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XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge Class Reference

This inner class provides the component as a concrete implementation of the service description. More...

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Public Member Functions[] getTypes ()
boolean importer ([] aSourceData, xDocHandler, String[] msUserData) throws
boolean exporter ([] aSourceData, String[] msUserData) throws
void startDocument ()
void endDocument () throws
void startElement (String str, xattribs)
void endElement (String str)
void characters (String str)
void ignorableWhitespace (String str)
void processingInstruction (String aTarget, String aData)
void setDocumentLocator ( xLocator)
byte[] getImplementationId ()
String getServiceName ()
boolean supportsService (String stringServiceName)
String getImplementationName ()
String[] getSupportedServiceNames ()

Private Member Functions

String getFileName (String origName)
String needsMask (String origString)
void convert ( xml, device, boolean convertFromOffice, String pluginUrl, String FileName, String offMime, String sdMime) throws, IOException
String getPath (URI uri)

Static Private Member Functions

static void close (FileOutputStream c) throws IOException

Static Private Attributes

static final String __serviceName = ""
 The component will be registered under this name. More...

Detailed Description

This inner class provides the component as a concrete implementation of the service description.

It implements the needed interfaces.

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Member Function Documentation

void XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.characters ( String  str)

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References Exception, XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.needsMask(), and System.

static void XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.close ( FileOutputStream  c) throws IOException

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Referenced by XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.convert().

void XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.convert (  xml,  device,
boolean  convertFromOffice,
String  pluginUrl,
String  FileName,
String  offMime,
String  sdMime 
) throws, IOException
void XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.endDocument ( ) throws

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References XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.convert(), and Exception.

void XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.endElement ( String  str)

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References Exception, and System.

boolean XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.exporter ([]  aSourceData,
String[]  msUserData 
) throws

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References Exception, i, Name, Object, String, and System.

String XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.getFileName ( String  origName)

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References name, and String.

Referenced by XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.convert().

byte [] XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.getImplementationId ( )

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String XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.getImplementationName ( )

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References String.

String XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.getPath ( URI  uri)

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References String, and System.

Referenced by XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.convert().

String XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.getServiceName ( )

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References XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.__serviceName, and String.

String [] XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.getSupportedServiceNames ( )

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References String. [] XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.getTypes ( )

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References Exception.

void XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.ignorableWhitespace ( String  str)

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boolean XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.importer ([]  aSourceData,  xDocHandler,
String[]  msUserData 
) throws
String XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.needsMask ( String  origString)
void XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.processingInstruction ( String  aTarget,
String  aData 

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void XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.setDocumentLocator (  xLocator)

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void XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.startDocument ( )

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void XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.startElement ( String  str,  xattribs 

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References Exception, i, XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.needsMask(), and System.

boolean XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.supportsService ( String  stringServiceName)

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Member Data Documentation

final String XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.__serviceName = ""

The component will be registered under this name.

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Referenced by XMergeBridge.__getServiceFactory(), and XMergeBridge._XMergeBridge.getServiceName().

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