SfxPoolItem &rHt)
bool IsTextAttr (sal_Int32 nSwPos)
void NextPos ()
void OutAttr (sal_Int32 nSwPos)
virtual const SfxPoolItemHasTextItem (sal_uInt16 nWhich) const override
virtual const SfxPoolItemGetItem (sal_uInt16 nWhich) const override
sal_Int32 WhereNext () const
rtl_TextEncoding GetNextCharSet () const
rtl_TextEncoding GetNodeCharSet () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from MSWordAttrIter
 MSWordAttrIter (MSWordExportBase &rExport)
virtual ~MSWordAttrIter ()
template<class T >
const T * HasTextItem (TypedWhichId< T > nWhich) const

Private Member Functions

sal_Int32 SearchNext (sal_Int32 nStartPos)
void SetCharSet (const EECharAttrib &rTextAttr, bool bStart)
void SetItemsThatDifferFromStandard (bool bCharAttr, SfxItemSet &rSet)
 MSWord_SdrAttrIter (const MSWord_SdrAttrIter &)=delete
MSWord_SdrAttrIteroperator= (const MSWord_SdrAttrIter &)=delete

Private Attributes

const EditTextObjectm_pEditObj
const SfxItemPoolm_pEditPool
std::vector< EECharAttribm_aTextAtrArr
std::vector< const EECharAttrib * > m_aChrTextAtrArr
std::vector< rtl_TextEncoding > m_aChrSetArr
sal_Int32 m_nPara
sal_Int32 m_nCurrentSwPos
sal_Int32 m_nTmpSwPos
rtl_TextEncoding m_eNdChrSet
sal_uInt16 m_nScript
sal_uInt8 mnTyp

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from MSWordAttrIter

Detailed Description

Used to export formatted text associated to drawings.

Definition at line 1461 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MSWord_SdrAttrIter::MSWord_SdrAttrIter ( const MSWord_SdrAttrIter )
MSWord_SdrAttrIter::MSWord_SdrAttrIter ( MSWordExportBase rWr,
const EditTextObject rEditObj,
sal_uInt8  nType 

Definition at line 1010 of file wrtw8esh.cxx.

References NextPara().

Member Function Documentation

const SfxPoolItem & MSWord_SdrAttrIter::GetItem ( sal_uInt16  nWhich) const
rtl_TextEncoding MSWord_SdrAttrIter::GetNextCharSet ( ) const

Definition at line 1037 of file wrtw8esh.cxx.

References m_aChrSetArr, and m_eNdChrSet.

Referenced by RtfSdrExport::WriteOutliner(), and DocxExport::WriteOutliner().

rtl_TextEncoding MSWord_SdrAttrIter::GetNodeCharSet ( ) const

Definition at line 1499 of file wrtww8.hxx.

References m_eNdChrSet.

Referenced by OutEEField(), RtfSdrExport::WriteOutliner(), and DocxExport::WriteOutliner().

const SfxPoolItem * MSWord_SdrAttrIter::HasTextItem ( sal_uInt16  nWhich) const
bool MSWord_SdrAttrIter::IsTextAttr ( sal_Int32  nSwPos)
void MSWord_SdrAttrIter::NextPara ( sal_Int32  nPar)
void MSWord_SdrAttrIter::NextPos ( )
MSWord_SdrAttrIter& MSWord_SdrAttrIter::operator= ( const MSWord_SdrAttrIter )
void MSWord_SdrAttrIter::OutAttr ( sal_Int32  nSwPos)
void MSWord_SdrAttrIter::OutEEField ( const SfxPoolItem rHt)
void MSWord_SdrAttrIter::OutParaAttr ( bool  bCharAttr,
const std::set< sal_uInt16 > *  pWhichsToIgnore = nullptr 
sal_Int32 MSWord_SdrAttrIter::SearchNext ( sal_Int32  nStartPos)

Definition at line 1045 of file wrtw8esh.cxx.

References m_aTextAtrArr, nPos, SAL_MAX_INT32, and SetCharSet().

Referenced by NextPara(), and NextPos().

void MSWord_SdrAttrIter::SetCharSet ( const EECharAttrib rTextAttr,
bool  bStart 
void MSWord_SdrAttrIter::SetItemsThatDifferFromStandard ( bool  bCharAttr,
SfxItemSet rSet 
sal_Int32 MSWord_SdrAttrIter::WhereNext ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<rtl_TextEncoding> MSWord_SdrAttrIter::m_aChrSetArr

Definition at line 1468 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Referenced by GetNextCharSet(), NextPara(), and SetCharSet().

std::vector<const EECharAttrib*> MSWord_SdrAttrIter::m_aChrTextAtrArr

Definition at line 1467 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Referenced by NextPara(), and SetCharSet().

std::vector<EECharAttrib> MSWord_SdrAttrIter::m_aTextAtrArr

Definition at line 1466 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Referenced by HasTextItem(), IsTextAttr(), NextPara(), OutAttr(), and SearchNext().

rtl_TextEncoding MSWord_SdrAttrIter::m_eNdChrSet

Definition at line 1472 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Referenced by GetNextCharSet(), GetNodeCharSet(), and NextPara().

sal_Int32 MSWord_SdrAttrIter::m_nCurrentSwPos

Definition at line 1470 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Referenced by NextPara(), and WhereNext().

sal_Int32 MSWord_SdrAttrIter::m_nPara

Definition at line 1469 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Referenced by GetItem(), NextPara(), and OutParaAttr().

sal_uInt16 MSWord_SdrAttrIter::m_nScript

Definition at line 1473 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Referenced by NextPara(), OutAttr(), and OutParaAttr().

sal_Int32 MSWord_SdrAttrIter::m_nTmpSwPos

Definition at line 1471 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Referenced by HasTextItem(), NextPara(), and OutAttr().

const EditTextObject* MSWord_SdrAttrIter::m_pEditObj

Definition at line 1464 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Referenced by GetItem(), NextPara(), and OutParaAttr().

const SfxItemPool* MSWord_SdrAttrIter::m_pEditPool
sal_uInt8 MSWord_SdrAttrIter::mnTyp

Definition at line 1474 of file wrtww8.hxx.

Referenced by OutEEField().

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