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EventMap.cxx File Reference
#include "EventMap.hxx"
#include <xmloff/xmlnamespace.hxx>
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XMLTransformerEventMapEntry const aTransformerEventMap []
XMLTransformerEventMapEntry const aFormTransformerEventMap []

Variable Documentation

XMLTransformerEventMapEntry const aFormTransformerEventMap[]
Initial value:
{ XML_NAMESPACE_DOM, "mouseover", "on-mouseover" },
{ XML_NAMESPACE_DOM, "mouseout", "on-mouseout" },
{ XML_NAMESPACE_DOM, "DOMFocusOut", "on-blur" },
{ 0, nullptr, nullptr }
constexpr sal_uInt16 XML_NAMESPACE_DOM

Definition at line 95 of file EventMap.cxx.

Referenced by XMLEventOOoTransformerContext::CreateEventMap(), and XMLEventOASISTransformerContext::CreateFormEventMap().

XMLTransformerEventMapEntry const aTransformerEventMap[]