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viewsettings.hxx File Reference
#include <rangelst.hxx>
#include "stylesbuffer.hxx"
#include "worksheethelper.hxx"
#include "workbookhelper.hxx"
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struct  oox::xls::PaneSelectionModel
 Contains all settings for a selection in a single pane of a sheet. More...
struct  oox::xls::SheetViewModel
 Contains all view settings for a single sheet. More...
class  oox::xls::SheetViewSettings
struct  oox::xls::WorkbookViewModel
 Contains all view settings for the entire document. More...
class  oox::xls::ViewSettings


namespace  oox
namespace  oox::xls


typedef std::shared_ptr< SheetViewModel > oox::xls::SheetViewModelRef
typedef std::shared_ptr< WorkbookViewModel > oox::xls::WorkbookViewModelRef