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xihelper.hxx File Reference
#include <editeng/editdata.hxx>
#include <types.hxx>
#include "xladdress.hxx"
#include "xiroot.hxx"
#include "xltools.hxx"
#include <memory>
#include <vector>
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class  XclImpAddressConverter
 Provides functions to convert Excel cell addresses to Calc cell addresses. More...
class  XclImpStringHelper
 This class provides methods to convert an XclImpString. More...
class  XclImpHFConverter
 Converts an Excel header/footer string into three edit engine text objects. More...
struct  XclImpHFConverter::XclImpHFPortionInfo
 Contains all information about a header/footer portion. More...
class  XclImpUrlHelper
 This class contains static methods to decode a URL stored in an Excel file. More...
class  XclImpCachedValue
 This class stores one cached value of a cached value list (used for instance in CRN, EXTERNNAME, tArray). More...
class  XclImpCachedMatrix
 Contains cached values in a 2-dimensional array. More...


namespace  svl
 These need to be in global namespace just like their respective types are.