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XMLFontStyleContextFontFace Class Reference

Handles <style:font-face> More...

#include <XMLFontStylesContext_impl.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 XMLFontStyleContextFontFace (SvXMLImport &rImport, XMLFontStylesContext &rStyles)
virtual ~XMLFontStyleContextFontFace () override
void SetAttribute (sal_uInt16 nPrefixKey, const OUString &rLocalName, const OUString &rValue) override
void FillProperties (::std::vector< XMLPropertyState > &rProps, sal_Int32 nFamilyNameIdx, sal_Int32 nStyleNameIdx, sal_Int32 nFamilyIdx, sal_Int32 nPitchIdx, sal_Int32 nCharsetIdx) const
OUString familyName () const
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::xml::sax::XFastContextHandler > SAL_CALL createFastChildContext (sal_Int32 nElement, const css::uno::Reference< css::xml::sax::XFastAttributeList > &xAttrList) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from SvXMLStyleContext
 SvXMLStyleContext (SvXMLImport &rImport, XmlStyleFamily nFamily=XmlStyleFamily::DATA_STYLE, bool bDefaultStyle=false)
virtual ~SvXMLStyleContext () override
virtual void SAL_CALL startFastElement (sal_Int32 nElement, const css::uno::Reference< css::xml::sax::XFastAttributeList > &) override
const OUString & GetName () const
const OUString & GetDisplayName () const
const OUString & GetAutoName () const
const OUString & GetParentName () const
const OUString & GetFollow () const
XmlStyleFamily GetFamily () const
bool IsValid () const
void SetValid (bool b)
bool IsNew () const
void SetNew (bool b)
bool IsHidden () const
virtual void SetDefaults ()
virtual void CreateAndInsert (bool bOverwrite)
virtual void CreateAndInsertLate (bool bOverwrite)
virtual void Finish (bool bOverwrite)
bool IsDefaultStyle () const
virtual bool IsTransient () const
 if this method returns true, its parent styles context should not add it to its container. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from SvXMLImportContext
bool IsPrefixFilledIn () const
sal_uInt16 GetPrefix () const
const OUString & GetLocalName () const
 SvXMLImportContext (SvXMLImport &rImport, sal_uInt16 nPrfx, const OUString &rLName)
 A contexts constructor does anything that is required if an element starts. More...
 SvXMLImportContext (SvXMLImport &rImport)
virtual ~SvXMLImportContext ()
 A contexts destructor does anything that is required if an element ends. More...
virtual SvXMLImportContextRef CreateChildContext (sal_uInt16 nPrefix, const OUString &rLocalName, const css::uno::Reference< css::xml::sax::XAttributeList > &xAttrList)
 Create a children element context. More...
virtual void StartElement (const css::uno::Reference< css::xml::sax::XAttributeList > &xAttrList)
 StartElement is called after a context has been constructed and before an elements context is parsed. More...
virtual void EndElement ()
 EndElement is called before a context will be destructed, but after an elements context has been parsed. More...
virtual void Characters (const OUString &rChars)
 This method is called for all characters that are contained in the current element. More...
virtual void SAL_CALL startUnknownElement (const OUString &Namespace, const OUString &Name, const css::uno::Reference< css::xml::sax::XFastAttributeList > &Attribs) override
virtual void SAL_CALL endFastElement (sal_Int32 Element) override
virtual void SAL_CALL endUnknownElement (const OUString &Namespace, const OUString &Name) override
virtual css::uno::Reference< css::xml::sax::XFastContextHandler > SAL_CALL createUnknownChildContext (const OUString &Namespace, const OUString &Name, const css::uno::Reference< css::xml::sax::XFastAttributeList > &Attribs) override
virtual void SAL_CALL characters (const OUString &aChars) override
virtual css::uno::Any SAL_CALL queryInterface (const css::uno::Type &aType) final override
virtual void SAL_CALL acquire () final override throw ()
virtual void SAL_CALL release () final override throw ()
virtual css::uno::Sequence< css::uno::Type > SAL_CALL getTypes () final override
virtual css::uno::Sequence< sal_Int8 > SAL_CALL getImplementationId () final override

Private Member Functions

XMLFontStylesContextGetStyles ()

Private Attributes

css::uno::Any aFamilyName
css::uno::Any aStyleName
css::uno::Any aFamily
css::uno::Any aPitch
css::uno::Any aEnc
rtl::Reference< XMLFontStylesContextxStyles

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from SvXMLStyleContext
void SetFamily (XmlStyleFamily nSet)
void SetAutoName (const OUString &rName)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from SvXMLImportContext
SvXMLImportGetImport ()
const SvXMLImportGetImport () const

Detailed Description

Handles <style:font-face>

Definition at line 30 of file XMLFontStylesContext_impl.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

XMLFontStyleContextFontFace::XMLFontStyleContextFontFace ( SvXMLImport rImport,
XMLFontStylesContext rStyles 
XMLFontStyleContextFontFace::~XMLFontStyleContextFontFace ( )

Definition at line 138 of file XMLFontStylesContext.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

css::uno::Reference< css::xml::sax::XFastContextHandler > XMLFontStyleContextFontFace::createFastChildContext ( sal_Int32  nElement,
const css::uno::Reference< css::xml::sax::XFastAttributeList > &  xAttrList 
OUString XMLFontStyleContextFontFace::familyName ( ) const

Definition at line 189 of file XMLFontStylesContext.cxx.

References aFamilyName.

Referenced by XMLFontStyleContextFontFaceUri::handleEmbeddedFont().

void XMLFontStyleContextFontFace::FillProperties ( ::std::vector< XMLPropertyState > &  rProps,
sal_Int32  nFamilyNameIdx,
sal_Int32  nStyleNameIdx,
sal_Int32  nFamilyIdx,
sal_Int32  nPitchIdx,
sal_Int32  nCharsetIdx 
) const

Definition at line 142 of file XMLFontStylesContext.cxx.

References aEnc, aFamily, aFamilyName, aPitch, and aStyleName.

Referenced by XMLFontStylesContext::FillProperties().

XMLFontStylesContext* XMLFontStyleContextFontFace::GetStyles ( )

Definition at line 40 of file XMLFontStylesContext_impl.hxx.

Referenced by SetAttribute().

void XMLFontStyleContextFontFace::SetAttribute ( sal_uInt16  nPrefixKey,
const OUString &  rLocalName,
const OUString &  rValue 

Member Data Documentation

css::uno::Any XMLFontStyleContextFontFace::aEnc

Definition at line 36 of file XMLFontStylesContext_impl.hxx.

Referenced by FillProperties(), and SetAttribute().

css::uno::Any XMLFontStyleContextFontFace::aFamily
css::uno::Any XMLFontStyleContextFontFace::aFamilyName
css::uno::Any XMLFontStyleContextFontFace::aPitch
css::uno::Any XMLFontStyleContextFontFace::aStyleName
rtl::Reference<XMLFontStylesContext> XMLFontStyleContextFontFace::xStyles

Definition at line 38 of file XMLFontStylesContext_impl.hxx.

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