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SvXMLImport_Impl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 SvXMLImport_Impl (uno::Reference< uno::XComponentContext > xContext, OUString theImplementationName, const css::uno::Sequence< OUString > &sSupportedServiceNames={})
sal_uInt16 getGeneratorVersion (const SvXMLImport &rImport)

Public Attributes

FontToSubsFontConverter hBatsFontConv
FontToSubsFontConverter hMathFontConv
bool mbOwnGraphicResolver
bool mbOwnEmbeddedResolver
INetURLObject aBaseURL
INetURLObject aDocBase
OUString mStreamName
 name of stream in package, e.g., "content.xml" More...
std::optional< OUString > mxODFVersion
bool mbIsOOoXML
std::optional< bool > mbIsMSO
bool mbShapePositionInHoriL2R
bool mbTextDocInOOoFileFormat
const uno::Reference< uno::XComponentContext > mxComponentContext
OUString implementationName
css::uno::Sequence< OUString > maSupportedServiceNames
uno::Reference< embed::XStorage > mxSourceStorage
std::unique_ptr< xmloff::RDFaImportHelpermpRDFaHelper
std::unique_ptr< DocumentInfompDocumentInfo
::comphelper::UnoInterfaceToUniqueIdentifierMapper maInterfaceToIdentifierMapper

Detailed Description

Definition at line 280 of file xmlimp.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SvXMLImport_Impl()

SvXMLImport_Impl::SvXMLImport_Impl ( uno::Reference< uno::XComponentContext >  xContext,
OUString  theImplementationName,
const css::uno::Sequence< OUString > &  sSupportedServiceNames = {} 

Definition at line 316 of file xmlimp.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getGeneratorVersion()

sal_uInt16 SvXMLImport_Impl::getGeneratorVersion ( const SvXMLImport &  rImport)

Definition at line 337 of file xmlimp.cxx.

References DocumentInfo, and mpDocumentInfo.

Member Data Documentation

◆ aBaseURL

INetURLObject SvXMLImport_Impl::aBaseURL

Definition at line 288 of file xmlimp.cxx.

◆ aDocBase

INetURLObject SvXMLImport_Impl::aDocBase

Definition at line 289 of file xmlimp.cxx.

◆ hBatsFontConv

FontToSubsFontConverter SvXMLImport_Impl::hBatsFontConv

Definition at line 283 of file xmlimp.cxx.

◆ hMathFontConv

FontToSubsFontConverter SvXMLImport_Impl::hMathFontConv

Definition at line 284 of file xmlimp.cxx.

◆ implementationName

OUString SvXMLImport_Impl::implementationName

Definition at line 307 of file xmlimp.cxx.

◆ maInterfaceToIdentifierMapper

::comphelper::UnoInterfaceToUniqueIdentifierMapper SvXMLImport_Impl::maInterfaceToIdentifierMapper

Definition at line 347 of file xmlimp.cxx.

◆ maSupportedServiceNames

css::uno::Sequence< OUString > SvXMLImport_Impl::maSupportedServiceNames

Definition at line 308 of file xmlimp.cxx.

◆ mbIsMSO

std::optional<bool> SvXMLImport_Impl::mbIsMSO

Definition at line 298 of file xmlimp.cxx.

◆ mbIsOOoXML

bool SvXMLImport_Impl::mbIsOOoXML

Definition at line 296 of file xmlimp.cxx.

◆ mbOwnEmbeddedResolver

bool SvXMLImport_Impl::mbOwnEmbeddedResolver

Definition at line 287 of file xmlimp.cxx.

◆ mbOwnGraphicResolver

bool SvXMLImport_Impl::mbOwnGraphicResolver

Definition at line 286 of file xmlimp.cxx.

◆ mbShapePositionInHoriL2R

bool SvXMLImport_Impl::mbShapePositionInHoriL2R

Definition at line 303 of file xmlimp.cxx.

◆ mbTextDocInOOoFileFormat

bool SvXMLImport_Impl::mbTextDocInOOoFileFormat

Definition at line 304 of file xmlimp.cxx.

◆ mpDocumentInfo

std::unique_ptr< DocumentInfo > SvXMLImport_Impl::mpDocumentInfo

Definition at line 314 of file xmlimp.cxx.

Referenced by getGeneratorVersion().

◆ mpRDFaHelper

std::unique_ptr< xmloff::RDFaImportHelper > SvXMLImport_Impl::mpRDFaHelper

Definition at line 312 of file xmlimp.cxx.

◆ mStreamName

OUString SvXMLImport_Impl::mStreamName

name of stream in package, e.g., "content.xml"

Definition at line 292 of file xmlimp.cxx.

◆ mxComponentContext

const uno::Reference< uno::XComponentContext > SvXMLImport_Impl::mxComponentContext

Definition at line 306 of file xmlimp.cxx.

◆ mxODFVersion

std::optional<OUString> SvXMLImport_Impl::mxODFVersion

Definition at line 294 of file xmlimp.cxx.

◆ mxSourceStorage

uno::Reference< embed::XStorage > SvXMLImport_Impl::mxSourceStorage

Definition at line 310 of file xmlimp.cxx.

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