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1/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- */
3 * This file is part of the LibreOffice project.
4 *
5 * This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
6 * License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
7 * file, You can obtain one at
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9 * This file incorporates work covered by the following license notice:
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11 * Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
12 * contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed
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14 * ownership. The ASF licenses this file to you under the Apache
15 * License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file
16 * except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of
17 * the License at .
18 */
20#pragma once
22#include <svx/svdotext.hxx>
23#include <svx/svxdllapi.h>
24#include <editeng/measfld.hxx>
26class SdrOutliner;
27struct ImpMeasureRec;
28struct ImpMeasurePoly;
30namespace sdr::properties {
31 class MeasureProperties;
42 virtual ~SdrMeasureObjGeoData() override;
48 // to allow sdr::properties::MeasureProperties access to SetTextDirty()
50 friend class SdrMeasureField;
52 virtual std::unique_ptr<sdr::contact::ViewContact> CreateObjectSpecificViewContact() override;
53 virtual std::unique_ptr<sdr::properties::BaseProperties> CreateObjectSpecificProperties() override;
59 void ImpTakeAttr(ImpMeasureRec& rRec) const;
60 OUString TakeRepresentation(SdrMeasureFieldKind eMeasureFieldKind) const;
61 void ImpCalcGeometrics(const ImpMeasureRec& rRec, ImpMeasurePoly& rPol) const;
62 static basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon ImpCalcXPoly(const ImpMeasurePoly& rPol);
63 void ImpEvalDrag(ImpMeasureRec& rRec, const SdrDragStat& rDrag) const;
65 {
66 bTextDirty=true;
68 if (!getOutRectangle().IsEmpty())
69 {
71 SetBoundAndSnapRectsDirty(/*bNotMyself*/true);
72 }
73 }
74 void UndirtyText() const;
76 virtual std::unique_ptr<SdrObjGeoData> NewGeoData() const override;
77 virtual void SaveGeoData(SdrObjGeoData& rGeo) const override;
78 virtual void RestoreGeoData(const SdrObjGeoData& rGeo) override;
81 SdrMeasureObj(SdrModel& rSdrModel);
82 // Copy constructor
83 SdrMeasureObj(SdrModel& rSdrModel, SdrMeasureObj const & rSource);
85 SdrModel& rSdrModel,
86 const Point& rPt1,
87 const Point& rPt2);
88 virtual ~SdrMeasureObj() override;
90 virtual void TakeObjInfo(SdrObjTransformInfoRec& rInfo) const override;
91 virtual SdrObjKind GetObjIdentifier() const override;
92 virtual void TakeUnrotatedSnapRect(tools::Rectangle& rRect) const override;
93 virtual rtl::Reference<SdrObject> CloneSdrObject(SdrModel& rTargetModel) const override;
95 virtual OUString TakeObjNameSingul() const override;
96 virtual OUString TakeObjNamePlural() const override;
98 virtual basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon TakeXorPoly() const override;
99 virtual sal_uInt32 GetHdlCount() const override;
100 virtual void AddToHdlList(SdrHdlList& rHdlList) const override;
102 // special drag methods
103 virtual bool hasSpecialDrag() const override;
104 virtual bool beginSpecialDrag(SdrDragStat& rDrag) const override;
105 virtual bool applySpecialDrag(SdrDragStat& rDrag) override;
106 virtual OUString getSpecialDragComment(const SdrDragStat& rDrag) const override;
108 virtual bool BegCreate(SdrDragStat& rStat) override;
109 virtual bool MovCreate(SdrDragStat& rStat) override;
110 virtual bool EndCreate(SdrDragStat& rStat, SdrCreateCmd eCmd) override;
111 virtual bool BckCreate(SdrDragStat& rStat) override;
112 virtual void BrkCreate(SdrDragStat& rStat) override;
113 virtual basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon TakeCreatePoly(const SdrDragStat& rDrag) const override;
