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biffhelper.hxx File Reference
#include <sal/types.h>
#include <rtl/ustring.hxx>
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class  oox::xls::BiffHelper
 Static helper functions for BIFF filters. More...


namespace  oox
namespace  oox::xls


SequenceInputStream & oox::xls::operator>> (SequenceInputStream &rStrm, OUString &orString)
 BIFF12 stream operator for an OUString, reads 32-bit string length and Unicode array. More...


const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_ARRAY = 0x01AA
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_AUTOFILTER = 0x00A1
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_AUTOSORTSCOPE = 0x01CB
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_BINARYINDEXBLOCK = 0x002A
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_BINARYINDEXROWS = 0x0028
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_BOOKVIEWS = 0x0087
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_BORDER = 0x002E
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_BORDERS = 0x0265
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_BRK = 0x018C
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CALCPR = 0x009D
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CELL_BLANK = 0x0001
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CELL_BOOL = 0x0004
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CELL_DOUBLE = 0x0005
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CELL_ERROR = 0x0003
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CELL_RK = 0x0002
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CELL_RSTRING = 0x003E
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CELL_SI = 0x0007
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CELL_STRING = 0x0006
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CELLSTYLE = 0x0030
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CELLSTYLES = 0x026B
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CELLSTYLEXFS = 0x0272
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CELLXFS = 0x0269
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CFCOLOR = 0x0234
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CFRULE = 0x01CF
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CHARTPAGESETUP = 0x028C
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CHARTPROTECTION = 0x029D
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CHARTSHEETPR = 0x028B
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CHARTSHEETVIEW = 0x008D
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CHARTSHEETVIEWS = 0x008B
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_COL = 0x003C
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_COLBREAKS = 0x018A
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_COLOR = 0x023C
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_COLORS = 0x01D9
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_COLORSCALE = 0x01D5
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_COLS = 0x0186
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_COMMENT = 0x027B
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_COMMENTAUTHOR = 0x0278
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_COMMENTAUTHORS = 0x0276
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_COMMENTLIST = 0x0279
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_COMMENTS = 0x0274
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_COMMENTTEXT = 0x027D
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CONDFORMATTING = 0x01CD
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CONNECTION = 0x00C9
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CONNECTIONS = 0x01AD
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CONTROL = 0x0284
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CONTROLS = 0x0283
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CUSTOMCHARTVIEW = 0x028F
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CUSTOMCHARTVIEWS = 0x028D
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CUSTOMFILTER = 0x00AE
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CUSTOMFILTERS = 0x00AC
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CUSTOMSHEETVIEW = 0x01A7
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CUSTOMSHEETVIEWS = 0x01A6
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_CUSTOMWORKBOOKVIEW = 0x018D
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_DATABAR = 0x01D3
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_DATATABLE = 0x01AC
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_DATAVALIDATION = 0x0040
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_DATAVALIDATIONS = 0x023D
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_DDEITEMVALUES = 0x0242
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_DDEITEM_BOOL = 0x0248
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_DDEITEM_DOUBLE = 0x0244
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_DDEITEM_ERROR = 0x0245
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_DDEITEM_STRING = 0x0246
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_DEFINEDNAME = 0x0027
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_DIMENSION = 0x0094
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_DISCRETEFILTER = 0x00A7
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_DISCRETEFILTERS = 0x00A5
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_DRAWING = 0x0226
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_DXF = 0x01FB
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_DXFS = 0x01F9
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_EXTCELL_BLANK = 0x016F
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_EXTCELL_BOOL = 0x0171
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_EXTCELL_DOUBLE = 0x0170
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_EXTCELL_ERROR = 0x0172
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_EXTCELL_STRING = 0x0173
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_EXTERNALADDIN = 0x029B
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_EXTERNALBOOK = 0x0168
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_EXTERNALNAME = 0x0241
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_EXTERNALREF = 0x0163
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_EXTERNALREFS = 0x0161
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_EXTERNALSELF = 0x0165
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_EXTERNALSAME = 0x0166
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_EXTERNALSHEETS = 0x016A
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_EXTROW = 0x016E
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_EXTSHEETDATA = 0x016B
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_EXTERNALNAMEFLAGS = 0x024A
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_EXTSHEETNAMES = 0x0167
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_FILESHARING = 0x0224
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_FILEVERSION = 0x0080
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_FILL = 0x002D
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_FILLS = 0x025B
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_FILTERCOLUMN = 0x00A3
