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SvXMLMetaExport Class Referencefinal

export meta data from an XDocumentProperties instance. More...

#include <xmlmetae.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 SvXMLMetaExport (SvXMLExport &i_rExport, const css::uno::Reference< css::document::XDocumentProperties > &i_rDocProps)
virtual ~SvXMLMetaExport () override
void Export ()
 export via XSAXWriter interface, with fallback to _MExport More...
virtual void SAL_CALL startDocument () override
virtual void SAL_CALL endDocument () override
virtual void SAL_CALL startElement (const OUString &i_rName, const css::uno::Reference< css::xml::sax::XAttributeList > &i_xAttribs) override
virtual void SAL_CALL endElement (const OUString &i_rName) override
virtual void SAL_CALL characters (const OUString &i_rChars) override
virtual void SAL_CALL ignorableWhitespace (const OUString &i_rWhitespaces) override
virtual void SAL_CALL processingInstruction (const OUString &i_rTarget, const OUString &i_rData) override
virtual void SAL_CALL setDocumentLocator (const css::uno::Reference< css::xml::sax::XLocator > &i_xLocator) override

Static Public Member Functions

static OUString GetISODateTimeString (const css::util::DateTime &rDateTime)

Private Member Functions

void SimpleStringElement (const OUString &rText, sal_uInt16 nNamespace, enum::xmloff::token::XMLTokenEnum eElementName)
void SimpleDateTimeElement (const css::util::DateTime &rDate, sal_uInt16 nNamespace, enum::xmloff::token::XMLTokenEnum eElementName)
void MExport_ ()
 currently unused; for exporting via the XDocumentProperties interface More...

Private Attributes

css::uno::Reference< css::document::XDocumentProperties > mxDocProps
int m_level
 counts levels of the xml document. necessary for special handling. More...
std::vector< css::beans::StringPair > m_preservedNSs
 preserved namespaces. necessary because we do not write the root node. More...

Detailed Description

export meta data from an XDocumentProperties instance.

This class will start the export at the office:meta element, not at the root element. This means that when <method>Export</method> is called here, the document root element must already be written, but office:meta must not be written.

Definition at line 49 of file xmlmetae.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SvXMLMetaExport::SvXMLMetaExport ( SvXMLExport i_rExport,
const css::uno::Reference< css::document::XDocumentProperties > &  i_rDocProps 

Definition at line 302 of file xmlmetae.cxx.

References mxDocProps.

SvXMLMetaExport::~SvXMLMetaExport ( )

Definition at line 312 of file xmlmetae.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

void SAL_CALL SvXMLMetaExport::characters ( const OUString &  i_rChars)

Definition at line 455 of file xmlmetae.cxx.

References SvXMLExport::Characters(), and mrExport.

void SAL_CALL SvXMLMetaExport::endDocument ( )

Definition at line 354 of file xmlmetae.cxx.

References m_level.

void SAL_CALL SvXMLMetaExport::endElement ( const OUString &  i_rName)

Definition at line 443 of file xmlmetae.cxx.

References SvXMLExport::EndElement(), m_level, and mrExport.

void SvXMLMetaExport::Export ( )

export via XSAXWriter interface, with fallback to _MExport

Definition at line 316 of file xmlmetae.cxx.

References comphelper::containerToSequence(), SvXMLExport::GetNamespaceMap(), MExport_(), mrExport, mxDocProps, ns, s_xmlns, s_xmlns2, xmloff::token::XML_META, and XML_NAMESPACE_OFFICE.

OUString SvXMLMetaExport::GetISODateTimeString ( const css::util::DateTime &  rDateTime)

Definition at line 52 of file xmlmetae.cxx.

References lcl_AddTwoDigits().

Referenced by XMLVersionListExport::exportDoc().

void SAL_CALL SvXMLMetaExport::ignorableWhitespace ( const OUString &  i_rWhitespaces)

Definition at line 461 of file xmlmetae.cxx.

References SvXMLExport::IgnorableWhitespace(), and mrExport.

void SvXMLMetaExport::MExport_ ( )

currently unused; for exporting via the XDocumentProperties interface

define strings for xlink:show values

Definition at line 95 of file xmlmetae.cxx.

