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ScUndoUtil Member List

This is the complete list of members for ScUndoUtil, including all inherited members.

GetOldDBData(const ScDBData *pUndoData, ScDocument *pDoc, SCTAB nTab, SCCOL nCol1, SCROW nRow1, SCCOL nCol2, SCROW nRow2)ScUndoUtilstatic
MarkSimpleBlock(const ScDocShell *pDocShell, SCCOL nStartX, SCROW nStartY, SCTAB nStartZ, SCCOL nEndX, SCROW nEndY, SCTAB nEndZ)ScUndoUtilstatic
MarkSimpleBlock(const ScDocShell *pDocShell, const ScAddress &rBlockStart, const ScAddress &rBlockEnd)ScUndoUtilstatic
MarkSimpleBlock(const ScDocShell *pDocShell, const ScRange &rRange)ScUndoUtilstatic
PaintMore(ScDocShell *pDocShell, const ScRange &rRange)ScUndoUtilstatic