114 virtual PointerStyle GetCreatePointer() const override;
116 virtual void NbcMove(const Size& rSiz) override;
117 virtual void NbcResize(const Point& rRef, const Fraction& xFact, const Fraction& yFact) override;
118 virtual void NbcRotate(const Point& rRef, Degree100 nAngle, double sn, double cs) override;
119 virtual void NbcMirror(const Point& rRef1, const Point& rRef2) override;
120 virtual void NbcShear(const Point& rRef, Degree100 nAngle, double tn, bool bVShear) override;
121 virtual Degree100 GetRotateAngle() const override;
122 virtual void RecalcSnapRect() override;
124 virtual sal_uInt32 GetSnapPointCount() const override;
125 virtual Point GetSnapPoint(sal_uInt32 i) const override;
127 virtual bool IsPolyObj() const override;
128 virtual sal_uInt32 GetPointCount() const override;
129 virtual Point GetPoint(sal_uInt32 i) const override;
130 virtual void NbcSetPoint(const Point& rPnt, sal_uInt32 i) override;
132 virtual rtl::Reference<SdrObject> DoConvertToPolyObj(bool bBezier, bool bAddText) const override;
134 virtual bool BegTextEdit(SdrOutliner& rOutl) override;
135 virtual const Size& GetTextSize() const override;
136 virtual void TakeTextRect( SdrOutliner& rOutliner, tools::Rectangle& rTextRect, bool bNoEditText,
137 tools::Rectangle* pAnchorRect, bool bLineWidth = true ) const override;
138 virtual void TakeTextAnchorRect(tools::Rectangle& rAnchorRect) const override;
139 virtual void TakeTextEditArea(Size* pPaperMin, Size* pPaperMax, tools::Rectangle* pViewInit, tools::Rectangle* pViewMin) const override;
140 virtual EEAnchorMode GetOutlinerViewAnchorMode() const override;
141 virtual void NbcSetOutlinerParaObject(std::optional<OutlinerParaObject> pTextObject) override;
142 virtual OutlinerParaObject* GetOutlinerParaObject() const override;
144 virtual bool CalcFieldValue(const SvxFieldItem& rField, sal_Int32 nPara, sal_uInt16 nPos,
145 bool bEdit, std::optional<Color>& rpTxtColor, std::optional<Color>& rpFldColor, std::optional<FontLineStyle>& rpFldLineStyle, OUString& rRet) const override;
147 // #i97878#
148 virtual bool TRGetBaseGeometry(basegfx::B2DHomMatrix& rMatrix, basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon& rPolyPolygon) const override;
149 virtual void TRSetBaseGeometry(const basegfx::B2DHomMatrix& rMatrix, const basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon& rPolyPolygon) override;
152// Creating:
153// ~~~~~~~~~
154// dragging reference point 1 to reference point 2 -> reference edge
156// Defaults:
157// ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
158// dimension line and auxiliary dimension lines: solid black hairlines
159// arrows : 2mm x 4mm
160// text size
161// ___
162// | dimension | 2mm
163// |<--------------------->|---
164// | | 8mm
165// | |
166// Pt1============# Pt2-- <----reference edge (from Pt1 to Pt2)
167// # # |___ <-excess length of the auxiliary dimension line(s)
168// # #=========#
169// # objected to be dimensioned #
170// #=======================#
172// Attributes:
173// ~~~~~~~~~~
174// 1. Where is the text: middle, right or left (default=automatic)
175// 2. Text above or below the line or line broken by text (default=automatic)
176// Default=8mm
177// 3. The distance from the dimension line to the reference edge (= to the dimensioned object)
178// 4. dimension line below the reference edge (default=no))
179// 5. excess length of the auxiliary dimension lines beyond the reference edge (2x, default=0)
180// 6. excess length of the auxiliary dimension lines past the dimension line (default=2mm)
181// 7. distance between the auxiliary dimension line and the reference edge
183// Dragging: Handle Shift
184// ~~~~~~~~~
185// - reference points SolidQuadHdl only the length
186// 1.+2. Seizing the text
187// 3.+4. Hdl on arrow (2x) SolidQuadHdl only the Bool
188// 5. Hdl one end point CircHdl both lengths ?
