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E3dDragMethod Class Reference

#include <dragmt3d.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 E3dDragMethod (SdrDragView &rView, const SdrMarkList &rMark, E3dDragConstraint eConstr, bool bFull)
virtual OUString GetSdrDragComment () const override
virtual bool BeginSdrDrag () override
virtual void MoveSdrDrag (const Point &rPnt) override
virtual void CancelSdrDrag () override
virtual bool EndSdrDrag (bool bCopy) override
virtual void CreateOverlayGeometry (sdr::overlay::OverlayManager &rOverlayManager, const sdr::contact::ObjectContact &rObjectContact) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SdrDragMethod
void resetSdrDragEntries ()
basegfx::B2DRange getCurrentRange () const
 SdrDragMethod (SdrDragView &rNewView)
virtual ~SdrDragMethod ()
void Show ()
void Hide ()
bool IsShiftPressed () const
void SetShiftPressed (bool bShiftPressed)
virtual OUString GetSdrDragComment () const =0
virtual bool BeginSdrDrag ()=0
virtual void MoveSdrDrag (const Point &rPnt)=0
virtual bool EndSdrDrag (bool bCopy)=0
virtual void CancelSdrDrag ()
virtual PointerStyle GetSdrDragPointer () const =0
virtual void CreateOverlayGeometry (sdr::overlay::OverlayManager &rOverlayManager, const sdr::contact::ObjectContact &rObjectContact)
void destroyOverlayGeometry ()
virtual basegfx::B2DHomMatrix getCurrentTransformation () const
virtual void applyCurrentTransformationToSdrObject (SdrObject &rTarget)
virtual void applyCurrentTransformationToPolyPolygon (basegfx::B2DPolyPolygon &rTarget)
bool getMoveOnly () const
bool getSolidDraggingActive () const

Protected Attributes

::std::vector< E3dDragMethodUnitmaGrp
E3dDragConstraint meConstraint
Point maLastPos
tools::Rectangle maFullBound
bool mbMoveFull
bool mbMovedAtAll

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SdrDragMethod
void clearSdrDragEntries ()
void addSdrDragEntry (std::unique_ptr< SdrDragEntry > pNew)
virtual void createSdrDragEntries ()
virtual void createSdrDragEntryForSdrObject (const SdrObject &rOriginal)
void insertNewlyCreatedOverlayObjectForSdrDragMethod (std::unique_ptr< sdr::overlay::OverlayObject > pOverlayObject, const sdr::contact::ObjectContact &rObjectContact, sdr::overlay::OverlayManager &rOverlayManager)
SdrDragViewgetSdrDragView ()
const SdrDragViewgetSdrDragView () const
void setMoveOnly (bool bNew)
void setSolidDraggingActive (bool bNew)
void createSdrDragEntries_SolidDrag ()
void createSdrDragEntries_PolygonDrag ()
void createSdrDragEntries_PointDrag ()
void createSdrDragEntries_GlueDrag ()
OUString ImpGetDescriptionStr (TranslateId pStrCacheID) const
SdrHdlGetDragHdl () const
SdrHdlKind GetDragHdlKind () const
SdrDragStatDragStat ()
const SdrDragStatDragStat () const
PointRef1 () const
PointRef2 () const
const SdrHdlListGetHdlList () const
void AddUndo (std::unique_ptr< SdrUndoAction > pUndo)
bool IsDragLimit ()
const tools::RectangleGetDragLimitRect ()
const SdrMarkListGetMarkedObjectList ()
Point GetSnapPos (const Point &rPt) const
SdrSnap SnapPos (Point &rPt) const
const tools::RectangleGetMarkedRect () const
SdrPageViewGetDragPV () const
SdrObjectGetDragObj () const
bool IsDraggingPoints () const
bool IsDraggingGluePoints () const
bool DoAddConnectorOverlays ()
drawinglayer::primitive2d::Primitive2DContainer AddConnectorOverlays ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 56 of file dragmt3d.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ E3dDragMethod()

E3dDragMethod::E3dDragMethod ( SdrDragView rView,
const SdrMarkList rMark,
E3dDragConstraint  eConstr,
bool  bFull 

Member Function Documentation

◆ BeginSdrDrag()

bool E3dDragMethod::BeginSdrDrag ( )

◆ CancelSdrDrag()

void E3dDragMethod::CancelSdrDrag ( )

◆ CreateOverlayGeometry()

void E3dDragMethod::CreateOverlayGeometry ( sdr::overlay::OverlayManager rOverlayManager,
const sdr::contact::ObjectContact rObjectContact 

◆ EndSdrDrag()

bool E3dDragMethod::EndSdrDrag ( bool  bCopy)

◆ GetSdrDragComment()

OUString E3dDragMethod::GetSdrDragComment ( ) const

Implements SdrDragMethod.

Definition at line 107 of file dragmt3d.cxx.

◆ MoveSdrDrag()

void E3dDragMethod::MoveSdrDrag ( const Point rPnt)

Implements SdrDragMethod.

Reimplemented in E3dDragRotate, and E3dDragMove.

Definition at line 206 of file dragmt3d.cxx.

References mbMovedAtAll.

Referenced by E3dDragRotate::MoveSdrDrag(), and E3dDragMove::MoveSdrDrag().

Member Data Documentation

◆ maFullBound

tools::Rectangle E3dDragMethod::maFullBound

◆ maGrp

::std::vector< E3dDragMethodUnit > E3dDragMethod::maGrp

◆ maLastPos

Point E3dDragMethod::maLastPos

Definition at line 61 of file dragmt3d.hxx.

Referenced by BeginSdrDrag(), E3dDragRotate::MoveSdrDrag(), and E3dDragMove::MoveSdrDrag().

◆ mbMovedAtAll

bool E3dDragMethod::mbMovedAtAll

Definition at line 64 of file dragmt3d.hxx.

Referenced by CancelSdrDrag(), EndSdrDrag(), and MoveSdrDrag().

◆ mbMoveFull

bool E3dDragMethod::mbMoveFull

◆ meConstraint

E3dDragConstraint E3dDragMethod::meConstraint

Definition at line 60 of file dragmt3d.hxx.

Referenced by BeginSdrDrag(), and E3dDragRotate::MoveSdrDrag().

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