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_FONT = 0x002B
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_FONTS = 0x0263
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_FORMULA_STRING = 0x0008
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_FORMULA_DOUBLE = 0x0009
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_FORMULA_BOOL = 0x000A
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_FORMULA_ERROR = 0x000B
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_FUNCTIONGROUP = 0x0299
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_FUNCTIONGROUPS = 0x0298
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_HEADERFOOTER = 0x01DF
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_HYPERLINK = 0x01EE
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_ICONSET = 0x01D1
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_INDEXEDCOLORS = 0x0235
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_INPUTCELLS = 0x01F8
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_LEGACYDRAWING = 0x0227
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_MERGECELL = 0x00B0
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_MERGECELLS = 0x00B1
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_MRUCOLORS = 0x0239
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_MULTCELL_BLANK = 0x000C
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_MULTCELL_BOOL = 0x000F
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_MULTCELL_DOUBLE = 0x0010
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_MULTCELL_ERROR = 0x000E
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_MULTCELL_RK = 0x000D
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_MULTCELL_RSTRING = 0x003D
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_MULTCELL_SI = 0x0012
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_MULTCELL_STRING = 0x0011
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_NUMFMT = 0x002C
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_NUMFMTS = 0x0267
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_OLEOBJECT = 0x027F
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_OLEOBJECTS = 0x027E
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_OLESIZE = 0x0225
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PAGEMARGINS = 0x01DC
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PAGESETUP = 0x01DE
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PANE = 0x0097
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCDEFINITION = 0x00B3
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCDFDISCRETEPR = 0x00E1
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCDFGROUPITEMS = 0x00DD
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCDFIELD = 0x00B7
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCDFIELDGROUP = 0x00DB
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCDFIELDS = 0x00B5
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCDFRANGEPR = 0x00DF
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCDFSHAREDITEMS = 0x00BD
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCDSHEETSOURCE = 0x00BB
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCDSOURCE = 0x00B9
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCITEM_ARRAY = 0x00BF
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCITEM_BOOL = 0x0016
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCITEM_DATE = 0x0019
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCITEM_DOUBLE = 0x0015
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCITEM_ERROR = 0x0017
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCITEM_INDEX = 0x001A
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCITEM_MISSING = 0x0014
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCITEM_STRING = 0x0018
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCITEMA_BOOL = 0x001D
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCITEMA_DATE = 0x0020
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCITEMA_DOUBLE = 0x001C
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCITEMA_ERROR = 0x001E
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCITEMA_MISSING = 0x001B
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCITEMA_STRING = 0x001F
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCRECORD = 0x0021
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCRECORDDT = 0x0022
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PCRECORDS = 0x00C1
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PHONETICPR = 0x0219
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PICTURE = 0x0232
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PIVOTAREA = 0x00F7
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PIVOTCACHE = 0x0182
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PIVOTCACHES = 0x0180
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PRINTOPTIONS = 0x01DD
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PTCOLFIELDS = 0x0137
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PTDATAFIELD = 0x0125
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PTDATAFIELDS = 0x0127
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PTDEFINITION = 0x0118
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PTFIELD = 0x011D
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PTFIELDS = 0x011F
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PTFILTER = 0x0259
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PTFILTERS = 0x0257
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PTFITEM = 0x011A
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PTFITEMS = 0x011B
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PTLOCATION = 0x013A
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PTPAGEFIELD = 0x0121
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PTPAGEFIELDS = 0x0123
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PTREFERENCE = 0x00FB
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PTREFERENCEITEM = 0x017E
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PTREFERENCES = 0x00F9
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_PTROWFIELDS = 0x0135
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_QUERYTABLE = 0x01BF
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_QUERYTABLEREFRESH = 0x01C1
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_RGBCOLOR = 0x01DB
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_ROW = 0x0000
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_ROWBREAKS = 0x0188
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_SCENARIO = 0x01F6
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_SCENARIOS = 0x01F4
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_SELECTION = 0x0098
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_SHAREDFMLA = 0x01AB
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_SHEET = 0x009C
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_SHEETDATA = 0x0091
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_SHEETFORMATPR = 0x01E5
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_SHEETPR = 0x0093
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_SHEETPROTECTION = 0x0217
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_SHEETS = 0x008F
