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E3dDragMethod Class Reference

#include <dragmt3d.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 E3dDragMethod (SdrDragView &rView, const SdrMarkList &rMark, E3dDragConstraint eConstr, bool bFull)
virtual OUString GetSdrDragComment () const override
virtual bool BeginSdrDrag () override
virtual void MoveSdrDrag (const Point &rPnt) override
virtual void CancelSdrDrag () override
virtual bool EndSdrDrag (bool bCopy) override
virtual void CreateOverlayGeometry (sdr::overlay::OverlayManager &rOverlayManager, const sdr::contact::ObjectContact &rObjectContact) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SdrDragMethod
void resetSdrDragEntries ()
basegfx::B2DRange getCurrentRange () const
 SdrDragMethod (SdrDragView &rNewView)
virtual ~SdrDragMethod ()
void Show ()
void Hide ()
bool IsShiftPressed () const
void SetShiftPressed (bool bShiftPressed)
virtual PointerStyle GetSdrDragPointer () const =0
void destroyOverlayGeometry ()
virtual basegfx::B2DHomMatrix getCurrentTransformation ()
virtual void applyCurrentTransformationToSdrObject (SdrObject &rTarget)
virtual void applyCurrentTransformationToPolyPolygon (basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon &rTarget)
bool getMoveOnly () const
bool getSolidDraggingActive () const

Protected Attributes

::std::vector< E3dDragMethodUnitmaGrp
E3dDragConstraint meConstraint
Point maLastPos
tools::Rectangle maFullBound
bool mbMoveFull
bool mbMovedAtAll

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SdrDragMethod
void clearSdrDragEntries ()
void addSdrDragEntry (std::unique_ptr< SdrDragEntry > pNew)
virtual void createSdrDragEntries ()
virtual void createSdrDragEntryForSdrObject (const SdrObject &rOriginal)
void insertNewlyCreatedOverlayObjectForSdrDragMethod (std::unique_ptr< sdr::overlay::OverlayObject > pOverlayObject, const sdr::contact::ObjectContact &rObjectContact, sdr::overlay::OverlayManager &rOverlayManager)
SdrDragViewgetSdrDragView ()
const SdrDragViewgetSdrDragView () const
void setMoveOnly (bool bNew)
void setSolidDraggingActive (bool bNew)
void createSdrDragEntries_SolidDrag ()
void createSdrDragEntries_PolygonDrag ()
void createSdrDragEntries_PointDrag ()
void createSdrDragEntries_GlueDrag ()
OUString ImpGetDescriptionStr (const char *pStrCacheID) const
SdrHdlGetDragHdl () const
SdrHdlKind GetDragHdlKind () const
SdrDragStatDragStat ()
const SdrDragStatDragStat () const
PointRef1 () const
PointRef2 () const
const SdrHdlListGetHdlList () const
void AddUndo (std::unique_ptr< SdrUndoAction > pUndo)
bool IsDragLimit ()
const tools::RectangleGetDragLimitRect ()
const SdrMarkListGetMarkedObjectList ()
Point GetSnapPos (const Point &rPt) const
SdrSnap SnapPos (Point &rPt) const
const tools::RectangleGetMarkedRect () const
SdrPageViewGetDragPV () const
SdrObjectGetDragObj () const
bool IsDraggingPoints () const
bool IsDraggingGluePoints () const
bool DoAddConnectorOverlays ()
drawinglayer::primitive2d::Primitive2DContainer AddConnectorOverlays ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 56 of file dragmt3d.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

E3dDragMethod::E3dDragMethod ( SdrDragView rView,
const SdrMarkList rMark,
E3dDragConstraint  eConstr,
bool  bFull 

Member Function Documentation

bool E3dDragMethod::BeginSdrDrag ( )
void E3dDragMethod::CancelSdrDrag ( )
void E3dDragMethod::CreateOverlayGeometry ( sdr::overlay::OverlayManager rOverlayManager,
const sdr::contact::ObjectContact rObjectContact 
bool E3dDragMethod::EndSdrDrag ( bool  bCopy)
OUString E3dDragMethod::GetSdrDragComment ( ) const

Implements SdrDragMethod.

Definition at line 107 of file dragmt3d.cxx.

void E3dDragMethod::MoveSdrDrag ( const Point rPnt)

Implements SdrDragMethod.

Reimplemented in E3dDragMove, and E3dDragRotate.

Definition at line 206 of file dragmt3d.cxx.

References mbMovedAtAll.

Referenced by E3dDragRotate::MoveSdrDrag(), and E3dDragMove::MoveSdrDrag().

Member Data Documentation

tools::Rectangle E3dDragMethod::maFullBound
::std::vector< E3dDragMethodUnit > E3dDragMethod::maGrp
Point E3dDragMethod::maLastPos

Definition at line 61 of file dragmt3d.hxx.

Referenced by BeginSdrDrag(), E3dDragRotate::MoveSdrDrag(), and E3dDragMove::MoveSdrDrag().

bool E3dDragMethod::mbMovedAtAll

Definition at line 64 of file dragmt3d.hxx.

Referenced by CancelSdrDrag(), EndSdrDrag(), and MoveSdrDrag().

bool E3dDragMethod::mbMoveFull
E3dDragConstraint E3dDragMethod::meConstraint

Definition at line 60 of file dragmt3d.hxx.

Referenced by BeginSdrDrag(), and E3dDragRotate::MoveSdrDrag().

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