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SvxTextEditSourceImpl Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 SvxTextEditSourceImpl (SdrObject *pObject, SdrText *pText)
 SvxTextEditSourceImpl (SdrObject &rObject, SdrText *pText, SdrView &rView, const OutputDevice &rWindow)
virtual ~SvxTextEditSourceImpl () override
void acquire ()
void release ()
virtual void Notify (SfxBroadcaster &rBC, const SfxHint &rHint) override
SvxTextForwarderGetTextForwarder ()
SvxEditViewForwarderGetEditViewForwarder (bool)
void UpdateData ()
void addRange (SvxUnoTextRangeBase *pNewRange)
void removeRange (SvxUnoTextRangeBase *pOldRange)
const SvxUnoTextRangeBaseVecgetRanges () const
void lock ()
void unlock ()
bool IsValid () const
Point LogicToPixel (const Point &, const MapMode &rMapMode)
Point PixelToLogic (const Point &, const MapMode &rMapMode)
 DECL_LINK (NotifyHdl, EENotify &, void)
virtual void ObjectInDestruction (const SdrObject &rObject) override
void UpdateOutliner ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from SfxListener
 SfxListener ()
 SfxListener (const SfxListener &rCopy)
virtual ~SfxListener () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE
void StartListening (SfxBroadcaster &rBroadcaster, DuplicateHandling eDuplicateHanding=DuplicateHandling::Unexpected)
void EndListening (SfxBroadcaster &rBroadcaster, bool bRemoveAllDuplicates=false)
void EndListeningAll ()
bool IsListening (SfxBroadcaster &rBroadcaster) const
sal_uInt16 GetBroadcasterCount () const
SfxBroadcasterGetBroadcasterJOE (sal_uInt16 nNo) const
virtual void Notify (SfxBroadcaster &rBC, const SfxHint &rHint)
void RemoveBroadcaster_Impl (SfxBroadcaster &rBC)
virtual bool IsSdrView () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from SfxBroadcaster
 SfxBroadcaster ()
 SfxBroadcaster (const SfxBroadcaster &rBC)
virtual ~SfxBroadcaster () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE
void Broadcast (const SfxHint &rHint)
bool HasListeners () const
size_t GetListenerCount () const
void ForAllListeners (std::function< bool(SfxListener *)> f) const
virtual void ObjectInDestruction (const SdrObject &rObject)=0

Private Member Functions

SvxTextForwarderGetBackgroundTextForwarder ()
SvxTextForwarderGetEditModeTextForwarder ()
std::unique_ptr< SvxDrawOutlinerViewForwarderCreateViewForwarder ()
void SetupOutliner ()
bool HasView () const
bool IsEditMode () const
void dispose ()

Private Attributes

oslInterlockedCount maRefCount
VclPtr< const OutputDevicempWindow
std::unique_ptr< SdrOutlinermpOutliner
std::unique_ptr< SvxOutlinerForwardermpTextForwarder
std::unique_ptr< SvxDrawOutlinerViewForwardermpViewForwarder
css::uno::Reference< css::linguistic2::XLinguServiceManager2 > m_xLinguServiceManager
Point maTextOffset
bool mbDataValid
bool mbIsLocked
bool mbNeedsUpdate
bool mbOldUndoMode
bool mbForwarderIsEditMode
bool mbShapeIsEditMode
bool mbNotificationsDisabled
bool mbNotifyEditOutlinerSet
SvxUnoTextRangeBaseVec mvTextRanges

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SfxBroadcaster
void Forward (SfxBroadcaster &rBC, const SfxHint &rHint)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from sdr::ObjectUser
 ~ObjectUser ()

Detailed Description


This class essentially provides the text and view forwarders. If no SdrView is given, this class handles the UNO objects, which are currently not concerned with view issues. In this case, GetViewForwarder() always returns NULL and the underlying EditEngine of the SvxTextForwarder is a background one (i.e. not the official DrawOutliner, but one created exclusively for this object, with no relation to a view).