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_SHEETVIEW = 0x0089
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_SHEETVIEWS = 0x0085
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_SI = 0x0013
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_SST = 0x009F
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_STYLESHEET = 0x0116
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_TABLE = 0x0157
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_TABLEPART = 0x0295
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_TABLEPARTS = 0x0294
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_TABLESTYLEINFO = 0x0201
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_TABLESTYLES = 0x01FC
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_TOP10FILTER = 0x00AA
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_VOLTYPE = 0x0204
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_VOLTYPEMAIN = 0x0206
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_VOLTYPES = 0x0202
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_VOLTYPESTP = 0x020A
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_VOLTYPETR = 0x020B
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_WEBPR = 0x0105
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_WEBPRTABLES = 0x0107
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_WORKBOOK = 0x0083
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_WORKBOOKPR = 0x0099
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_WORKBOOKVIEW = 0x009E
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_WORKSHEET = 0x0081
const sal_Int32 oox::xls::BIFF12_ID_XF = 0x002F
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF2_ID_BOF = 0x0009
 all binary Excel file format types (BIFF types). More...
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF3_ID_BOF = 0x0209
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF4_ID_BOF = 0x0409
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF5_ID_BOF = 0x0809
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CONT = 0x003C
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_EOF = 0x000A
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PCDEFINITION = 0x00C6
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PCDEFINITION2 = 0x0122
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PCDFDISCRETEPR = 0x00D9
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PCDFIELD = 0x00C7
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PCDFRANGEPR = 0x00D8
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PCDFSQLTYPE = 0x01BB
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PCITEM_BOOL = 0x00CA
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PCITEM_DATE = 0x00CE
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PCITEM_DOUBLE = 0x00C9
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PCITEM_ERROR = 0x00CB
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PCITEM_INDEXLIST = 0x00C8
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PCITEM_INTEGER = 0x00CC
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PCITEM_MISSING = 0x00CF
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PCITEM_STRING = 0x00CD
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_UNKNOWN = SAL_MAX_UINT16
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF2_ID_ARRAY = 0x0021
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF3_ID_ARRAY = 0x0221
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_AUTOFILTER = 0x009D
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF2_ID_BLANK = 0x0001
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF3_ID_BLANK = 0x0201
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_BOOKBOOL = 0x00DA
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_BOOKEXT = 0x0863
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF2_ID_BOOLERR = 0x0005
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF3_ID_BOOLERR = 0x0205
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_BOTTOMMARGIN = 0x0029
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CALCCOUNT = 0x000C
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CALCMODE = 0x000D
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CFHEADER = 0x01B0
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CFRULE = 0x01B1
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CFRULE12 = 0x087A
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CFRULEEXT = 0x087B
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CH3DDATAFORMAT = 0x105F
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHAREA = 0x101A
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHAREAFORMAT = 0x100A
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHATTACHEDLABEL = 0x100C
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHAXESSET = 0x1041
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHAXIS = 0x101D
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHAXISLINE = 0x1021
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHBAR = 0x1017
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHBEGIN = 0x1033
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHCHART = 0x1002
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHCHART3D = 0x103A
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHCHARTLINE = 0x101C
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHDATAFORMAT = 0x1006
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHDATERANGE = 0x1062
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHDEFAULTTEXT = 0x1024
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHDROPBAR = 0x103D
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHECKCOMPAT = 0x088C
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHEND = 0x1034
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHESCHERFORMAT = 0x1066
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHFONT = 0x1026
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHFORMAT = 0x104E
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHFORMATRUNS = 0x1050
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHFRAME = 0x1032
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHFRAMEPOS = 0x104F
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHFRBLOCKBEGIN = 0x0852
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHFRBLOCKEND = 0x0853
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHFRCATEGORYPROPS = 0x0856
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHFREXTPROPS = 0x089E
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHFREXTPROPSCONT = 0x089F
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHFRINFO = 0x0850
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHFRLABELPROPS = 0x086B
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHFRLAYOUT = 0x089D
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHFRPLOTAREALAYOUT = 0x08A7
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHFRSHAPEPROPS = 0x08A4
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHFRTEXTPROPS = 0x08A5
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHFRUNITPROPS = 0x0857
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHFRWRAPPER = 0x0851
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHLABELRANGE = 0x1020
