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18 */
19#pragma once
21#include "pam.hxx"
22#include <wrtsh.hxx>
25class SwFormatAnchor;
26class SwFlyFrame;
28// helper class to track change of anchor node of at-paragraph respectively
29// at-character anchored fly frames
30// if such a change happens, it has to be checked, if the count of the anchor
31// frames also change. if yes, a re-creation of the fly frames is needed:
32// - deletion of existing fly frames before the intrinsic anchor node changes
33// - creation of new fly frames after the intrinsic anchor node change.
51 const SwFormatAnchor& _rNewAnchorFormat,
52 SwFlyFrame const* _pKeepThisFlyFrame = nullptr);
58 // fly frame format, which is tracked for an anchor node change.
60 // internal flag, which indicates that the certain anchor node change occurs
61 // and that re-creation of fly frames is necessary.
65 std::optional<SwPosition> moCommentAnchor;
69 void ImplDestroy();
72 void operator=(const SwHandleAnchorNodeChg) = delete;
75/* vim:set shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 expandtab: */
general base class for all free-flowing frames
Definition: flyfrm.hxx:79
Definition: fmtanchr.hxx:37
std::optional< SwPosition > moCommentAnchor
If the fly frame has a comment, this points to the old comment anchor.
void operator=(const SwHandleAnchorNodeChg)=delete
SwFlyFrameFormat & mrFlyFrameFormat
calls <SwFlyFrameFormat::MakeFrames>, if re-creation of fly frames is necessary.
Definition: atrfrm.cxx:3450
SwHandleAnchorNodeChg(SwFlyFrameFormat &_rFlyFrameFormat, const SwFormatAnchor &_rNewAnchorFormat, SwFlyFrame const *_pKeepThisFlyFrame=nullptr)
checks, if re-creation of fly frames for an anchor node change at the given fly frame format is neces...
Definition: atrfrm.cxx:3324
SwHandleAnchorNodeChg(const SwHandleAnchorNodeChg &)=delete
Used by the UI to modify the document model.
Definition: wrtsh.hxx:97