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18 */
20#pragma once
22#include <xmloff/xmlprhdl.hxx>
30 virtual ~XMLTabStopPropHdl() override;
32 virtual bool equals( const css::uno::Any& r1, const css::uno::Any& r2 ) const override;
35 virtual bool importXML( const OUString& rStrImpValue, css::uno::Any& rValue, const SvXMLUnitConverter& rUnitConverter ) const override;
36 virtual bool exportXML( OUString& rStrExpValue, const css::uno::Any& rValue, const SvXMLUnitConverter& rUnitConverter ) const override;
39/* vim:set shiftwidth=4 softtabstop=4 expandtab: */
the SvXMLTypeConverter converts values of various types from their internal representation to the tex...
Definition: xmluconv.hxx:83
Abstract base-class for different XML-types.
Definition: xmlprhdl.hxx:36
PropertyHandler for the XML-data-type:
Definition: tabsthdl.hxx:28
virtual bool importXML(const OUString &rStrImpValue, css::uno::Any &rValue, const SvXMLUnitConverter &rUnitConverter) const override
TabStops will be imported/exported as XML-Elements. So the Import/Export-work must be done at another...
Definition: tabsthdl.cxx:55
virtual bool exportXML(OUString &rStrExpValue, const css::uno::Any &rValue, const SvXMLUnitConverter &rUnitConverter) const override
Exports the given value according to the XML-data-type corresponding to the derived class.
Definition: tabsthdl.cxx:60
virtual ~XMLTabStopPropHdl() override
Definition: tabsthdl.cxx:29
virtual bool equals(const css::uno::Any &r1, const css::uno::Any &r2) const override
Compares two Any's in case of the given XML-data-type.
Definition: tabsthdl.cxx:34