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHLEGEND = 0x1015
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHLINE = 0x1018
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHLINEFORMAT = 0x1007
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHMARKERFORMAT = 0x1009
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHOBJECTLINK = 0x1027
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHPICFORMAT = 0x103C
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHPIE = 0x1019
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHPIEEXT = 0x1061
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHPIEFORMAT = 0x100B
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHPIVOTFLAGS = 0x0859
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF5_ID_CHPIVOTREF = 0x1048
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF8_ID_CHPIVOTREF = 0x0858
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHPLOTFRAME = 0x1035
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHPLOTGROWTH = 0x1064
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHPROPERTIES = 0x1044
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHRADARLINE = 0x103E
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHRADARAREA = 0x1040
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHSCATTER = 0x101B
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHSERERRORBAR = 0x105B
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHSERGROUP = 0x1045
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHSERIES = 0x1003
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHSERIESFORMAT = 0x105D
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHSERPARENT = 0x104A
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHSERTRENDLINE = 0x104B
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHSOURCELINK = 0x1051
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHSTRING = 0x100D
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHSURFACE = 0x103F
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHTEXT = 0x1025
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHTICK = 0x101E
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHTYPEGROUP = 0x1014
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CHVALUERANGE = 0x101F
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CODENAME = 0x01BA
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CODEPAGE = 0x0042
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_COLINFO = 0x007D
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_COLUMNDEFAULT = 0x0020
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_COLWIDTH = 0x0024
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_COMPRESSPICS = 0x089B
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CONNECTION = 0x0876
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_COORDLIST = 0x00A9
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_COUNTRY = 0x008C
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_CRN = 0x005A
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF2_ID_DATATABLE = 0x0036
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF3_ID_DATATABLE = 0x0236
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF2_ID_DATATABLE2 = 0x0037
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_DATAVALIDATION = 0x01BE
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_DATAVALIDATIONS = 0x01B2
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_DATEMODE = 0x0022
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_DBCELL = 0x00D7
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_DBQUERY = 0x00DC
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_DCONBINAME = 0x01B5
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_DCONNAME = 0x0052
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_DCONREF = 0x0051
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_DEFCOLWIDTH = 0x0055
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF2_ID_DEFINEDNAME = 0x0018
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF3_ID_DEFINEDNAME = 0x0218
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF5_ID_DEFINEDNAME = 0x0018
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF2_ID_DEFROWHEIGHT = 0x0025
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF3_ID_DEFROWHEIGHT = 0x0225
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_DELTA = 0x0010
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF2_ID_DIMENSION = 0x0000
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF3_ID_DIMENSION = 0x0200
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_DXF = 0x088D
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_EXTERNALBOOK = 0x01AE
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF2_ID_EXTERNALNAME = 0x0023
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF3_ID_EXTERNALNAME = 0x0223
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF5_ID_EXTERNALNAME = 0x0023
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_EXTERNSHEET = 0x0017
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_EXTSST = 0x00FF
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_FILEPASS = 0x002F
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_FILESHARING = 0x005B
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_FILTERCOLUMN = 0x009E
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_FILTERMODE = 0x009B
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF2_ID_FONT = 0x0031
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF3_ID_FONT = 0x0231
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF5_ID_FONT = 0x0031
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_FONTCOLOR = 0x0045
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_FOOTER = 0x0015
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_FORCEFULLCALC = 0x08A3
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF2_ID_FORMAT = 0x001E
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF4_ID_FORMAT = 0x041E
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF2_ID_FORMULA = 0x0006
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF3_ID_FORMULA = 0x0206
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF4_ID_FORMULA = 0x0406
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF5_ID_FORMULA = 0x0006
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_GUTS = 0x0080
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_HCENTER = 0x0083
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_HEADER = 0x0014
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_HEADERFOOTER = 0x089C
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_HIDEOBJ = 0x008D
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_HORPAGEBREAKS = 0x001B
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_HYPERLINK = 0x01B8
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF3_ID_IMGDATA = 0x007F
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF8_ID_IMGDATA = 0x00E9
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF2_ID_INDEX = 0x000B
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF3_ID_INDEX = 0x020B
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF2_ID_INTEGER = 0x0002
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_INTERFACEHDR = 0x00E1
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_ITERATION = 0x0011
