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BookmarkTable Class Reference

#include <bookmark.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 BookmarkTable (std::unique_ptr< weld::TreeView > xControl)
void InsertBookmark (sw::mark::IMark *pMark)
void SelectByName (const OUString &sName)
sw::mark::IMarkGetBookmarkByName (const OUString &sName)
OUString GetNameProposal () const
void unselect_all ()
bool has_focus () const
std::unique_ptr< weld::TreeIterget_selected () const
void clear ()
void select (const weld::TreeIter &rIter)
void remove_selection ()
OUString get_id (const weld::TreeIter &rIter) const
void set_sort_indicator (TriState eState, int nColumn=-1)
void selected_foreach (const std::function< bool(weld::TreeIter &)> &func)
void connect_changed (const Link< weld::TreeView &, void > &rLink)
void connect_row_activated (const Link< weld::TreeView &, bool > &rLink)
void connect_column_clicked (const Link< int, void > &rLink)
void make_sorted ()
bool get_sort_order () const
void set_sort_order (bool bAscending)
int get_sort_column () const
void set_sort_column (int nColumn)

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr OUStringLiteral aForbiddenChars = u"/\\@*?\",#"
static const char cSeparator

Private Member Functions

std::unique_ptr< weld::TreeIterGetRowByBookmarkName (const OUString &sName)

Private Attributes

std::unique_ptr< weld::TreeViewm_xControl

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file uibase/inc/bookmark.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BookmarkTable::BookmarkTable ( std::unique_ptr< weld::TreeView xControl)

Definition at line 400 of file ui/misc/bookmark.cxx.

References m_xControl, and m_xControl.

Member Function Documentation

void BookmarkTable::clear ( )

Definition at line 43 of file uibase/inc/bookmark.hxx.

void BookmarkTable::connect_changed ( const Link< weld::TreeView &, void > &  rLink)

Definition at line 50 of file uibase/inc/bookmark.hxx.

void BookmarkTable::connect_column_clicked ( const Link< int, void > &  rLink)

Definition at line 52 of file uibase/inc/bookmark.hxx.

void BookmarkTable::connect_row_activated ( const Link< weld::TreeView &, bool > &  rLink)

Definition at line 51 of file uibase/inc/bookmark.hxx.

OUString BookmarkTable::get_id ( const weld::TreeIter rIter) const

Definition at line 46 of file uibase/inc/bookmark.hxx.

std::unique_ptr< weld::TreeIter > BookmarkTable::get_selected ( ) const

Definition at line 408 of file ui/misc/bookmark.cxx.

References m_xControl.

int BookmarkTable::get_sort_column ( ) const

Definition at line 56 of file uibase/inc/bookmark.hxx.

bool BookmarkTable::get_sort_order ( ) const

Definition at line 54 of file uibase/inc/bookmark.hxx.

sw::mark::IMark * BookmarkTable::GetBookmarkByName ( const OUString &  sName)

Definition at line 480 of file ui/misc/bookmark.cxx.

References GetRowByBookmarkName(), and m_xControl.

OUString BookmarkTable::GetNameProposal ( ) const
std::unique_ptr< weld::TreeIter > BookmarkTable::GetRowByBookmarkName ( const OUString &  sName)

Definition at line 465 of file ui/misc/bookmark.cxx.

References sw::mark::IMark::GetName(), and m_xControl.

Referenced by GetBookmarkByName(), and SelectByName().

bool BookmarkTable::has_focus ( ) const

Definition at line 41 of file uibase/inc/bookmark.hxx.

void BookmarkTable::InsertBookmark ( sw::mark::IMark pMark)
void BookmarkTable::make_sorted ( )

Definition at line 53 of file uibase/inc/bookmark.hxx.

void BookmarkTable::remove_selection ( )

Definition at line 45 of file uibase/inc/bookmark.hxx.

void BookmarkTable::select ( const weld::TreeIter rIter)

Definition at line 44 of file uibase/inc/bookmark.hxx.

Referenced by SelectByName().

void BookmarkTable::SelectByName ( const OUString &  sName)

Definition at line 489 of file ui/misc/bookmark.cxx.

References GetRowByBookmarkName(), and select().

void BookmarkTable::selected_foreach ( const std::function< bool(weld::TreeIter &)> &  func)

Definition at line 48 of file uibase/inc/bookmark.hxx.

void BookmarkTable::set_sort_column ( int  nColumn)

Definition at line 57 of file uibase/inc/bookmark.hxx.

void BookmarkTable::set_sort_indicator ( TriState  eState,
int  nColumn = -1 

Definition at line 47 of file uibase/inc/bookmark.hxx.

void BookmarkTable::set_sort_order ( bool  bAscending)

Definition at line 55 of file uibase/inc/bookmark.hxx.

void BookmarkTable::unselect_all ( )

Definition at line 40 of file uibase/inc/bookmark.hxx.

Member Data Documentation

constexpr OUStringLiteral BookmarkTable::aForbiddenChars = u"/\\@*?\",#"
const char BookmarkTable::cSeparator

Definition at line 60 of file uibase/inc/bookmark.hxx.

Referenced by IMPL_LINK_NOARG().

std::unique_ptr<weld::TreeView> BookmarkTable::m_xControl

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