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xmloff::OEventDescriptorMapper Class Reference

helper class wrapping different script event representations More...

#include <eventexport.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 OEventDescriptorMapper (const css::uno::Sequence< css::script::ScriptEventDescriptor > &_rEvents)
virtual void SAL_CALL replaceByName (const OUString &aName, const css::uno::Any &aElement) override
virtual css::uno::Any SAL_CALL getByName (const OUString &aName) override
virtual css::uno::Sequence< OUString > SAL_CALL getElementNames () override
virtual sal_Bool SAL_CALL hasByName (const OUString &aName) override
virtual css::uno::Type SAL_CALL getElementType () override
virtual sal_Bool SAL_CALL hasElements () override

Private Types

typedef std::map< OUString, css::uno::Sequence< css::beans::PropertyValue > > MapString2PropertyValueSequence

Private Attributes

MapString2PropertyValueSequence m_aMappedEvents

Detailed Description

helper class wrapping different script event representations

In the form layer, the script events are represented by <type scope="">ScriptEventDescriptor</type> instances. The office applications, on the other hand, represent their a single script event as sequence of <type scope="">PropertyValue</type>s, where all events of a given object are accessible through a <type scope="">XNameReplace</type> interface.

This class maps the first representation of events of a single object to the second one.

This way, we can use the helper classes here in the project.

Definition at line 47 of file eventexport.hxx.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ MapString2PropertyValueSequence

typedef std::map< OUString, css::uno::Sequence < css::beans::PropertyValue > > xmloff::OEventDescriptorMapper::MapString2PropertyValueSequence

Definition at line 49 of file eventexport.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OEventDescriptorMapper()

xmloff::OEventDescriptorMapper::OEventDescriptorMapper ( const css::uno::Sequence< css::script::ScriptEventDescriptor > &  _rEvents)

Member Function Documentation

◆ getByName()

Any SAL_CALL xmloff::OEventDescriptorMapper::getByName ( const OUString &  aName)

Definition at line 92 of file eventexport.cxx.

References Any, and m_aMappedEvents.

◆ getElementNames()

Sequence< OUString > SAL_CALL xmloff::OEventDescriptorMapper::getElementNames ( )

Definition at line 103 of file eventexport.cxx.

References m_aMappedEvents, and comphelper::mapKeysToSequence().

◆ getElementType()

Type SAL_CALL xmloff::OEventDescriptorMapper::getElementType ( )

Definition at line 114 of file eventexport.cxx.

◆ hasByName()

sal_Bool SAL_CALL xmloff::OEventDescriptorMapper::hasByName ( const OUString &  aName)

Definition at line 108 of file eventexport.cxx.

References m_aMappedEvents.

◆ hasElements()

sal_Bool SAL_CALL xmloff::OEventDescriptorMapper::hasElements ( )

Definition at line 119 of file eventexport.cxx.

References m_aMappedEvents.

◆ replaceByName()

void SAL_CALL xmloff::OEventDescriptorMapper::replaceByName ( const OUString &  aName,
const css::uno::Any &  aElement 

Definition at line 86 of file eventexport.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_aMappedEvents

MapString2PropertyValueSequence xmloff::OEventDescriptorMapper::m_aMappedEvents

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