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_IXFE = 0x0044
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF2_ID_LABEL = 0x0004
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF3_ID_LABEL = 0x0204
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_LABELRANGES = 0x015F
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_LABELSST = 0x00FD
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_LEFTMARGIN = 0x0026
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_MERGEDCELLS = 0x00E5
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_MSODRAWING = 0x00EC
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_MSODRAWINGGROUP = 0x00EB
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_MSODRAWINGSEL = 0x00ED
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_MTHREADSETTINGS = 0x089A
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_MULTBLANK = 0x00BE
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_MULTRK = 0x00BD
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_NOTE = 0x001C
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_NOTESOUND = 0x0096
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF2_ID_NUMBER = 0x0003
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF3_ID_NUMBER = 0x0203
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OBJ = 0x005D
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OBJECTPROTECT = 0x0063
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OLESIZE = 0x00DE
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PAGELAYOUTVIEW = 0x088B
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PAGESETUP = 0x00A1
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PALETTE = 0x0092
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PANE = 0x0041
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PARAMQUERY = 0x00DC
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PASSWORD = 0x0013
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PCDFIELDINDEX = 0x0103
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PCDFORMULAFIELD = 0x00F9
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PCDSOURCE = 0x00E3
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PHONETICPR = 0x00EF
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PICTURE = 0x00E9
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PIVOTCACHE = 0x00D5
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PRECISION = 0x000E
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PRINTGRIDLINES = 0x002B
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PRINTHEADERS = 0x002A
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PROJEXTSHEET = 0x00A3
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PROTECT = 0x0012
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PTDATAFIELD = 0x00C5
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PTDEFINITION = 0x00B0
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PTDEFINITION2 = 0x00F1
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PTFIELD = 0x00B1
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PTFIELD2 = 0x0100
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PTFITEM = 0x00B2
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PTPAGEFIELDS = 0x00B6
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PTROWCOLFIELDS = 0x00B4
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_PTROWCOLITEMS = 0x00B5
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_QUERYTABLE = 0x01AD
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_QUERYTABLEREFRESH = 0x0802
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_QUERYTABLESETTINGS = 0x0803
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_QUERYTABLESTRING = 0x0804
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_RECALCID = 0x01C1
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_REFMODE = 0x000F
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_RIGHTMARGIN = 0x0027
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_RK = 0x027E
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF2_ID_ROW = 0x0008
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF3_ID_ROW = 0x0208
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_RSTRING = 0x00D6
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_SAVERECALC = 0x005F
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_SCENARIO = 0x00AF
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_SCENARIOS = 0x00AE
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_SCL = 0x00A0
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_SCENPROTECT = 0x00DD
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_SCREENTIP = 0x0800
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_SELECTION = 0x001D
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_SHAREDFEATHEAD = 0x0867
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_SHAREDFMLA = 0x04BC
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_SHEET = 0x0085
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_SHEETEXT = 0x0862
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_SHEETHEADER = 0x008F
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_SHEETPR = 0x0081
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_SST = 0x00FC
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_STANDARDWIDTH = 0x0099
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF2_ID_STRING = 0x0007
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF3_ID_STRING = 0x0207
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_STYLE = 0x0293
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_STYLEEXT = 0x0892
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_TABLESTYLES = 0x088E
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_THEME = 0x0896
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_TOPMARGIN = 0x0028
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_TXO = 0x01B6
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_UNCALCED = 0x005E
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_USESELFS = 0x0160
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_VBAPROJECT = 0x00D3
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_VBAPROJECTEMPTY = 0x01BD
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_VCENTER = 0x0084
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_VERPAGEBREAKS = 0x001A
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_WINDOW1 = 0x003D
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF2_ID_WINDOW2 = 0x003E
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF3_ID_WINDOW2 = 0x023E
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_WRITEACCESS = 0x005C
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_XCT = 0x0059
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF2_ID_XF = 0x0043
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF3_ID_XF = 0x0243
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF4_ID_XF = 0x0443
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF5_ID_XF = 0x00E0
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_XFCRC = 0x087C
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_XFEXT = 0x087D
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OBJEND = 0x0000
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OBJMACRO = 0x0004
 End of OBJ. More...
