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19package org.openoffice.xmerge.converter.xml.sxc;
22import java.util.ArrayList;
31public abstract class SpreadsheetEncoder {
40 public abstract void createWorksheet(String sheetName) throws IOException;
51 public abstract void addCell(int row, int column, Format fmt,
52 String cellContents) throws IOException;
59 public abstract int getNumberOfSheets();
66 public abstract void setColumnRows(ArrayList<ColumnRowInfo> columnRows) throws IOException;
73 public abstract void setNameDefinition(NameDefinition nd) throws IOException;
80 public abstract void addSettings(BookSettings s) throws IOException;
This is a class representing the different attributes for a worksheet contained in settings....
This class specifies the format for a given spreadsheet cell.
This is a class to define a Name Definition structure.
This class is an abstract class for encoding an SXC into an alternative spreadsheet format.
abstract void setColumnRows(ArrayList< ColumnRowInfo > columnRows)
Set the width of the columns in the WorkBook.
abstract void addCell(int row, int column, Format fmt, String cellContents)
Add a cell to the current WorkSheet.
abstract void setNameDefinition(NameDefinition nd)
Set the name definition of this spreadsheet.
abstract void createWorksheet(String sheetName)
Create a new WorkSheet within the WorkBook.
abstract int getNumberOfSheets()
Get the number of sheets in the WorkBook.
abstract void addSettings(BookSettings s)
Adds settings to the WorkBook.