References sax::Converter::convertAny(), sax::Converter::convertDuration(), utl::DocInfoHelper::GetGeneratorString(), nValue, props, SAL_WARN, sType, xmloff::token::XML_ACTUATE, xmloff::token::XML_AUTO_RELOAD, xmloff::token::XML_CELL_COUNT, xmloff::token::XML_CHARACTER_COUNT, xmloff::token::XML_CREATION_DATE, xmloff::token::XML_CREATOR, xmloff::token::XML_DATE, xmloff::token::XML_DELAY, xmloff::token::XML_DESCRIPTION, xmloff::token::XML_DOCUMENT_STATISTIC, xmloff::token::XML_EDITING_CYCLES, xmloff::token::XML_EDITING_DURATION, xmloff::token::XML_GENERATOR, xmloff::token::XML_HREF, xmloff::token::XML_HYPERLINK_BEHAVIOUR, xmloff::token::XML_IMAGE_COUNT, xmloff::token::XML_INITIAL_CREATOR, xmloff::token::XML_KEYWORD, xmloff::token::XML_LANGUAGE, xmloff::token::XML_NAME, XML_NAMESPACE_DC, XML_NAMESPACE_META, XML_NAMESPACE_OFFICE, XML_NAMESPACE_XLINK, xmloff::token::XML_NEW, xmloff::token::XML_OBJECT_COUNT, xmloff::token::XML_ONREQUEST, xmloff::token::XML_PAGE_COUNT, xmloff::token::XML_PARAGRAPH_COUNT, xmloff::token::XML_PRINT_DATE, xmloff::token::XML_PRINTED_BY, xmloff::token::XML_REPLACE, xmloff::token::XML_SHOW, xmloff::token::XML_SIMPLE, xmloff::token::XML_SUBJECT, xmloff::token::XML_TABLE_COUNT, xmloff::token::XML_TARGET_FRAME_NAME, xmloff::token::XML_TEMPLATE, xmloff::token::XML_TITLE, xmloff::token::XML_TYPE, xmloff::token::XML_USER_DEFINED, xmloff::token::XML_VALUE_TYPE, and xmloff::token::XML_WORD_COUNT.

Referenced by Export().

void SAL_CALL SvXMLMetaExport::processingInstruction ( const OUString &  i_rTarget,
const OUString &  i_rData 

Definition at line 467 of file xmlmetae.cxx.

void SAL_CALL SvXMLMetaExport::setDocumentLocator ( const css::uno::Reference< css::xml::sax::XLocator > &  i_xLocator)

Definition at line 474 of file xmlmetae.cxx.

void SvXMLMetaExport::SimpleDateTimeElement ( const css::util::DateTime &  rDate,
sal_uInt16  nNamespace,
enum::xmloff::token::XMLTokenEnum  eElementName 

Definition at line 82 of file xmlmetae.cxx.

void SvXMLMetaExport::SimpleStringElement ( const OUString &  rText,
sal_uInt16  nNamespace,
enum::xmloff::token::XMLTokenEnum  eElementName 

Definition at line 72 of file xmlmetae.cxx.

void SAL_CALL SvXMLMetaExport::startDocument ( )

Definition at line 347 of file xmlmetae.cxx.

References m_level.

void SAL_CALL SvXMLMetaExport::startElement ( const OUString &  i_rName,
const css::uno::Reference< css::xml::sax::XAttributeList > &  i_xAttribs 

Member Data Documentation

int SvXMLMetaExport::m_level

counts levels of the xml document. necessary for special handling.

Definition at line 56 of file xmlmetae.hxx.

Referenced by endDocument(), endElement(), startDocument(), and startElement().

std::vector< css::beans::StringPair > SvXMLMetaExport::m_preservedNSs

preserved namespaces. necessary because we do not write the root node.

Definition at line 58 of file xmlmetae.hxx.

Referenced by startElement().

SvXMLExport& SvXMLMetaExport::mrExport

Definition at line 53 of file xmlmetae.hxx.

Referenced by characters(), endElement(), Export(), ignorableWhitespace(), and startElement().

css::uno::Reference< css::document::XDocumentProperties> SvXMLMetaExport::mxDocProps

Definition at line 54 of file xmlmetae.hxx.

Referenced by Export(), and SvXMLMetaExport().

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