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OBJBUTTON = 0x0005
 Macro link. More...
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OBJGMO = 0x0006
 Button data. More...
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OBJCF = 0x0007
 Group marker. More...
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OBJFLAGS = 0x0008
 Clipboard format. More...
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OBJPICTFMLA = 0x0009
 Option flags. More...
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OBJCBLS = 0x000A
 OLE link formula. More...
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OBJRBO = 0x000B
 Check box/radio button data. More...
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OBJSBS = 0x000C
 Radio button group data. More...
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OBJNTS = 0x000C
 Scroll bar data. More...
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OBJSBSFMLA = 0x000E
 Note data. More...
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OBJGBODATA = 0x000F
 Scroll bar/list box/combo box cell link. More...
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OBJEDODATA = 0x0010
 Group box data. More...
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OBJRBODATA = 0x0011
 Edit box data. More...
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OBJCBLSDATA = 0x0012
 Radio button group data. More...
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OBJLBSDATA = 0x0013
 Check box/radio button data. More...
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OBJCBLSFMLA = 0x0014
 List box/combo box data. More...
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_ID_OBJCMO = 0x0015
 Check box/radio button cell link. More...
const sal_uInt8 oox::xls::BIFF_ERR_NULL = 0x00
 Common object settings. More...
const sal_uInt8 oox::xls::BIFF_ERR_DIV0 = 0x07
const sal_uInt8 oox::xls::BIFF_ERR_VALUE = 0x0F
const sal_uInt8 oox::xls::BIFF_ERR_REF = 0x17
const sal_uInt8 oox::xls::BIFF_ERR_NAME = 0x1D
const sal_uInt8 oox::xls::BIFF_ERR_NUM = 0x24
const sal_uInt8 oox::xls::BIFF_ERR_NA = 0x2A
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_BOF_BIFF2 = 0x0200
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_BOF_BIFF3 = 0x0300
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_BOF_BIFF4 = 0x0400
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_BOF_BIFF5 = 0x0500
const sal_uInt16 oox::xls::BIFF_BOF_BIFF8 = 0x0600
const sal_uInt8 oox::xls::BIFF_DATATYPE_EMPTY = 0
const sal_uInt8 oox::xls::BIFF_DATATYPE_DOUBLE = 1
const sal_uInt8 oox::xls::BIFF_DATATYPE_STRING = 2
const sal_uInt8 oox::xls::BIFF_DATATYPE_BOOL = 4
const sal_uInt8 oox::xls::BIFF_DATATYPE_ERROR = 16
const sal_uInt8 oox::xls::BIFF_BOOLERR_BOOL = 0
const sal_uInt8 oox::xls::BIFF_BOOLERR_ERROR = 1
const sal_uInt8 oox::xls::BIFF_STRF_16BIT = 0x01
const sal_uInt8 oox::xls::BIFF_STRF_PHONETIC = 0x04
const sal_uInt8 oox::xls::BIFF_STRF_RICH = 0x08
const sal_uInt8 oox::xls::BIFF_STRF_UNKNOWN = 0xF2