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psp::JobData Struct Reference

#include <jobdata.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 JobData ()
JobDataoperator= (const psp::JobData &rRight)
 JobData (const JobData &rData)
void setCollate (bool bCollate)
void setPaper (int nWidth, int nHeight)
void setPaperBin (int nPaperBin)
void resolveDefaultBackend ()
void setDefaultBackend (bool bUsePDF)
bool getStreamBuffer (void *&pData, sal_uInt32 &bytes)

Static Public Member Functions

static bool constructFromStreamBuffer (const void *pData, sal_uInt32 bytes, JobData &rJobData)

Public Attributes

int m_nCopies
bool m_bCollate
int m_nLeftMarginAdjust
int m_nRightMarginAdjust
int m_nTopMarginAdjust
int m_nBottomMarginAdjust
int m_nColorDepth
int m_nPSLevel
int m_nColorDevice
int m_nPDFDevice
orientation m_eOrientation
OUString m_aPrinterName
bool m_bPapersizeFromSetup
const PPDParserm_pParser
PPDContext m_aContext

Detailed Description

Definition at line 32 of file jobdata.hxx.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

psp::JobData::JobData ( )

Definition at line 51 of file jobdata.hxx.

References false.

psp::JobData::JobData ( const JobData rData)

Definition at line 68 of file jobdata.hxx.

Member Function Documentation

static bool psp::JobData::constructFromStreamBuffer ( const void pData,
sal_uInt32  bytes,
JobData rJobData 
bool psp::JobData::getStreamBuffer ( void *&  pData,
sal_uInt32 &  bytes 
JobData& psp::JobData::operator= ( const psp::JobData rRight)
void psp::JobData::resolveDefaultBackend ( )
void psp::JobData::setCollate ( bool  bCollate)
void psp::JobData::setDefaultBackend ( bool  bUsePDF)
void psp::JobData::setPaper ( int  nWidth,
int  nHeight 
void psp::JobData::setPaperBin ( int  nPaperBin)

Member Data Documentation

PPDContext psp::JobData::m_aContext

Definition at line 49 of file jobdata.hxx.

OUString psp::JobData::m_aPrinterName

Definition at line 46 of file jobdata.hxx.

Referenced by psp::PrinterJob::GetPrinterName().

bool psp::JobData::m_bCollate

Definition at line 35 of file jobdata.hxx.

bool psp::JobData::m_bPapersizeFromSetup

Definition at line 47 of file jobdata.hxx.

orientation psp::JobData::m_eOrientation

Definition at line 45 of file jobdata.hxx.

int psp::JobData::m_nBottomMarginAdjust

Definition at line 39 of file jobdata.hxx.

int psp::JobData::m_nColorDepth

Definition at line 41 of file jobdata.hxx.

int psp::JobData::m_nColorDevice

Definition at line 43 of file jobdata.hxx.

int psp::JobData::m_nCopies

Definition at line 34 of file jobdata.hxx.

int psp::JobData::m_nLeftMarginAdjust

Definition at line 36 of file jobdata.hxx.

int psp::JobData::m_nPDFDevice

Definition at line 44 of file jobdata.hxx.

int psp::JobData::m_nPSLevel

Definition at line 42 of file jobdata.hxx.

int psp::JobData::m_nRightMarginAdjust

Definition at line 37 of file jobdata.hxx.

int psp::JobData::m_nTopMarginAdjust

Definition at line 38 of file jobdata.hxx.

const PPDParser* psp::JobData::m_pParser

Definition at line 48 of file jobdata.hxx.

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