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vclcanvas::CanvasCustomSpriteSpriteBase_Base Class Reference

Mixin Sprite. More...

#include <canvascustomsprite.hxx>

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- Public Types inherited from canvas::Sprite
typedef ::rtl::Reference< SpriteReference
- Public Member Functions inherited from vclcanvas::Sprite
virtual void redraw (OutputDevice &rOutDev, bool bBufferedUpdate) const =0
 Redraw sprite at the stored position. More...
virtual void redraw (OutputDevice &rOutDev, const ::basegfx::B2DPoint &rPos, bool bBufferedUpdate) const =0
 Redraw sprite at the given position. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from canvas::Sprite
virtual bool isAreaUpdateOpaque (const ::basegfx::B2DRange &rUpdateArea) const =0
 Query whether sprite update will fully cover the given area. More...
virtual bool isContentChanged () const =0
 Query whether content has changed. More...
virtual ::basegfx::B2DPoint getPosPixel () const =0
 Query position of the left, top pixel of the sprite. More...
virtual ::basegfx::B2DVector getSizePixel () const =0
 Query size of the sprite in pixel. More...
virtual ::basegfx::B2DRange getUpdateArea () const =0
 Get area that is currently covered by the sprite. More...
virtual double getPriority () const =0
 Query sprite priority. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from canvas::BaseMutexHelper< CanvasCustomSpriteBase_Base >
 BaseMutexHelper ()
 Construct BaseMutexHelper. More...
virtual void disposeThis ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from vclcanvas::Sprite
 ~Sprite ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from canvas::Sprite
 ~Sprite ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from canvas::BaseMutexHelper< CanvasCustomSpriteBase_Base >
osl::Mutex m_aMutex

Detailed Description

Mixin Sprite.

Have to mixin the Sprite interface before deriving from canvas::CanvasCustomSpriteBase, as this template should already implement some of those interface methods.

The reason why this appears kinda convoluted is the fact that we cannot specify non-IDL types as WeakComponentImplHelper template args, and furthermore, don't want to derive canvas::CanvasCustomSpriteBase directly from canvas::Sprite (because derivees of canvas::CanvasCustomSpriteBase have to explicitly forward the XInterface methods (e.g. via DECLARE_UNO3_AGG_DEFAULTS) anyway). Basically, canvas::CanvasCustomSpriteBase should remain a base class that provides implementation, not to enforce any specific interface on its derivees.

Definition at line 64 of file canvascustomsprite.hxx.

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