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vcl::RoadmapWizardImpl Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

 RoadmapWizardImpl ()
sal_Int32 getStateIndexInPath (WizardTypes::WizardState _nState, PathId _nPathId)
 returns the index of the current state in the path with the given id, or -1 More...

Static Public Member Functions

static sal_Int32 getStateIndexInPath (WizardTypes::WizardState _nState, const WizardPath &_rPath)
 returns the index of the current state in given path, or -1 More...
static sal_Int32 getFirstDifferentIndex (const WizardPath &_rLHS, const WizardPath &_rRHS)
 returns the index of the first state in which the two given paths differ More...

Public Attributes

ScopedVclPtr< ORoadmap > pRoadmap
Paths aPaths
PathId nActivePath
StateDescriptions aStateDescriptors
StateSet aDisabledStates
bool bActivePathIsDefinite

Detailed Description

Definition at line 58 of file roadmapwizard.cxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vcl::RoadmapWizardImpl::RoadmapWizardImpl ( )

Definition at line 67 of file roadmapwizard.cxx.

Member Function Documentation

sal_Int32 vcl::RoadmapWizardImpl::getFirstDifferentIndex ( const WizardPath _rLHS,
const WizardPath _rRHS 

returns the index of the first state in which the two given paths differ

Definition at line 112 of file roadmapwizard.cxx.

Referenced by vcl::RoadmapWizardMachine::activatePath(), vcl::RoadmapWizardMachine::canAdvance(), vcl::RoadmapWizardMachine::implUpdateRoadmap(), and vcl::RoadmapWizard::implUpdateRoadmap().

sal_Int32 vcl::RoadmapWizardImpl::getStateIndexInPath ( WizardTypes::WizardState  _nState,
const WizardPath _rPath 
sal_Int32 vcl::RoadmapWizardImpl::getStateIndexInPath ( WizardTypes::WizardState  _nState,
PathId  _nPathId 

returns the index of the current state in the path with the given id, or -1

Definition at line 102 of file roadmapwizard.cxx.

Member Data Documentation

StateSet vcl::RoadmapWizardImpl::aDisabledStates

Definition at line 64 of file roadmapwizard.cxx.

Paths vcl::RoadmapWizardImpl::aPaths

Definition at line 61 of file roadmapwizard.cxx.

StateDescriptions vcl::RoadmapWizardImpl::aStateDescriptors

Definition at line 63 of file roadmapwizard.cxx.

bool vcl::RoadmapWizardImpl::bActivePathIsDefinite

Definition at line 65 of file roadmapwizard.cxx.

PathId vcl::RoadmapWizardImpl::nActivePath

Definition at line 62 of file roadmapwizard.cxx.

ScopedVclPtr<ORoadmap> vcl::RoadmapWizardImpl::pRoadmap

Definition at line 60 of file roadmapwizard.cxx.

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