If a SdrView is given at construction time, the caller is responsible for destroying this object when the view becomes invalid (the views cannot notify). If GetViewForwarder(sal_True) is called, the underlying shape is put into edit mode, the view forwarder returned encapsulates the OutlinerView and the next call to GetTextForwarder() yields a forwarder encapsulating the actual DrawOutliner. Thus, changes on that Outliner are immediately reflected on the screen. If the object leaves edit mode, the old behaviour is restored.

Definition at line 76 of file unoshtxt.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SvxTextEditSourceImpl() [1/2]

SvxTextEditSourceImpl::SvxTextEditSourceImpl ( SdrObject pObject,
SdrText pText 

◆ SvxTextEditSourceImpl() [2/2]

SvxTextEditSourceImpl::SvxTextEditSourceImpl ( SdrObject rObject,
SdrText pText,
SdrView rView,
const OutputDevice rWindow 

◆ ~SvxTextEditSourceImpl()

SvxTextEditSourceImpl::~SvxTextEditSourceImpl ( )

Definition at line 218 of file unoshtxt.cxx.

References DBG_ASSERT, dispose(), mbIsLocked, mpObject, and SdrObject::RemoveObjectUser().

Member Function Documentation

◆ acquire()

void SvxTextEditSourceImpl::acquire ( )

Definition at line 243 of file unoshtxt.cxx.

References maRefCount.

◆ addRange()

void SvxTextEditSourceImpl::addRange ( SvxUnoTextRangeBase *  pNewRange)

Definition at line 228 of file unoshtxt.cxx.

References mvTextRanges.

◆ CreateViewForwarder()

std::unique_ptr< SvxDrawOutlinerViewForwarder > SvxTextEditSourceImpl::CreateViewForwarder ( )


SvxTextEditSourceImpl::DECL_LINK ( NotifyHdl  ,
EENotify ,

◆ dispose()

void SvxTextEditSourceImpl::dispose ( void  )

◆ GetBackgroundTextForwarder()

SvxTextForwarder * SvxTextEditSourceImpl::GetBackgroundTextForwarder ( )

◆ GetEditModeTextForwarder()

SvxTextForwarder * SvxTextEditSourceImpl::GetEditModeTextForwarder ( )

◆ GetEditViewForwarder()

SvxEditViewForwarder * SvxTextEditSourceImpl::GetEditViewForwarder ( bool  bCreate)

◆ getRanges()

const SvxUnoTextRangeBaseVec & SvxTextEditSourceImpl::getRanges ( ) const

Definition at line 135 of file unoshtxt.cxx.

References mvTextRanges.

◆ GetTextForwarder()

SvxTextForwarder * SvxTextEditSourceImpl::GetTextForwarder ( )

◆ HasView()

bool SvxTextEditSourceImpl::HasView ( ) const

◆ IsEditMode()

bool SvxTextEditSourceImpl::IsEditMode ( ) const

◆ IsValid()

bool SvxTextEditSourceImpl::IsValid ( ) const

Definition at line 826 of file unoshtxt.cxx.

References mpView, and mpWindow.

Referenced by LogicToPixel(), and PixelToLogic().

◆ lock()

void SvxTextEditSourceImpl::lock ( )

◆ LogicToPixel()

Point SvxTextEditSourceImpl::LogicToPixel ( const Point rPoint,
const MapMode rMapMode 

◆ Notify()

void SvxTextEditSourceImpl::Notify ( SfxBroadcaster rBC,
const SfxHint rHint 

◆ ObjectInDestruction()

void SvxTextEditSourceImpl::ObjectInDestruction ( const SdrObject rObject)

Implements sdr::ObjectUser.

Definition at line 384 of file unoshtxt.cxx.

References SfxBroadcaster::Broadcast(), dispose(), and mpObject.

◆ PixelToLogic()

Point SvxTextEditSourceImpl::PixelToLogic ( const Point rPoint,
const MapMode rMapMode 

◆ release()

void SvxTextEditSourceImpl::release ( )

Definition at line 249 of file unoshtxt.cxx.

References maRefCount.

◆ removeRange()

void SvxTextEditSourceImpl::removeRange ( SvxUnoTextRangeBase *  pOldRange)

Definition at line 236 of file unoshtxt.cxx.

