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xmlement.hxx File Reference
#include <sal/types.h>
#include <xmloff/xmltoken.hxx>
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struct  SvXMLEnumMapEntry< typename EnumT >
 Map an XMLTokenEnum to an enum value.
struct  SvXMLEnumStringMapEntry< EnumT >
 Map a const char* (with length) to a sal_uInt16 value. More...


#define ENUM_STRING_MAP_ENTRY(name, tok)   { name, sizeof(name)-1, tok }
#define ENUM_STRING_MAP_END()   { nullptr, 0, 0 }

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#define ENUM_STRING_MAP_END ( )    { nullptr, 0, 0 }

Definition at line 64 of file xmlement.hxx.


#define ENUM_STRING_MAP_ENTRY (   name,
)    { name, sizeof(name)-1, tok }

Definition at line 62 of file xmlement.hxx.