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XMLTextPropertySetMapper Class Referencefinal

#include <txtprmap.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 XMLTextPropertySetMapper (TextPropMap nType, bool bForExport)
virtual ~XMLTextPropertySetMapper () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from XMLPropertySetMapper
 XMLPropertySetMapper (const XMLPropertyMapEntry *pEntries, const rtl::Reference< XMLPropertyHandlerFactory > &rFactory, bool bForExport)
 The last element of the XMLPropertyMapEntry-array must contain NULL-values. More...
virtual ~XMLPropertySetMapper () override
void AddMapperEntry (const rtl::Reference< XMLPropertySetMapper > &rMapper)
sal_Int32 GetEntryCount () const
 Return number of entries in input-array. More...
sal_uInt32 GetEntryFlags (sal_Int32 nIndex) const
 Returns the flags of an entry. More...
sal_uInt32 GetEntryType (sal_Int32 nIndex) const
 Returns the type of an entry. More...
sal_uInt16 GetEntryNameSpace (sal_Int32 nIndex) const
 Returns the namespace-key of an entry. More...
const OUString & GetEntryXMLName (sal_Int32 nIndex) const
 Returns the 'local' XML-name of the entry. More...
const OUString & GetEntryAPIName (sal_Int32 nIndex) const
 Returns the entry API name. More...
sal_Int16 GetEntryContextId (sal_Int32 nIndex) const
 returns the entry context id. More...
SvtSaveOptions::ODFDefaultVersion GetEarliestODFVersionForExport (sal_Int32 nIndex) const
 returns the earliest odf version for which this property should be exported. More...
sal_Int32 GetEntryIndex (sal_uInt16 nNamespace, const OUString &rStrName, sal_uInt32 nPropType, sal_Int32 nStartAt=-1) const
 Returns the index of an entry with the given XML-name and namespace If there is no matching entry the method returns -1. More...
const XMLPropertyHandlerGetPropertyHandler (sal_Int32 nIndex) const
 Retrieves a PropertyHandler for that property which placed at nIndex in the XMLPropertyMapEntry-array. More...
bool exportXML (OUString &rStrExpValue, const XMLPropertyState &rProperty, const SvXMLUnitConverter &rUnitConverter) const
 import/export This methods calls the respective im/export-method of the respective PropertyHandler. More...
bool importXML (const OUString &rStrImpValue, XMLPropertyState &rProperty, const SvXMLUnitConverter &rUnitConverter) const
sal_Int32 FindEntryIndex (const char *sApiName, sal_uInt16 nNameSpace, const OUString &sXMLName) const
 searches for an entry that matches the given api name, namespace and local name or -1 if nothing found More...
sal_Int32 FindEntryIndex (const sal_Int16 nContextId) const
 searches for an entry that matches the given ContextId or gives -1 if nothing found More...
void RemoveEntry (sal_Int32 nIndex)
 Remove an entry. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from salhelper::SimpleReferenceObject
 SimpleReferenceObject ()
void acquire ()
void release ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const XMLPropertyMapEntrygetPropertyMapForType (TextPropMap _nType)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from salhelper::SimpleReferenceObject
static voidoperator new (std::size_t nSize)
static voidoperator new (std::size_t nSize, std::nothrow_t const &rNothrow)
static void operator delete (void *pPtr)
static void operator delete (void *pPtr, std::nothrow_t const &rNothrow)

Additional Inherited Members

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virtual ~SimpleReferenceObject () COVERITY_NOEXCEPT_FALSE
- Protected Attributes inherited from salhelper::SimpleReferenceObject
oslInterlockedCount m_nCount

Detailed Description

Definition at line 221 of file txtprmap.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XMLTextPropertySetMapper::XMLTextPropertySetMapper ( TextPropMap  nType,
bool  bForExport 

Definition at line 1128 of file txtprmap.cxx.

XMLTextPropertySetMapper::~XMLTextPropertySetMapper ( )

Definition at line 1134 of file txtprmap.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

const XMLPropertyMapEntry * XMLTextPropertySetMapper::getPropertyMapForType ( TextPropMap  _nType)

Definition at line 1123 of file txtprmap.cxx.

References lcl_txtprmap_getMap().

Referenced by xmloff::OControlExport::exportSubTags().

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