References mvTextRanges.

◆ SetupOutliner()

void SvxTextEditSourceImpl::SetupOutliner ( )

◆ unlock()

void SvxTextEditSourceImpl::unlock ( )

◆ UpdateData()

void SvxTextEditSourceImpl::UpdateData ( )

◆ UpdateOutliner()

void SvxTextEditSourceImpl::UpdateOutliner ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_xLinguServiceManager

css::uno::Reference< css::linguistic2::XLinguServiceManager2 > SvxTextEditSourceImpl::m_xLinguServiceManager

Definition at line 89 of file unoshtxt.cxx.

Referenced by GetBackgroundTextForwarder().

◆ maRefCount

oslInterlockedCount SvxTextEditSourceImpl::maRefCount

Definition at line 79 of file unoshtxt.cxx.

Referenced by acquire(), and release().

◆ maTextOffset

Point SvxTextEditSourceImpl::maTextOffset

Definition at line 90 of file unoshtxt.cxx.

Referenced by LogicToPixel(), PixelToLogic(), SetupOutliner(), and UpdateOutliner().

◆ mbDataValid

bool SvxTextEditSourceImpl::mbDataValid

Definition at line 91 of file unoshtxt.cxx.

Referenced by GetBackgroundTextForwarder(), GetTextForwarder(), and Notify().

◆ mbForwarderIsEditMode

bool SvxTextEditSourceImpl::mbForwarderIsEditMode

◆ mbIsLocked

bool SvxTextEditSourceImpl::mbIsLocked

◆ mbNeedsUpdate

bool SvxTextEditSourceImpl::mbNeedsUpdate

Definition at line 93 of file unoshtxt.cxx.

Referenced by unlock(), and UpdateData().

◆ mbNotificationsDisabled

bool SvxTextEditSourceImpl::mbNotificationsDisabled

Definition at line 97 of file unoshtxt.cxx.

Referenced by GetBackgroundTextForwarder().

◆ mbNotifyEditOutlinerSet

bool SvxTextEditSourceImpl::mbNotifyEditOutlinerSet

Definition at line 98 of file unoshtxt.cxx.

Referenced by CreateViewForwarder(), dispose(), and Notify().

◆ mbOldUndoMode

bool SvxTextEditSourceImpl::mbOldUndoMode

Definition at line 94 of file unoshtxt.cxx.

Referenced by GetBackgroundTextForwarder(), lock(), and unlock().

◆ mbShapeIsEditMode

bool SvxTextEditSourceImpl::mbShapeIsEditMode

Definition at line 96 of file unoshtxt.cxx.

Referenced by IsEditMode(), Notify(), and SvxTextEditSourceImpl().

◆ mpModel

SdrModel* SvxTextEditSourceImpl::mpModel

◆ mpObject

SdrObject* SvxTextEditSourceImpl::mpObject

◆ mpOutliner

std::unique_ptr<SdrOutliner> SvxTextEditSourceImpl::mpOutliner

◆ mpText

SdrText* SvxTextEditSourceImpl::mpText

◆ mpTextForwarder

std::unique_ptr<SvxOutlinerForwarder> SvxTextEditSourceImpl::mpTextForwarder

◆ mpView

SdrView* SvxTextEditSourceImpl::mpView

◆ mpViewForwarder

std::unique_ptr<SvxDrawOutlinerViewForwarder> SvxTextEditSourceImpl::mpViewForwarder

Definition at line 88 of file unoshtxt.cxx.

Referenced by dispose(), GetEditViewForwarder(), and Notify().

◆ mpWindow

VclPtr<const OutputDevice> SvxTextEditSourceImpl::mpWindow

Definition at line 84 of file unoshtxt.cxx.

Referenced by dispose(), IsValid(), LogicToPixel(), and PixelToLogic().

◆ mvTextRanges

SvxUnoTextRangeBaseVec SvxTextEditSourceImpl::mvTextRanges

Definition at line 100 of file unoshtxt.cxx.

Referenced by addRange(), getRanges(), and removeRange().

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