189// 6.+7. no dragging
191// Open:
192// ~~~~~~
193// - radiuses (anchor as type immediately)
195// Special:
196// ~~~~~~~~
197// Connecting to a maximum of two objects
198// -> during Copy, etc. use the respective code of the connectors?!?
199// this probably will be pretty complicated ...
201/* vim:set shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 expandtab: */
SdrMeasureFieldKind eMeasureFieldKind
virtual ~SdrMeasureObjGeoData() override
Definition: svdomeas.cxx:71
bool bTextDirty
Definition: svdomeas.hxx:57
void SetTextDirty()
Definition: svdomeas.hxx:64
All geometrical data of an arbitrary object for use in undo/redo.
Definition: svdobj.hxx:174
Provides information about various ZObject properties.
Definition: svdobj.hxx:196
virtual void NbcSetPoint(const Point &rPnt, sal_uInt32 i)
Definition: svdobj.cxx:1749
const tools::Rectangle & getOutRectangle() const
Definition: svdobj.cxx:3173
virtual bool beginSpecialDrag(SdrDragStat &rDrag) const
Definition: svdobj.cxx:1347
virtual Point GetPoint(sal_uInt32 i) const
Definition: svdobj.cxx:1735
virtual bool IsPolyObj() const
Definition: svdobj.cxx:1725
virtual void SetBoundRectDirty()
Definition: svdobj.cxx:329
virtual void SetBoundAndSnapRectsDirty(bool bNotMyself=false, bool bRecursive=true)
Definition: svdobj.cxx:509
virtual sal_uInt32 GetPointCount() const
Definition: svdobj.cxx:1730
virtual std::unique_ptr< sdr::properties::BaseProperties > CreateObjectSpecificProperties() override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:64
virtual rtl::Reference< SdrObject > CloneSdrObject(SdrModel &rTargetModel) const override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1095
virtual std::unique_ptr< SdrObjGeoData > NewGeoData() const override
A derived class must override these 3 methods if it has own geometric data that must be saved for Und...
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1494
virtual OUString getSpecialDragComment(const SdrDragStat &rDrag) const override
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:177
virtual void SaveGeoData(SdrObjGeoData &rGeo) const override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1499
virtual void NbcMirror(const Point &rRef1, const Point &rRef2) override
Definition: svdotxtr.cxx:238
virtual void RestoreGeoData(const SdrObjGeoData &rGeo) override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1507
virtual void NbcShear(const Point &rRef, Degree100 nAngle, double tn, bool bVShear) override
Definition: svdotxtr.cxx:214
virtual void NbcMove(const Size &rSiz) override
The methods Move, Resize, Rotate, Mirror, Shear, SetSnapRect and SetLogicRect call the corresponding ...
Definition: svdotxtr.cxx:95
virtual void RecalcSnapRect() override
Snap is not done on the BoundRect but if possible on logic coordinates (i.e.
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1140
virtual bool applySpecialDrag(SdrDragStat &rDrag) override
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:152
virtual bool MovCreate(SdrDragStat &rStat) override
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:195
virtual void TakeTextEditArea(Size *pPaperMin, Size *pPaperMax, tools::Rectangle *pViewInit, tools::Rectangle *pViewMin) const
Definition: svdotxed.cxx:131
virtual sal_uInt32 GetHdlCount() const override
Via GetHdlCount the number of Handles can be retrieved.
