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SvXMLExport_Impl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 SvXMLExport_Impl ()
void SetSchemeOf (const OUString &rOrigFileName)

Public Attributes

::comphelper::UnoInterfaceToUniqueIdentifierMapper maInterfaceToIdentifierMapper
uno::Reference< uri::XUriReferenceFactory > mxUriReferenceFactory
OUString msPackageURI
OUString msPackageURIScheme
bool mbOutlineStyleAsNormalListStyle
uno::Reference< embed::XStorage > mxTargetStorage
std::optional< SvtSaveOptions::ODFSaneDefaultVersionm_oOverrideODFVersion
OUString mStreamName
 name of stream in package, e.g., "content.xml" More...
OUString maSrcShellID
OUString maDestShellID
::std::stack< ::std::pair< std::unique_ptr< SvXMLNamespaceMap >, tools::Long > > mNamespaceMaps
 stack of backed up namespace maps long: depth at which namespace map has been backed up into the stack More...
tools::Long mDepth
 counts depth (number of open elements/start tags) More...
::std::unique_ptr< ::xmloff::RDFaExportHelpermpRDFaHelper
bool mbExportTextNumberElement
bool mbNullDateInitialized

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

SvXMLExport_Impl::SvXMLExport_Impl ( )

Definition at line 291 of file xmlexp.cxx.

References create(), getProcessComponentContext(), and uri.

Member Function Documentation

void SvXMLExport_Impl::SetSchemeOf ( const OUString &  rOrigFileName)

Definition at line 283 of file xmlexp.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

std::optional<SvtSaveOptions::ODFSaneDefaultVersion> SvXMLExport_Impl::m_oOverrideODFVersion

Definition at line 264 of file xmlexp.cxx.

OUString SvXMLExport_Impl::maDestShellID

Definition at line 270 of file xmlexp.cxx.

::comphelper::UnoInterfaceToUniqueIdentifierMapper SvXMLExport_Impl::maInterfaceToIdentifierMapper

Definition at line 255 of file xmlexp.cxx.

OUString SvXMLExport_Impl::maSrcShellID

Definition at line 269 of file xmlexp.cxx.

bool SvXMLExport_Impl::mbExportTextNumberElement

Definition at line 280 of file xmlexp.cxx.

bool SvXMLExport_Impl::mbNullDateInitialized

Definition at line 281 of file xmlexp.cxx.

bool SvXMLExport_Impl::mbOutlineStyleAsNormalListStyle

Definition at line 260 of file xmlexp.cxx.

tools::Long SvXMLExport_Impl::mDepth

counts depth (number of open elements/start tags)

Definition at line 276 of file xmlexp.cxx.

::std::stack< ::std::pair< std::unique_ptr<SvXMLNamespaceMap>, tools::Long > > SvXMLExport_Impl::mNamespaceMaps

stack of backed up namespace maps long: depth at which namespace map has been backed up into the stack

Definition at line 274 of file xmlexp.cxx.

::std::unique_ptr< ::xmloff::RDFaExportHelper> SvXMLExport_Impl::mpRDFaHelper

Definition at line 278 of file xmlexp.cxx.

OUString SvXMLExport_Impl::msPackageURI

Definition at line 257 of file xmlexp.cxx.

OUString SvXMLExport_Impl::msPackageURIScheme

Definition at line 258 of file xmlexp.cxx.

OUString SvXMLExport_Impl::mStreamName

name of stream in package, e.g., "content.xml"

Definition at line 267 of file xmlexp.cxx.

uno::Reference< embed::XStorage > SvXMLExport_Impl::mxTargetStorage

Definition at line 262 of file xmlexp.cxx.

uno::Reference< uri::XUriReferenceFactory > SvXMLExport_Impl::mxUriReferenceFactory

Definition at line 256 of file xmlexp.cxx.

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