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ScCellFormat Member List

This is the complete list of members for ScCellFormat, including all inherited members.

GetInputString(const ScRefCellValue &rCell, sal_uInt32 nFormat, OUString &rString, SvNumberFormatter &rFormatter, const ScDocument &rDoc, bool bFiltering=false)ScCellFormatstatic
GetOutputString(ScDocument &rDoc, const ScAddress &rPos, const ScRefCellValue &rCell)ScCellFormatstatic
GetString(const ScRefCellValue &rCell, sal_uInt32 nFormat, OUString &rString, const Color **ppColor, SvNumberFormatter &rFormatter, const ScDocument &rDoc, bool bNullVals=true, bool bFormula=false, bool bUseStarFormat=false)ScCellFormatstatic
GetString(ScDocument &rDoc, const ScAddress &rPos, sal_uInt32 nFormat, const Color **ppColor, SvNumberFormatter &rFormatter, bool bNullVals=true, bool bFormula=false)ScCellFormatstatic