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:36
virtual Degree100 GetRotateAngle() const override
Definition: svdotxtr.cxx:85
virtual OUString TakeObjNameSingul() const override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1018
virtual bool BegTextEdit(SdrOutliner &rOutl)
Definition: svdotxed.cxx:40
virtual void TakeObjInfo(SdrObjTransformInfoRec &rInfo) const override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:429
virtual const Size & GetTextSize() const
Definition: svdotext.cxx:273
virtual bool BegCreate(SdrDragStat &rStat) override
Every object must be able to create itself interactively.
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:185
virtual void TakeTextAnchorRect(::tools::Rectangle &rAnchorRect) const
Definition: svdotext.cxx:656
virtual OutlinerParaObject * GetOutlinerParaObject() const override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1412
friend class SdrMeasureObj
Definition: svdotext.hxx:159
virtual OUString TakeObjNamePlural() const override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1077
virtual PointerStyle GetCreatePointer() const override
get the cursor/pointer that signals creating this object
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:247
virtual void TRSetBaseGeometry(const basegfx::B2DHomMatrix &rMatrix, const basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon &rPolyPolygon) override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1689
virtual basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon TakeXorPoly() const override
The Xor-Polygon is required by the View to drag the object.
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1100
virtual void BrkCreate(SdrDragStat &rStat) override
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:226
virtual basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon TakeCreatePoly(const SdrDragStat &rDrag) const override
Polygon dragged by the user when creating the object.
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:235
virtual std::unique_ptr< sdr::contact::ViewContact > CreateObjectSpecificViewContact() override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:70
virtual Point GetSnapPoint(sal_uInt32 i) const override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1155
void SetTextSizeDirty()
Definition: svdotext.hxx:301
virtual sal_uInt32 GetSnapPointCount() const override
snap to special points of an Object (polygon points, center of circle)
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1150
virtual bool CalcFieldValue(const SvxFieldItem &rField, sal_Int32 nPara, sal_uInt16 nPos, bool bEdit, std::optional< Color > &rpTxtColor, std::optional< Color > &rpFldColor, std::optional< FontLineStyle > &rpFldLineStyle, OUString &rRet) const
Definition: svdotxfl.cxx:22
virtual bool BckCreate(SdrDragStat &rStat) override
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:230
virtual void TakeTextRect(SdrOutliner &rOutliner, tools::Rectangle &rTextRect, bool bNoEditText, tools::Rectangle *pAnchorRect, bool bLineWidth=true) const
Definition: svdotext.cxx:680
virtual void NbcSetOutlinerParaObject(std::optional< OutlinerParaObject > pTextObject) override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1421
virtual void AddToHdlList(SdrHdlList &rHdlList) const override
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:41
virtual SdrObjKind GetObjIdentifier() const override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:453
virtual void TakeUnrotatedSnapRect(tools::Rectangle &rRect) const
Definition: svdotext.cxx:617
virtual EEAnchorMode GetOutlinerViewAnchorMode() const
Definition: svdotxed.cxx:303
virtual rtl::Reference< SdrObject > DoConvertToPolyObj(bool bBezier, bool bAddText) const override
Definition: svdotxtr.cxx:410
virtual void NbcResize(const Point &rRef, const Fraction &xFact, const Fraction &yFact) override
Definition: svdotxtr.cxx:103
virtual bool EndCreate(SdrDragStat &rStat, SdrCreateCmd eCmd) override
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:210
virtual bool TRGetBaseGeometry(basegfx::B2DHomMatrix &rMatrix, basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon &rPolyPolygon) const override
Definition: svdotext.cxx:1654
virtual bool hasSpecialDrag() const override
The standard transformations (Move,Resize,Rotate,Mirror,Shear) are taken over by the View (TakeXorPol...
Definition: svdotxdr.cxx:70
virtual void NbcRotate(const Point &rRef, Degree100 nAngle, double sn, double cs) override
Definition: svdotxtr.cxx:190
Definition: svdobjkind.hxx:25
Definition: svdtypes.hxx:27
Definition: svxdllapi.h:35