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SdrCropHdl Class Referencefinal

#include <svdhdl.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SdrCropHdl (const Point &rPnt, SdrHdlKind eNewKind, double fShearX, double fRotation)
- Public Member Functions inherited from SdrHdl
 SdrHdl ()
 SdrHdl (const Point &rPnt, SdrHdlKind eNewKind)
virtual ~SdrHdl ()
const sdr::overlay::OverlayObjectListgetOverlayObjectList () const
void SetHdlList (SdrHdlList *pList)
SdrHdlKind GetKind () const
void Touch ()
const PointGetPos () const
void SetPos (const Point &rPnt)
SdrPageViewGetPageView () const
void SetPageView (SdrPageView *pNewPV)
SdrObjectGetObj () const
void SetObj (SdrObject *pNewObj)
bool IsSelected () const
void SetSelected (bool bJa=true)
void Set1PixMore (bool bJa=true)
void SetRotationAngle (Degree100 n)
bool IsCornerHdl () const
bool IsVertexHdl () const
void SetObjHdlNum (sal_uInt32 nNum)
sal_uInt32 GetObjHdlNum () const
void SetPolyNum (sal_uInt32 nNum)
sal_uInt32 GetPolyNum () const
void SetPointNum (sal_uInt32 nNum)
sal_uInt32 GetPointNum () const
void SetPlusHdl (bool bOn)
bool IsPlusHdl () const
void SetSourceHdlNum (sal_uInt32 nNum)
sal_uInt32 GetSourceHdlNum () const
virtual PointerStyle GetPointer () const
bool IsHdlHit (const Point &rPnt) const
virtual bool IsFocusHdl () const
void SetMoveOutside (bool bMoveOutside)
virtual void onMouseEnter (const MouseEvent &rMEvt)
 is called when the mouse enters the area of this handle. More...
virtual void onHelpRequest ()
 is called when help is requested for the area of this handle More...
virtual void onMouseLeave ()
 is called when the mouse leaves the area of this handle. More...

Private Member Functions

virtual void CreateB2dIAObject () override
BitmapEx GetBitmapForHandle (const BitmapEx &rBitmap, int nSize)

Private Attributes

double mfShearX
double mfRotation

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SdrHdl
static BitmapEx createGluePointBitmap ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SdrHdl
void GetRidOfIAObject ()
std::unique_ptr< sdr::overlay::OverlayObjectCreateOverlayObject (const basegfx::B2DPoint &rPos, BitmapColorIndex eColIndex, BitmapMarkerKind eKindOfMarker, Point aMoveOutsideOffset=Point())
void insertNewlyCreatedOverlayObjectForSdrHdl (std::unique_ptr< sdr::overlay::OverlayObject > pOverlayObject, const sdr::contact::ObjectContact &rObjectContact, sdr::overlay::OverlayManager &rOverlayManager)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from SdrHdl
static BitmapMarkerKind GetNextBigger (BitmapMarkerKind eKnd)
- Protected Attributes inherited from SdrHdl
sdr::overlay::OverlayObjectList maOverlayGroup
Point aPos
SdrHdlKind eKind
Degree100 nRotationAngle
sal_uInt32 nObjHdlNum
sal_uInt32 nPolyNum
sal_uInt32 nPPntNum
sal_uInt32 nSourceHdlNum
bool bSelect: 1
bool b1PixMore: 1
bool bPlusHdl: 1
bool mbMoveOutside

Detailed Description

Definition at line 486 of file svdhdl.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SdrCropHdl::SdrCropHdl ( const Point rPnt,
SdrHdlKind  eNewKind,
double  fShearX,
double  fRotation 

Definition at line 2332 of file svdhdl.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void SdrCropHdl::CreateB2dIAObject ( )
BitmapEx SdrCropHdl::GetBitmapForHandle ( const BitmapEx rBitmap,
int  nSize 

Definition at line 2344 of file svdhdl.cxx.

References BitmapEx::Crop(), SdrHdl::eKind, Left, Lower, LowerLeft, LowerRight, Point, Right, Upper, UpperLeft, and UpperRight.

Referenced by CreateB2dIAObject().

Member Data Documentation

double SdrCropHdl::mfRotation

Definition at line 504 of file svdhdl.hxx.

Referenced by CreateB2dIAObject().

double SdrCropHdl::mfShearX

Definition at line 503 of file svdhdl.hxx.

Referenced by CreateB2dIAObject().

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