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SparklineRenderer.hxx File Reference
#include <document.hxx>
#include <basegfx/polygon/b2dpolygon.hxx>
#include <basegfx/polygon/b2dpolygontools.hxx>
#include <basegfx/matrix/b2dhommatrix.hxx>
#include <comphelper/scopeguard.hxx>
#include <Sparkline.hxx>
#include <SparklineGroup.hxx>
#include <SparklineAttributes.hxx>
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struct  sc::SparklineMarker
 Contains the marker polygon and the color of a marker. More...
struct  sc::SparklineValue
 Sparkline value and action that needs to me performed on the value. More...
class  sc::SparklineValues
 Contains and manages the values of the sparkline. More...
class  sc::RangeTraverser
 Iterator to traverse the addresses in a range if the range is one dimensional. More...
class  sc::SparklineRenderer
 Render a provided sparkline into the input rectangle. More...


namespace  sc
 CAUTION! The following defines must be in the same namespace as the respective type.